Reindeer Food

Deer_friends_reindeer_food Good morning!

Today I’m going to show you a few more versions of my Reindeer Food.  Next week I’ll be offering kits that will include supplies to complete your reindeer food at home.  The stamped image will not be provided….please work with what you have. 

I’m showing you Reindeer Food using 3 different stamp sets and I like them all!!  (The poem is not a stamp and it will be provided in the kits.)

Deer_friend_top_note_reindeer_food The first two use the Deer Friends stamp set (Level 2 Hostess set…now is the perfect time to host a catalog party to earn this set.  If your show reaches $300, this set is yours for FREE….along with some other goodies.)

Merry_bright_reindeer_food The third Reindeer Food is using the Merry & Bright stamp set.

Moose_you_magic_reindeer_food Last but not least….Using the Moose You stamp set!

Which is your favorite?

Don’t forget about the Test Tube Reindeer Food I made….click here to view it.

Now to my non stamping news….you’ve heard the expression of jumping from the frying pan to the fire?   That’s me…..I broke down yesterday and got a laptop (reasonable price…not alot of bells & whistles) and now I have two computers that I can’t figure out.  I loaded Outlook to help me manage my emails and now they’re all sitting on my laptop…I can read them but I can’t send a reply…the terms they are using to fix it are over my head :))) I’m sure many of you are just like me.   Last night Dave and I for some reason watched a little of Wife Swap….until I couldn’t watch it any longer and turned it off…but at midnight when I was sending test messages to myself I was thinking…"hey, I need to do a husband swap for about a week".  I’m kidding!!! But it doesn’t hurt to dream that one day I may understand computer terms a little better.  Some would say I know just enough to be dangerous…yep, that’s me!!

Have a great day!

p.s. Thanks for the emails about daddy!  He’s okay…but in one month his pacemaker has been used 254 times.  He is tired and has little strength and we are all praying that he adjusts soon.  We are workers in my family and have a hard time taking it easy…I myself usually have to crash & burn before I take a breather….now we see who I get it from :)

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  1. What a cute idea for neighbor gifts! I like the Merry & Bright Layout the best with the new alpine ribbon.

  2. These are too cute, Angie! Great class gift ideas or even an in-class project:)

  3. I love this reindeer food! I made these years ago and the kids just loved sprinkling them out on Christmas eve…I didn’t see any reindeers though, none in Hawaii :)

  4. Laura

    Oh! too cute!
    are you going to do a vid?

  5. moster

    I did not think I could like the presentation for reindeer food any more than the test tubes, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Top Note, specifically the first one. AND I think what I love most is that I already have absolutely everything to make this version! You just can’t beat that!

  6. Joy

    What have you put into the bag? Looks like just oatmeal? Thanks in advance for your reply.

  7. Donna #4454

    Great project, and the test tube,awesome idea!!

  8. Ooooohhh !! Thats so cute !!!!! You always have so super ideas !!!! I’m looking very much as you blog (I’m from germany) – I love it !!!

    Thanks for the great ideas you always show us !

    Have a good time !

  9. Penny Ginnery

    These are so cute!! What besides oatmeal do you put in the bags? Are they glitter or sprinkles?

  10. Rosemarie Podlewski

    Hello I have been looking for a site that makes all kind of gag gifts in the bag!!

    I like your oatmeal 1 and i know this woman who sells a bunch of stuff like this and i would love to be able to know the site but she won’t tell me!!

    There are bags w/ tiny marshmellow’s in them and on top like yours is stamped says snowman poop!!

    I’ve seen 1 bag w/ chocolate chips in them and says Raindeer poop!!

    And some w/ littlle pipe cleaners tiny 1’s shaped like a little circle w/ handle buy twisting it and saying belly button lint brush?,

    And so many i can’t remember where she goes to find these things but i even typed in gag gifts in a bag?

    I love giving stuff like this during Christmas time .or other times!!

    I just don’t know where to look do u have more then just the oatmeal1 for raindeer food she has seen that i can make little gifts like these?

    I also seen 1 with cheerios in the bag and it say’s plant your own Donuts!!

    Would u happen to know of a site that may have these little cute sayings in little bags cuz she just won’t tell me ,

    i might have to start ,buying little bags of stuff when i see them and just copy them as i 0collect them and sell them for the senior ctr where i volunteer @

    she is no longer around here to buy them from?

    I think they would let me make some other if i just know where to go?

    Do u have any idea’s where i might look on line to make these to raise money for the seniors what we use the money for when we have the Bazzar in the senior ctr, to pay for the people’s food from meal’s on wheels who can’t pay,

    And supply’s to make other stuff to sell?

    If u know of anywhere they may these can u please let me know ?

    Thank u so very much and TY in advance for any help!!!

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