Mini Clipboards

Mini_clipboards Good morning!!

Aren’t these little clipboards so cute?  I made these clipboards last night and I made Elizabeth one first since she’s the person that was so kind to get them for me…..thanks so much Elizabeth!!!   The L is for Lise, she’s been helping me fill orders lately, the A is for me :)  & I also have one for Sandra & Sally.  Thank you all so much for helping me!!

I’m be back later today to post some RAKS.  I’ll try to group them so you can get a good look at all of them.  Thank you ladies! 

Okay, it’s official, I’m ready for a new catalog….good thing it’s coming out in a couple months (August).  I searched my shelves high and low for a stamp set to use on these clipboards. I truly looked at every stamp set in my room and the only thing that I could use was the monogram.  I was really looking for a small cute image to go in these circles.  I’d love to have a little bird or a chick.

Have a great day!

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  1. Elizabeth Glass

    These are D for Darling! Have a good day,Elizabeth

  2. Oh very cute!

  3. Lise

    Angie, these are wonderful! Thanks so much for thinking of me. You know I have to stamp for sanity’s sake!!!!

  4. joyk

    Well I have to follow Elizabeths comment :)
    A is for Adorable!!!!

  5. Fantastic! I have my name tag that you made me with the D on it…love it…sits on my desk 😉 People ask about it all the time…hehe!
    Hey would the small chick from A Little Birdie Told Me fit in there? I can’t remember HOW small he is.
    Have a fab day!

  6. Those are adorable!

  7. sandra

    These are soooo cute! Thank YOU!

  8. Dale

    These are so adorable Angie. I think they look great with the monogram as it would co-ordinate with the post it note key tag. By the way I made a post it note tag for my daughter (I used the flower image from Big Pieces because I don’t have the alphabet set)to put on her backpack and she has had a lot of comments t. So thank you for all your gret items.
    I would love one of these little clipboards when thay are availalbe for sale.
    I love your blog.

  9. These are so adorable!! Congratulations on the popularity of your Chic Stands! I’ve been using mine, and loving how handy it is!!

  10. jo ann

    okay, i give up. where in the world did you find these mini and adorable clipboards? did i miss something? thanks for any info you can offer!!!!

  11. Julie C

    Oh…these are way too cute! I absolutely love all of your monogramed projects. And I totally agree about needing a new catalog…I’m ready for something new too.

  12. Terri Stewart

    These are just adorable. Wherever did you find those mini clipboards? Do share ~ Please!


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