Password Books Available by Mail!

Summer_picnic_4x6_password_book Good morning!

More good news….not only are the Chic StandsTM back in stock…..but I also have the Password/Address Books available by mail 🙂   Thanks for the requests!!

What’s included?  You’ll select your choice of Stampin’ Up! Designer Paper and I will assemble and bind your project.   Want more details??  Check back later today and I’ll have a link to show you all 9 choices 🙂    I’ll come right back here and update this post when it’s ready on my Chic n’ Scratch Shack.

2pm Update….. I just posted the details for my Password/Address Books, click here to see all the details.

Want to know why I’m not ready this morning…..My dear husband ….not….just kidding…anyway…..he tried to connect his work laptop to our network and long story short…my internet wasn’t working again until around 11pm :O 

Sorry I’ve been so off kilter this week…..hopefully I’ll have my ducks in a row next week.  Have a Fantastic Friday and thanks for stopping by!!

p.s. If  you’d like to help me save Moonlight, you can call CBS until 6pm today (not sure which time zone) and leave a message, all they need is your location and your age….they want to see what or who the audience would be.  thank you….xoxo  The numbers are 818-655-1779 or 212-975-4545.  Now for a little story….at dinner last night I was telling the whole family about how the fans are fighting to save this show and Chase said "mom, it’s over, they’re not bringing it back and you should stop" so I decided that this could be another life lesson. So, here’s what I told him…….  Never give up, if you want something! Even though it seems impossible, you try even harder, if it doesn’t work out, what did you lose?  I always say, it never hurts to try!!  what have you got to lose?  He & Brook both laughed at me ….you know those laughs that teenagers do when they think mom has lost it (I love those moments).  See ya!

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  1. Great book Angie! They are so fun to make! Quick and easy and they are sure to make someone smile 🙂

  2. Just a little trivia on your show . . . I haven’t seen it but once or twice, and the reason I watched it was because my uncle’s twin granddaughters had a small role in it. The episode I saw, they each played the part of the female lead when she was a little girl – she was remembering being saved by the man who is the vampire! So if you save the show . . . maybe you’ve extended my little cousins’ spot too! 😉 They also do some commercials, but this was their second role on a network show.

  3. Shelly Saucedo

    Thanks Angie – I’ll be calling CBS right now! I will help you fight to save Moonlight. What a great story with your children. I can remember being like that with my parents and I’m sure when mine get to that age it won’t be any different. I wouldn’t want it to be either! have a great day and enjoy Moonlight tonight! Shelly

  4. Ughhhh…..I’ve been SO bad posting comments to my blog buddies…please forgive me !! I love your book !! How adorable is this !!! Everyone LOVES my Chic Stand and want some for themselves….may have to get you to bring a bunch to convention !!!

    Love ya !

  5. Flower

    Link problem?

    When I click on the link to your Password/Address book details … you have it directing to

    link to

    Figured I’d let you know. 🙂

  6. thank you for letting me know…I’ve corrected it and here’s the link
    link to

  7. Felicia Glascock

    I look at your blog just about everyday I love your stuff but, most of all I love that you are a Moonlight fan! How can they not bring it back it is awesome! Thanks for the telephone numbers. I called as soon as I read it. I will be very disappointed if they cut the show next season.

  8. Dani

    We have a friend who works at CBS. I’ll see what kind of info I can squeak outta her. I certainly hope that they bring Moonlight back. It’s my favorite show too!

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