Computer problems

I knew it would happen… computer crashed and boy did it crash…all my files and pictures were lost for several hours today.   Thank God, a friend came over and recovered them long enough for me to save them to an external hard drive.   But, I need to get a new computer and we’re leaving for the lake…..Hope I get a new computer and I get to see you next week!!!  I’ll continue to check my email from my kids computers.  Have a safe and fun weekend!!!  I’ll miss you all!!! 

Updated on 8/30/07  If you don’t own an external hard drive……don’t walk to the store and buy one!  Very easy to transfer your files, I can’t believe I’m going through this.  If you’re like me and not sure what to do…Please ask me…it was truly that easy.  The hard part will be figuring out what new computer to buy!!

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  1. Oh my gosh girl!!! Say it isn’t so! I’m glad you were able to get your stuff off of the old computer, but hope you are able to get a new one soon!!! Will miss you! Enjoy the Labour Day weekend! Hope it’s safe and happy!

  2. Gosh…I’m sorry about your computer! I am still working on mine…though I don’t know for how much longer.

    Have a fun weekend away!!

  3. Amy K

    I’m so glad you found someone to fix it! I’m going to buy an external HD today so I can keep a good backup also!

  4. Kim

    It’s amazing how much we depend on computers! Glad your friend was able to help! Have a fun weekend!

  5. Hope your weekend is going good other than your computer probs!

  6. OH my you and I were having all the same problems even though miles apart we are still 2 peas in a pod Hee! Hee! Hubby got my a new computer and its a beauty Know I just need to leanr how to get around all the fancy upgrades .. I still need to get a photo editing program cause mine doesnt have one I can use with my watermarks .. BUMMER .. Good luck in finding a new computer girlie .. Theres a lot out there and you will love what ever you get I am sure ..
    Love ya

  7. Ali

    What a bummer! I have to figure that out as well…always hear about it…could you please tell exactly how easy? Have a relaxing and safe holiday!

  8. Danell

    Yikes1!! I live with the Geek Squad (my DH) and last year he bought me an Imac. Now, I was very doubtful I would like it, but it ROCKS!!! I think Macs were really designed for creative people. Give it a demo whirl!

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