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  1. Gloria

    HI, Love the 3×3 with the envelope! I check your blob for new ideas several times a week and always find a new creation to tyr. TFS!
    Will you share the direction and measurements with us?

  2. Tammy Clayton

    I need your help. I’m wanting to do those darling keynote 2×2 holders and so I bought a crop a dile. It’s not working. The instructions don’t really help. Can you tell me what you do to get the hole punched on the corner, it’s frustrating me.

    Thank you so much, I’m loving them.


  3. Breeze

    Cute Card. Hope Brook’s Birthday is wonderful!

  4. Larie Manning

    I love the Chic Stand. I got it today and have had fun playing with it. Thanks

  5. Larie Manning

    I love the Chic Stand. I got it today and have had fun playing with it. Thanks

  6. Sara in WI

    Hi! I just got my Chic Stand and think it is great! Thanks!
    Sara in WI

  7. Sara in WI

    Hi! I just got my Chic Stand and think it is great! Thanks!
    Sara in WI

  8. Kimberly


  9. Gigi

    The chic stand is a “no brainer” have to have. Anything to make one’s life easier and better is a plus for me. The gals in my 10 club enjoyed receiving theirs.

  10. Pinky

    I just ordered one of your chic stands and cannot wait to get it. I have always had a hard time getting those tiny brads into the holes…I sure am glad you came up w/this brilliant idea!


  11. Tasha Enderby

    I have been waiting for this video, but now I’m waiting on my fancy circle notes to come in as well.

  12. Hi! Greetings from Sweden. I just love all your cards and things, and i also tried to do many of your things that you show on your website. Thank for sharing. Great ideas. THANKS!!

  13. cindy

    Love ur blog angie what great ideas u do everyday…Wish I lived
    closer to join in on the fun u do beside the blog great job

  14. Amy

    Got my chick stand and LOVE IT!

  15. Margaret

    Great blog site. I just love your work. Many, many, many cute cards and projects. Thanks for sharing.

  16. Ann D.

    Love your ideas! I enjoy checking your blog daily.

  17. Maria Hendricks

    Wow you are sooo creative, are you really up at 4a.m. to post your creations?

  18. heather martin

    The cards are great. I will show my husband the video. In Chapleau Ont Canada on May 25 My hubby and I went fishing in the cold and snow that means snow suits. I out fished him with 2 walleye, 1 large stick and pike I have pictures too prove it and all his friends laughed. He said thats the quickest the saw me scrappbook a page. The only thing he forgot to do was take a of me in the ski do suit.

  19. Sharon Caillier

    Beautiful cards Angie. We made it to Atlanta safely and having a great time with my grand baby. She is a handful though. I’m having the DT’s because I can’t do any scrapping or make any cards. I didn’t bring my stuff. All I can do is look. Have a Happy week.

  20. Pamela Vega

    Hi Angie, Congrats on earning your trip! I try to visit your blog every chance I get. Your tutorials are awesome. I am a fairly new Stampin’ Up dem, so I need all the ideas I can get, lol…. Thank you so much! You do beautiful work. Keep it coming. Pamela Vega [email protected]

  21. Hi, I’m very interested in purchasing the Chic Stand:-))) Do you ship overseas (to the Netherlands)?

    Kindest regards,


  22. kai

    You are amazing! Your art is so cute, fun, and wonderful. Thank you for sharing what you do!

  23. Debra

    Congratulations on getting your trip! Lots of hard work for you (well, lots of stamping work..) but you earned it! Enjoy!

  24. Angie: You’ve been tagged. Check out my blog for the details. I love your work and have made the things shown in so many of your tutorials. Keep up the wonderful work. You are such a talented lady.

  25. Gloria Jewett

    Angie, love the cards! New colors are great!

  26. Ann D.

    Angie, I absolutely love this bag. Hope you’ll share the “how-to” details soon!

    Happy Monday! Ann

  27. Susan Carey

    Hi Angie, I love your ideas, I have only been a demostrator a short time and find your blog both enlightening and full of wonderful and delightful ideas. Keep up the great work, I love trying your projects at home and they always turn out wonderfully. Thanks.

  28. Kristin

    I check your blog in the evening so anytime you want to post is fine w/ me. Your are so talented and have such GREAT ideas! Keep up the good work!


  29. Silvia Lau


    I have to say I love the way your craft room is coming along. But most of all I really like the color on the walls. Could you please tell me what color you used?? I would really appreciate that. I’m having such a difficult time trying to find a color that’s just right, and this color is perfect.


  30. tasha enderby

    old age is setting in Angie, the mind is the first to go.

  31. Melissa

    Ya think you can maybe move a bit closer to Los Angeles so I can play with you? I love your stuff! I know what I’m making for Halloween.

  32. Ann D.

    LOVE THIS IDEA!!! I’m glad you’re going to do the kit kat video. So cute! Ann

  33. Hello from Norway:)
    Super blog site!
    I just love looking at all your ideas:) I will check your blog every day.
    Hope i can link to your blog?

  34. Emma F

    I just got my chick stand Angie. Thanks for sending it out so quickly. What a wonderful gadget it is, I’ll keep it right by all my ‘must haves’ on my desk so I can use it every time I stamp. Thanks so much and keep up the great work.

  35. regina

    wow!!! this is Great! love the poems and then making it the bag is GREAT…. Thank you!!!

  36. jean warm

    Hi Angie,
    I love your web sit, I visit it several times a day. I purchased your Halloween kit and was wondering where you purchase the 3X5 tins for the nuggets???

  37. Mary Kirch

    Where can I get the quick stik you used on your video for the turkey?
    I love to check your blog and see all the neat ideas.

  38. Barbara

    Angie, I am all for you sending a recap.
    you are such an inspiration to me.

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