Monograms_for_sale_copy_2 These are the cards I’m selling at my Chic n’ Scratch Shack.  I’m taking orders now…Click on the Shack (right upper side of this blog) to view all the details!!Thanks Lise for placing the first get a free set of these…. just for being 1st!!

Check back soon, I’ll offer incentives from time to time.

Hey Kim (my sister) these are the cards you were asking for, right???  I’m going to send some of these to her store in Belfast, Tennessee.  Have you ever been to Sisters Three?  She has a gift shop and a Cafe…the cakes she makes are true Southern cakes…Yum!!

Dishing the Dirt….I’m so behind on everything….so…. I’m just going to share one picture today..I uploaded my pictures but I need to fix them before I share…


This picture is blurry…..don’t look to close, I know I look horrible…..but what do you expect when you’ve tried to sleep in a chair half the night…we didn’t even try until after 2am, that’s when we got to see our mother in the recovery room.  Let me tell you, that was a terrible site, I won’t go into details…I have a weak stomach myself!!  Can I complain a little…some dude was watching cartoons all night…can you believe it?  It’s bad enough that the chairs wouldn’t stay reclined, so as soon as we would fall asleep we would wake up to our chair almost tossing us out and then the TV, I woke up at 6am and really loud said that stupid TV..some stranger across me said "did you say that stupid TV"  and I said "Yes" then she said "I know".  Now I know why she had a blanket wrapped around her head.  My sister did too, but I can’t cover my head…it freaks me out…major!!!  I feel sorry for all the people that have to live in the hospital for a while…the living conditions are terrible for the family.  I finally broke down and took a shower in my mothers room Saturday night…of course the nurse walked in as I was getting out..I said "I would pay a hundred dollars for that shower", she made no comment, does that mean I broke the rules?   I met some really nice people while I was there and then some people not so nice.  I’ll just say thank God for the nice ones!!!   

Thanks again for all your comments, emails and encouraging words…it’s so nice to read them when you’re feeling a little blue.

Have a good day!

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  1. Sandra

    I love these cards better. Like the colors a lot! They are very classy and elegant.

  2. I love that photo of you sooo sweet girlie .. and those card are fabulous!! so clean and crisp .. xoxox
    Dawn griffith

  3. Wonderful cards Angie! Hope you get loads of orders!
    What a sweet pic of you and your sister…those are the treasured ones 😉

  4. Lise Dujakovich

    THANKS, ANGIE!!! Aren’t you just the sweetest! I ordered the set for my Mom. I’d love to have them in Bayou Blue, because blue is her favorite color! I don’t know about the free set…hmmm…for me? holiday gift for a friend? I don’t know yet. I’m still thinkin’ on it! You do such beautiful work!

  5. I love your snapshot of you and your sister, Angie! Thanks for sharing that!

    Your monogram cards look fabulous!

  6. These are beautiful. What stamp sets did you use to make them? Typeset alphabet and ?

  7. Oh sweetie..I can’t even imagine how exhausted you must be right now. I’m glad you’re mom is hopefully on the healing side of the surgery now. Please keep us posted and you know I’m praying for all of you.
    I love the monograms cards you posted…they’re simply beautiful.

    Take care sweetie and do something nice for yourself today
    Love ya

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