Happy New Year & Scratch n’ Win

Good afternoon,

I'm sorry but I don't have a project to show you today.  Dave & Chase decided to come home early from the lake and messed up my plans…now I'm major behind. 

So, let's have some fun!  What are your New Years Resolutions?  Here's mine:

Personal:  1. Lose weight & exercise! 2. Find a charity I can work with this year (both of those were on lasts years list but I'm really going to try harder).

Business:  1. Get more organized! I'm super organized in some areas and others not…will work on balancing that out (started out great so far…cleaned two closets last week…9 bags of trash and a dining room full of stuff for Goodwill). 2.  Improve my blog photos(If I told you how many hours I've worked on this area you wouldn't believe it….I can not for the life of me find help in this area..maybe it's because I'm a visual learner and I can't find step by step instructions on how to do it.  I'm even willing to pay someone to help me accomplish this. I have a really nice camera…Canon Rebel XTI….PSE 5 software…a Light box and yet my pictures still look dull or should I say not vibrant?) 3. Help my Team grow their business (I just started a Focus on Success Group to help them and I'm super excited about it).

Now for the fun part…share your New Years Resolutions or Goals with us….and I'll draw a number for a free Tart & Tangy card kit……and…… the 2nd Tart & Tangy kit is going to the first person that joins my Team in 2009& becomes a Stampin' Up! Demonstrator :)

Fine details:  Number will be drawn by random generator Friday at 10pm (central time).  Kit will ship after Jan. 15th (I'll be at Leadership next week).

Here's the details & a picture of the kit you'll be getting.Tart & Tangy card kit 


Tart & Tangy Card Kit includes:  Supplies to complete 12 cards with envelopes.(Stamped images are not provided.  Medium white envelopes are included.)

Happy New Year!

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  1. Angie, You have such a wonderful blog! Love it! Check it out everyday as a matter of fact! My biggest resolution right now is to stop worrying so much about things I have no control over. I don’t want to get into details but I have given myself a messed up stomach, anxiety issues, and new wrinkles over excessiv worry this year, and its time to slow it down. Maybe getting some more scrapbooking in will help! lol =) Happy New Year! Keep up the great work! Tammy

  2. Sandy Fleming

    Happy New Year!

    What a really cute card set! Now you sealed the deal for me–I need to get this stamp set!

    My new year’s resolution: Only 1 (any more and I won’t keep them)–make more homemade gifts for my family and loved ones. Gifts, cards, personal items tailored to the receiptant. That’s my goal this year.

  3. My Resolution for 2009 is to “Use what I have” I have good intentions – when buying and then forget and just buy more… I plan to Use the supplies I have and give away my projects… hopefully inspiring someone else. Happy New Year!

  4. Linda D.

    Happy New Year and I love your blog. It is the first thing that I check every morning. You mentioned my two New Years Resolutions. The first is to lose weight and to get my craft room more organized. I work on the latter one all the time, but I can never find things. I’m always looking for ideas from others on how they store things.

    Have a wonderful New Year.

    Linda D.

  5. My New Year’s resolution is to work harder at actually making a business out of both Stampin’ Up! and my card making rather than being a hobby demonstrator. Secondly, my resolution is to walk my dog more!! My boyfriend does about 70% of the walks and I’d really like to make it at least 50/50.
    Happy New Year!

  6. Gina Herron

    My resolutions include eating healthier, getting organized, and exercising more. The biggie is enjoying the projects that I have started and finishing them. I never seem to have time to stamp or craft. I just need to give myself time. Happy New Year!

  7. Miriam Fleshman

    Of course I’m still working on trying to lose that last 15 pounds. This is going to be the year that I finally accomplish that!

  8. Christina Cobb

    Hi I ‘m recently found your blog and thought I’d play along…

    My resolution is to worry less about the little things – like how clean my home is – and focus more on the big things!!!
    Hope you have a great New Year!!!

  9. rebecca

    I’ve notifited my e-mail buddies that I won’t be sending on or acknowledging chain e-mails, “about us” questionnaires, send-this-on-and-a-miracle-will-happen-at-4:32 p.m.-tomorrow, fill-in your name, etc., etc, messages. It takes away from my time to read blogs!(and they’re a nuisance disguised, I’m guessing, to gather e-mail addresses for junksters). So far, so good — ha!

  10. Wendy Burden

    My goals for the new year is to spend more time with my kiddies, catch up on my scrapbooking, and organization! Happy New Year!

  11. 1) I too would really like to loose weight but more important exercise -be healthy ’cause I have a lot of stamping goals to reach.
    2) I would also like to turn my hobby into a busines. What would be greater than finding something you love to do and then figure out how to make a money at it; is this called work!?

  12. LoriK

    My goals for this year are about the same as everyones, exeercies more, scrapbook more, and spend more time with my little boys. Happy New Year!

  13. I like those cards, they are adorable!

    My new year goals are to #1 spend more time with my boys #2 get more organized with my craft things #3 lose weight #3 show my husband how much I appreciate him more! #4 not to be so stressed out about what my baby Alex is going through!

    I am off to a good start! (smile)

  14. Gail S.

    My resolutions are very similar to yours. I would like to lose weight (daughter getting married in May and would like to look nice for that!) and get more organized! I have alot of “stuff” that I need to go thru and give to someone else (Goodwill). Thank you for a chance to win this set! I have loved seeing all of the things you have made with this. I am really thinking about “signing up” as a demo. will there be any incentives in the future (like the $99 sign up)

  15. Tina

    Happy New Year to you! My goals are to eat better and scrapbook more instead of collecting supplies:)

  16. Paula

    I am going to try to stamp more for myself and not try so hard to make sample cards all the time! Thanks for the chance to win. I love your blog. I have you on my google reader so I don’t miss a post!

  17. I have so many resolutions, but the top 2:
    Personal…to live a healthy lifestyle
    Business…to actually mail the cards I make, on time.

  18. Kadie Labadie

    Happy New Year Angie! That’s an amazing list – wow….all I want to do is 1)Get more sleep (I go on 3-4 hrs a night and will try to get 4-5 hrs in 2009) AND 2)Continue to support my favorite charity with our found money (we pick up all the change on the streets that people walk over and put EVERYTHING in a box and then give that money to our favorite charity at the end of the year!). Think I’ve set some Do-Able resolutions this year. Happy New Year! Kadie

  19. Debbie

    My resolutions for the year include losing that last 15 pounds and starting a blog.

  20. Paula Jaggi

    I am going to start a clothing drive for the homeless in our area.

  21. Kelli

    My New Year’s Resoution is to focus more on the here and now and not always be looking to the future. I need to find joy in the everyday.

    Love your blog and your cute ideas. You always inspire me!

  22. Kelly

    I want to lose weight and exercise (was doing okay before the holidays), make healthier meals for the entire family, and DECLUTTER! I have just got to get rid of junk, downsize and be able to breathe! :)

  23. Blair

    My new year’s resolution is to loose weight. I know, boring, but I need need need to loose the baby weight. My baby is now a year old!!!

  24. Susan Lanthrip

    Lose weight, get healthy, send out more cards and get organized. Not much, huh :) I love your blog!!

  25. Happy New year! My resolutions are to drop the 15 lbs I’ve gained steadily this last year, work on making my SU business more profitable, post something to my new blog at least every other day, have a family game night once a month or more and try to spend more quality time with my hubby-looks like I have a lot to do! thanks for the chance to win!

  26. Kandis

    My New Years Resolutions are as follows: do one RAK (randon act of kindness) a week to a total stranger. Once a week learn something new spiritually (through devotion, Bible, etc.)Once a month, deep clean one room in my house (dust the blinds, clean ceiling fan blades, rotate matress, etc.) Last year I did one RAK a month and absolutey loved it, except for October. The person in the drive through line behind at Wataburger, I tried to buy her breakfast after I cut her off. She tried to chase me down a few blocks later and got pulled over for speeding. Yikes!

  27. Linda

    Well I have just spent the afternoon putting away Christmas stuff and realizing how cluttery I have become(actually it is not a surprise). So Organization is my resolution. Maybe if I see it in print I will have some guilt and actually follow through!

  28. I love your blog and this is a great chance to win the Tart and Tangy kit. My New Year’s resolution is to try and rely more on God and less on my own ideas of how to live my life. He loves me more than anyone!


  29. HOPE J

    Hello Angie!

    Love that card set(and I have that stamp set too)! :)

    My New Year’s resolutions: 1) lose weight-it is so sad when I weigh more now than I did when I was 9 months preg! Plus, I have my 20 year reunion coming up! 2) Organize and use-the stuff that I have! 3) only buy from the monthly club-stay away from all craft stores!! 4) Be intentional in paying off debt.

    Good Luck to all!

  30. My resolution is to keep my craft room more organized! Thanks for the chance to win!

  31. Faye

    Goals are always so hard to keep but will attempt to have more patience & understanding. Will try to make more time for myself as I always put others first. And must stamp more…
    Love your blog & your daily dose of inspiration. Happy New Year…

  32. Hi Angie
    Just discovered your blog, recommended by several of my SU team. My New Years resolutions are to be more organised and less stressed, hopefully one will come as a result of the other!! I need to have a major declutter of the house and find some new storage for my craft stash, as it has increased of late due to signing up to SU and there is SOOO MUCH more stuff I need! LOL
    Happy New Year

  33. Carla

    Happy New Year! My goals in 2009 are to put me first and make it a priority to exercise. I got a Wii Fit and that will hopefully help me to get going! Work on my craft show items all year long and get my classes back up and going on a more regular schedule.

  34. Becky Robinson

    Happy New Year! I check your site every day and love it. Thanks so much for sharing.

    Resolutions, be more thankful for all that I have, strive for BALANCE, exercise, eat right and have cards ready for friends and family BEFORE the day of their Birthday! :) Becky

  35. Sara

    My resolution is to pay off my credit card. That also means that I have to live with what I have. No more buying unneeded “stuff.” We are really going to do it this time. :-)

  36. SIMPLIFY…that’s our new family resolution for 2009!

  37. Barb M.

    Happy 2009! As always top on my list, like many others is to lose weight! I am hoping the Wii Fit will help with that! I am also making a NYR to get caught up on my DD’s soccer and basketball album. I’ve let that go way too long!
    Thanks for the chance to win!
    Barb M.

  38. Helena

    Happy New Year or as we say in Sweden Gott Nytt År.
    I love your blog and have a “subscription” of it on Bloglovin.com to make sure I don’t miss anything. My only regret is that your products are not available here as far as I know. But I still enjoy your work and I’m able to use a lot of your tips anyways.

    I made a NewYearsResolution many years ago that I’ve kept: not to give any again! I’ve got ambitions though (I feel bad when I can’t keep a promise, that’s why I stick with ambitions):
    -get more organized, both personally and at work
    -get back to exercising on a regular basis
    -actually create things with all the stuff I buy

  39. sandy

    I want to give to charity once a week and declutter at the same time also get more pages done.

  40. Cheri Tolen

    Mine this year is too enjoy the little things in life and to put pictures on the pages that I make and to send the cards that I make too! I look at your blog daily and appreciate that you update it regularly. You are very inspirational! Happy New Year!

  41. My New Years resolution is very simple but very important. I want to spend more time studying the bible and praying with my family. I SAY that I am going to start, but do not keep a steady schedule of doing so. Homeschooling and all the chores get in the way. I want to make time every day to spend with my kids and husband and sharing the love of Christ.

    Thank you for all the time you devote to your blog and sharing such amazing tips and creations with us. You are such an inspiration!
    Happy New Year!

  42. Chrissy

    One of my goals is to plan ahead for my hostess club and stay as organized as I am right now! Oh, and losing weight would be a fabulous perk too! :)

  43. regina ptacek

    Happy 2009! I have carry over resolutions for loose weigh!I want to make sure and not miss b-days and other family events. Make cards to share w/armed services and senior citzens homes. Having more patience for the kids when they want to make a card and know that their designs are not always as perfect as I may want them to be!

  44. patti moffett

    enjoy every day to the fullest especially with the Lord and my family

  45. Lori Burkitt

    I love visiting your blog each day. I enjoy seeing your posts and your video tutorials. My personal resolution for this year is to read the Bible in a year. I tried this a couple years ago but got sidetracked.

  46. LadyScrapsalot

    My goal is to prioritize and not procrastinate! Also to somehow get a reign on this chaotic house of a 4 year old, 2 year old and 9 month old!

    Thanks so much for your videos. I really enjoy them and get lots of inspiration.

    Have you ever considered doing some scrapbooking pages for video? I’d love to see what you create!

  47. vil

    My Resolutions are:
    To exercise and lose weight.
    keep up with my blog & gallery pictures.
    To be more patient with the kids.
    To create more.
    Thanks so much for your great blog!

  48. I am addicted to your blog…love your creations! My new year resolutions this year is to be a better christian, wife, mother, daughter, granddaughter, aunt, niece, cousin, sister, aughterinlaw, sisterinlaw, scrapbooker, photographer, community member…

    I am writing it all in a notebook to keep up with what I want to accomplishment in each “dept.”

    Happy New Year!

  49. I just love your blog and projects! If I wasn’t a demonstrator already I would sign up under you. I don’t even know if the girl I signed up under is still a demo!

    One of my many goals this year is to be prepared for the next Christmas with all of my homemade gifts and not be making them at the last minute. I am making gifts every month and even Christmas cards too every month. I’ve already got a start on January’s stuff and made some Snowman soup (thanks to your tutorial). Now all I have to do is add the cocoa and marshmallows in Dec and I’ll be ready!

  50. Shirley

    Happy New Year! My new year resolutions is to loose weight to get off all my medications and to get a new job at this hospital which will open in May. I also plan to organize my stamp room and stamp a lot more this year.

    Keep up the good work Angie. You are the best!

  51. My resolution is to use all of the card making products I own, and not buy as much (I don’t think this will last long).
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  52. Lori T.

    Happy New year! My New years Resolutions are to spend more time with my kids! I would also like to shed about 10 more pounds. I have been losing weight and would love to lose those last few pounds to actually feel good about myself again! I do love your blog and look forward to what you make every day!
    Take Care,

  53. Sharon

    I resolve to get my stamping space organized so I don’t spend half my time looking for supplies!

  54. Dora J

    eat heathier,make and mail cards on time lol
    and most important get my but to church a lot more. I am new to your blog and it is awesome.

  55. Jane

    Well first I want to say thanks for all your blogging and I think the photo’s are great. I had forgotten about the Tart and Tangy set and your examples are so stinkin cute! My hopes for this year are to keep up with my Jazz classes, sell more cards, teach more classes, lose some weight or maintain and go to convention…not neccesarily in that order! oh and get more organized in my stamping studio (that I think will be on the top of the list!)

  56. Just joined last month ~ I wish I would have found your team it seems like you give your girls a lot of direction and assistance.
    I am resolved to take the time to enjoy the things in life that bring me the most pleasure and have the most meaning. I MUST stop sweating the small stuff ~ life is just too short.

  57. alisa

    My #1 resolution is to think before I speak to my husband. I think after 24 years of marriage I don’t have a filter when it comes to talking to him and I sometimes snap quickly at him without meaning to. You find your always watching what you say to others and your harder on the ones you love. And there are other resolutions but thats my #1 goal. Btw, you have a wonderful blog !! thanks for sharing with us.

  58. Julie Haupt

    Happy New Year Angie!
    Here are my resolutions for this year – I don’t usually make them, but this year they are a definite need to!
    1) lose weight – Dr is really on my case;
    2) pull out my “Bootcamp” notebook from last fall and truly get things up and running – I want more than a hobby;
    3)Get my blog functional so that I can reach more people.
    Good luck with your resolutions – hope I win :)

  59. Happy New Year!!! My resolutions this year is to finish some of the projects that I started. Spend alot of time with my new granddaughter. Lose those few extra pounds, so that I can wear a bathing suit this summer. And my number 1 resolution is to just spend more time with my husband and my kids. Hope everyone has an awesome year.
    Happy Scrapping,

  60. Sue

    I am over the lose weight resolutions. I never seem to do it anyway.

    My resolution is to meet up with about 4 couples that are friends but somehow we never seem to take time to spend with each other. So I am going to call each to set up a time to come over or go somewhere together. in fact, I have already started out the year right. My husband and I are going to dinner with one couple Friday.

  61. sandy dixon

    Love your blog! My resolution this new year is to work on this growing pile of pictures I have and try to get a few scrapbooks made.

  62. Jill V

    My resolution is to do more “Random Acts of Kindness” – probably in the form of sending hand made cards to people for no special reason. I’m sure I’ll be visiting your blog often for ideas!

  63. Kaylene

    Hey Angie…oh course you already know I LOVE your blog and tutorials. 2009 Resolutions…..I have a few…like who doesn’t right? :o) Lose like 15 to 20 pounds. Eat healthier and start exercising and stick to it..in hopes that I will feel better with my Fibromyalgia. I want to simplify in 2009…hmm kinda rhymes doesn’t it? Simplify by decluttering, getting organized and not stressing out by things I have no control over. Also create more things in my studio and just plan have fun doing it….got play with all my wonderful SU products right? LOL Maybe if I start now I might actually get my Christmas cards and Christmas projects done for 2009. heehee Have fun in Florida….and Happy New Year!

  64. Bonnie

    Happy New Year!

    I rarely make resolutions as I never keep them; however, I set goals instead…it makes me feel better saying goals. I plan to lose 30 lbs and take better care of myself.

    Best wishes for a wonderful 2009!

  65. Paula

    Angie I love your blog. It has been so helpful to me in my stamping and inspiration for me also. My new year’s resolution is simply to be happier. I want to find more joy in my everyday life. I think I will find that by being more grateful so I want to start by thanking you for all your help. I have spent a lot of time watching your video tutorials and have learned a lot. Paula

  66. WandaG_CT

    My resolutions are to become more organized with in my craft area, eat healthier and excercise more. Again absolutely love your blog. Thanks for all the time you spend on the blog and videos.

  67. Kerry H

    I will join the club with losing weight and I really want to use my stamping stuff more and make more cards on a regular basis.

  68. Lynn H.

    I am so addicted to your blog. I can’t wait to check on it to see what is new. My resolutions are the same has the last 30 years which also seem to match everyone else’s on this comment section. However, I will try to live healthier, spend more time in prayer listening to God instead of asking Him for things and would like to spend some time at The Ark, a shelter for homeless dogs and cats. I would also like to complete several undone projects at home that keep waiting patiently and gathering dust! Keep up your awesome blog!!

    Lynn H. in Madison, AL

  69. To grow my SU team and reach Manager, I’m currently at Senior Supervisor and grow my sales to $40,000 New Zealand Dollars.

  70. Lynn H.

    My resolution is to win your blog candy!!

  71. Tracy B.

    Happy New Year!! WOW…just one resolution huh?? Well, my first resolution would be to spend more quality time with my hubby. He makes my world go round and it is always nice to have time just with HIM. Thanks for the chance. Pick me oohh, pick me:)

  72. Teresa Burgess

    Happy New Year!
    This year, I would like to spend more time creating and less time surfing the web for creations! I tend to find lots of great ideas. I need to make some of the great things that I find on the web.

    Thanks for your blog,

  73. Pamela Vega

    Hello Angie, Wishes for a Healthy and Safe New Year to you and your family! As for the resolutions, hmmm, I have many. #1 on my to do list is to try to quit smoking. You would think this would be easy for me, as my brother of 52 yrs. old is dying of throat cancer. But for any smokers out there, it is not an easy thing to quit. Second on my list is to stop stressing so much and start enjoyng the little things.
    Thanx for the chance at some sweet candy.

  74. Jerrold

    This year I want to get healthy and more fit so I can have MORE time with my 3 little girls. Would love to win the kit! tnx

  75. Happy New Year Angie!
    My resolution is to do at least one scrapbook page a week.
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  76. Jenifer Phillips

    Hi, Angie! My New Year’s resolutions are to make a calendar each month of my family’s meals for supper, so I don’t have to figure out each day what I’m going to cook, to become more organized, and to grow my Stampin’ Up! business! Thanks for your great blog!

  77. Happy New Year, Angie! I think your photos look great now. :)
    My goals for this year include getting on top of my cleaning and organizing then, the hard part, keeping it up. Walking my dog more regularly, and training him not to jump on everyone who enters the house. And trying new foods for our family suppers.

  78. Angie, my photos are not wonderful, but one thing I do to each and every one is apply the FREE pioneerwoman.com Fresh & Colorful action to my photos…brightens them up easily. I don’t know if it works with PSE, but it may. Here’s the link: link to thepioneerwoman.com

  79. debbies

    I would like to check on Chic n’ Scratch every day instead of when time allows. I will make the time to use my lap top for this pleasure.
    happy new year to you.

  80. Phooey, I see it specifically says it does not work with PSE, but she does have a post that tells you how to duplicate it: link to thepioneerwoman.com

  81. Stephanie

    Hi Angie! I love your blog and check it out just about every day!
    My resolution is to try to organize my craft room and spend more time stamping. I never seem to get much done!

  82. Becky

    Hi Angie,
    My New Years Resolution is to get serious about making better choices regarding my health. I lost 30 pounds last year & started exercising 3-4 times per week. The past month though I have allowed myself to get tempted by sweets & now have a taste of the “bad stuff”!! I don’t want to undo all my hard work from last year. My other resolution is to spend less money. Remind me of this one AFTER I place my first order from the new SU catalog!!!

  83. Kelly

    My first goal is to lose weight and get healthy this year. My second one is to start using the stamping supplies that I have on hand. I’m really bad about hoarding things, and I’ve got to let them go.

  84. My goals are pretty much the same every year…
    Weight, personal growth, organization, etc…
    But, now that I’m a demo I need to add that to the list. I’m going to try and push myself a little harder at getting people interested in SU!
    Going to be hard, I’m not much of a salesperson, but I do love crafting of all kinds and I need to support my habit somehow…LOL
    Good Luck with all your resolutions!!!

  85. Hmm, this year’s resolutions are to quit smoking (yes, I know it’s a bad habit) and get all the clutter out of my house. I’ve got 2 of so many things (from living in a FEMA trailer after Katrina) and I’ve got to get rid of it all!

  86. sandra

    My New Year’s Resolution is to start walking with you…Stamp gifts ahead of time and not on the day of the birthday, holiday etc… The pressure of getting it done on that day takes the fun out if. Last minute Sandra :)
    Start eating healthy!

  87. Jean

    My new year’s resolutions is to get in better
    shape, stamp more, get organized.

    Happy New Year


  88. Tammy

    To organize, again, my scrapbook/craft area. Too many new things not enough space.

    Love your blog, it’s a daily indulgence. Thank you so much for sharing your ideas and talents with us.

  89. Susan Carpenter

    Love, love, love your give away! I have only been a Stampin’ Up Demonstrator for 3 months and am so inspired by your website.

    My New Year’s Resolutions are to: 1) Making healthy changes in my diet 2) Getting to church EVERY Sunday instead of every other Sunday 3) Work on getting deadlines done ahead of time instead of at the last minute 4) Waking up an hour earlier to exercise and 5) Making a greater effort to send notes to special people that make a difference in my life.

  90. stacy

    Okay, my resolution is–let me think, it is to get more organized-yes, that would be it. I realy need to get more organized. I have my stamping card stock, dsp, punches,etc, all over my house. It is never in one place, probably because I`m not. Seriously, I`m going to have it all together, easier to get together for classes.
    Now that I`ve written it, I just have to do it, haha.
    Thanks for sharing all your talents and creativity.
    Stacy Nelson

  91. I love your blog Angie – your videos are awesome and so helpful!! My New Year’s Resolution this year is to spend more time with my family. I may also try to lose a pound or two!! Or at least the ones I’ve gained over the holidays!! Thanks again for all you do to inspire!!

  92. Nancy L.

    Focus more on my health and try to excerise! Enjoy every moment and try to go to church more often! Happy New Years!!!

  93. claudia d

    Mine would have to be organization also. It’s tough with 6 kids.. but I’m hoping it can be done!

  94. jaime aldridge

    my new year’s resolution is to send out more cards this year. i have a room full of them and for some reason, i just can’t seem to let them go!! it’s my mission this year to see that everyone i know gets a handmade birthday card!!

  95. Darlene

    My resolutions are about the same – my husband and I joined weight watchers so we shall see. Today 1/1/09 I orangized my stamp room and cut all my stamp sets that were just sitting there. And you know what I want to do with my upline. So lets get this year started with a bang. LOL
    Happy New Year my Friend have a wonderful time at leadership – we all know you will bring back lots of great new ideas.

  96. Carol

    This year I want to lose another 10 pounds (have already lost 30) Organize my house. (it is started but has a long way to go) Be Happy (try not to let the little things get to me) Save more (open a vacation and Christmas savings)

  97. chell

    Well, my only new year’s resolution that I fight with every year, but am determined to do better, is to read my Bible daily!!! There is so much to learn and so many “ah-hah” moments….one day at a time!

    Good luck to you on your resolutions!

  98. I have set a few goals, one I keep mentioning is being positive, another is to get organized and stay that way! I also hope to be able to purchase all the goodies from last years want lists!Thanks for the chance, I don’t have this set, but have seen so many great ideas using it!

  99. Cindy

    My New Years resolution is to get organized and to use supplies in new and creative ways. Thanks for the chance at some fun candy.

  100. I love what goals you have Angie and I have no doubt that you will achieve them. As for me, I really don’t do resolutions–but I would like to be less stressed this year. I must work on that issue. Thanks for sharing your talents with us. I think your photos that you post are just fine!!
    Cheryl Sims

  101. Karin

    You have a great blog! I love your creative ideas…definately want to make more of my own cards, instead of always just looking at ideas and not following through. Ya know?? Happy New Year!

  102. Nadine

    Hi Angie,
    My New Year plans are to be more attentive to my family and find more time for Church activities–be more involved in my community and just love myself the way I am faults and all–try to change some of them but just be HAPPY in Life!!

    Thanks Nadine

  103. Jan

    Happy New Year!

    Like the majority of people, I’d like to start eating healthier and lose weight so I can keep up with my grandkids! I also want to start going through my “treasures” here in the house and start sorting out and donating so my kids don’t need to call in a dumpster and pitch some day – let someone get use out of it now while it’s still usable!

  104. DJ

    1.Is to get more organize; 2. To market my candy wrapping business. 3. To do more in my home. Those are my goals for 2009.

  105. Happy New year!

    My resolutions for 2009 is: 1-to be more zen and 2-to make my scraproom, because I work in my living room. 😉


  106. My first goal is to find my paper cutter and watercolor pencils that disappeared when we moved. My second goal is to not feel guilty stamping when my house isn’t clean. Have a super new year and keep the ideas coming!! Thanks for all your hard work.

  107. Marla

    Happy New Year! Thank you for this opportunity! My resolution is to make more cards, SEND THEM, and not hoard my supplies. I love to make cards, but sending them is a different story. Am I the only one out there in this catagory?

  108. Karen Monger

    Happy New year! Well my resolution is not to lose weight. I am pregnant with baby # 4 (a surprise) and I don’t think the dr’s want me to lose weight. My resolution is to get more customers and stamp more and get a blog and start posting. Thanks for the chance to win.


  109. Nadia Zakaria

    Hey Angie!

    My resolution for this year is to try and make more time for being creative. Making more cards and just having fun with all of it!

  110. Happy New Year and thanks for the chance to win! My new year’s resolution is to stop worrying about the things I can’t control. :)

  111. beth g

    my goal for 2009 is to get organized! I am trying something new this year, I am only working on one thing at a time?? we’ll see. thanks for sharing, your work is beautiful.
    beth g

  112. laura j

    My new year’s resolution is to get more organized. I am going to keep it simple this year with my resolution so that it will hopefully be more attainable! Wish me luck! Love your blog, wish I had found it before the holidays…you have so many great ideas! I will be visiting regularly. Happy new year!

  113. Robyn Correa

    Hi Angie,
    Thanks for all of the hard work you put into making your blog amazing! JMHO, but I’ve never thought your pics were dull or not vibrant. I know sometimes we are our hardest critique though, as I am the same way. I really appreciate your tutorials especially. I’ve told you before that my girls and I love making your projects right along with you, and to them, you are a star :-) You are truly an amazing lady, and I appreciate and admire your talent. Thanks for being so willing to share it!

    For my top 5 resolutions/goals: (No particular order)
    1. The perpetual…exercise, eat healthy, lose weight (wait, that’s 3 isn’t it?)
    2. Make 10 Christmas cards a month to ease my autumn schedule (I home-school 2 teens and 1 4th grader).
    3. Increase my relationship with the Lord (more time in Bible reading, prayer, ministries).
    4. Start scrapbooking (Am I the only one that does not already do this?)
    5. Write more love notes to my wonderful hubby (16+ years).

    Thanks for offering blog candy, Angie. I have my fingers and toes crossed. ;c)


  114. Alison Reid

    My resolutions are to learn how to better use my camera. Try to make at least one card per week and of course lose weight and get healthy. I look forward to 2009 and am glad that I have found your blog….always such great inspiration.

  115. Heather Schlagel

    I am going to try to use some of my old stash and to exercise more.

  116. Angela

    Happy New Year!F
    I also would like to lose weight and
    get organized and make more time for
    myself and hubby.
    love your site and check often
    Keep up the great work…

  117. Linda Weyhrich

    Happy New Year! Check your site daily to see what is new and love it! New Years resolution is to workout everyday — recovery from breast cancer has been slow and I need to get my energy back!

  118. Sheila

    My New Year’s resolution is to find a space for all of my stamping stuff. It’s a pain to pull out boxes every time I want to do a project. I also resolve to work less once I get home from work. I’m going to try really hard to relax more once I get home from work.

  119. Bonnie Nack

    I love your blog. It’s always the first thing I check on a daily basis. My goals for the new year I have to say is to loose weight and exercise more. My husband had a heart attack in June. Since that time we have been eating healthier and trying to loose the weight. His weight came off just great mine is slow in coming off. Must be a woman thing. 2nd goal is to try and slow down and enjoy life. Like they say stop and smell the roses along the way. Hope to be able to do this.

    Wishing every one a healthy and Happy New Year with peace in the world.

  120. Kelli

    My new years resolution is to finally update my address book – seems easy enough but I have a little OCD with my handwriting.

    Happy New Year! I love your blog!

  121. Julie Kelley

    Love your blog Angie!! So many inspiring projects!! I have a couple resolutions, the first is to take back control of my health and find a new and helpful Dr, to organize my scrap supplies so that I can find and use all that I have, and keep the house in better order so that if someone drops by I’m not embarrassed!!

  122. Julie B.

    Happy New Year Angie,
    My resolutions are to try to lose weight,get more organized, and find more time to stamp. I check your blog every day. Thank you for the great tutorials.

  123. HAPPY NEW YEARS darling!! (((HUGS)) as for me I have plans not resolutions it seems when I title them that they don’t happen! lol.. Well in Feb I am a demo a year! YEAHHH so I want to try to see how I can make my business grow I am a lone demo and so I love the inspiration you and other amazing demos share! Here is to an amazing and blessed 2009 to us all! :)

  124. Krista

    Angie, I love you blog. I check it everyday as soon as I get to my desk at work. I loved the Tart & Tangy set. I was so happy to see that it made it into the catalog this time!!
    My resolutions this year is to keep my house and basement clutter free!! Hoping to use some of the tips from flylady.net — I no longer want to live in CHAOS (can’t have anyone over syndrome). I would also like to loose about 20 pounds!!

  125. isabel z

    Happy New Year to you and your loved ones and may 2009 bring you many blessings. My resolutions are to lose weight, make my craft area more appealing and keep it organized so that I can find things, and work on my children’s scrapbooks. Last year all I did was stamping and neglected the scrapbooking. Will have to do better this year b/c I am hopelessly behind.

  126. Tara Randazzo

    My New Year’s resoultion is to try and not stress over the little things. I tend to make a mountain out of a mole hill–I need to let things slide more.
    Happy New Year

  127. Debbie Stelton

    Angie thanks for the chance to win.
    Isn’t it wonderful that every new year we get a fresh start on life? I like that it gives us time to get rid of what we don’t want, keep what we do and make some changes as well. I also am going to start back to a healthful life style. In addition I will do at least one stamping challenge a day which will help me with my goal of posting every day on my blog. I hope that this new year brings you health, happiness and peace.

    Debbie/Phx AZ

  128. Hi, I read your blog everyday and enjoy it.

    My new years resolution is to get up out of bed early, get dressed and outta the house before 2:00 pm. I do not work so I proscratinate alot!!!

    Thanks for the chance to win some blog candy!

  129. Jennifer

    I’ll help you with number 1. I’ll bug you unitl I get you to the gym….when should I pick you up?

  130. Jennifer

    I guess if you want a resolution…to get back to my goal weight. Guess that is why I can help you with number 1

  131. luv2remember

    I love your blog Im so glad i found it.I have 4 resolutions this year.1.spend more quality time with my children 2.budget our finances better this year. 3.live for the day we had 2 sudden deaths in our family this year and it reminds you how quickly things happen. and finally I really do need to lose some weight this year (and keep it off)I hope everyone is successful this year. To a safe and happy new year.

  132. Jane

    My resolution is to downsize: both body weight and supplies (stamping,sewing,craft). If I dust off my exerciser and use it as well as finish handmade projects that I’ve started; I’ll be doing good. I also need to get/stay more organized. Keep up the great blog!

  133. Charlene

    For help on photography check out this blog: link to pinkchalkstudio.com . Specifically check out the post “selling on ebay” and look around from their. I have found her technicques work well. Good luck!
    Happy New Year!

  134. Peggy W.

    My new year’s resolution is to make more cards and more scrapbook pages. Thanks for the contest.

  135. Christy

    My resolution:
    Stop saying “yes” to everyone. I seem to get too much on my plate quickly. It’s ok not to be in charge or invovled in everything!

  136. tonya

    My baby will be five in March, so I have accepted that I have to address the baby wieght now :) Also, use what I have already bought ( I could start my own store with my stash!!)

  137. My goal for 2009 is to learn to take better care of myself – health would of course be included, but I mean the intangibles of learning to be good to myself, not trying to please everyone all the time, taking some time for me and not demanding so much of myself.

    Happy new year!

  138. Pat N

    I have two major goals:

    1. Write down everything I eat

    2. Remove clutter from closets and drawers

  139. Susan Carey

    Hi Angie,

    I love your website and Blog and I look at it each morning before heading off to work. I have a few resolutions for the new year to include adding more exercise to my day, loosing some weight, working on my Stampin’ Up business and getting my blog set up and running. Along with making a lot more cards for classes, clubs and scheduling workshops. Thanks for all of your inspiration of what we can do if we apply ourselves. Have a great week.

  140. CherylG

    My new year resolution is to try to walk at least 30 min a day & maybe that will give me more energy to get my craft things better organized. Thanks for a chance to win!

  141. LeAnne

    As for resolutions…well my DH would love for me to be more productive with the supplies I have on hand. I can’t thank you enough for the inspiration you’ve provided me to help me accomplish that! I love checking in daily for my dose!

    Thanks for the chance to win! Happy New Year!

  142. What a cute card kit! Thanks for the chance to win it. :o) My New Year’s Resolutions are 1)Exercise More 2)Get my Stampin’ Up! Business more organized 3)Update my blog more often and 4)Focus more on recruiting

    Happy New Year!!


  143. I am not very good at New Year’s Resolutions. So my goal this year is to be consistent. Consistent in all areas: parenting, housekeeping, crafting, work, physical health and relationships! It’s a big goal, but if I just work consistently, constantly at it, I should see improvement!

  144. Val

    Well one of my NYR is same as the last few years, LOSE WEIGHT. The next one is to get more organized with my stamping stuff,, I have a very good friend that was sent to me by God, I truly believe that, she has been helping me so I started before thanksgiving then started on christmas cards. So now it’s time to get back on the organization trail..

  145. Robin

    Happy New Year! My resolution is to use what I buy! I have so many things that I buy and put away and forget about. I also want to be more organized too. Have a great year!

  146. Sally N.

    My goal this year is figure out how to spend more time with my family, doing the things we love without spending too much money. I’d also like to reduce the stress level in our house…with four active kids going every which way and a husband that travels, that’s easier said than done!

  147. Rachel M.

    My New Year’s Resolution is to make the time to create more cards! :)

  148. Sharan

    Angie, I don’t even know where to start with the resolutions! I guess my usual is to be less fat and more fit, but the older I get the more I think it’s about doing more for me, actually making me a priority, rather than just caretaking everyone else in my life. More organizational skills are also something I need to work on, maybe time management is a better way to put that. Really love your website, by the way…

  149. I just found your blog today and it is spectacular! Thanks for sharing your talents! My resolutions this year: 1. Not to go on “a diet”. I just want to make healthy living a part of our everyday life. 2. To not procrastinate when it comes to my SU! business. I am always doing most of my prep work for clubs, workshops, etc.. at the last minute. I am ahead on this one already! I have spent most of the afternoon looking for ideas for Jan. clubs! That’s how I found you! Thanks again and Happy New Year!

  150. Margie

    My New Year’s Resolution – like everyone else’s is to pay more attention to the amount of food that I eat and the amount of exercise that I do. Started today with a 15 mile bike ride – it was great!

  151. Hi Angie!
    Love the resolutions. Mine are to get in shape and be more organized when it comes to my business too! I work best at the last minute, but then I end up staying up all night and being tired.

    So this year WILL BE DIFFERENT!! hehe

    Thanks for sharing!

    Bobbie :)

  152. MamaJayne

    Mine is to get Balance in my life.
    Have fun at Leadership conference!

  153. Heidi McDonough


    I love love love your blog and can’t wait to get home to check it each day. Your projects are so pretty and I love to see what you do with the stamp sets. I have this Tart & Tangy set and would love to have the kit to make this up. My resolutions are to get in shape, it’s a must this year. And..I’ve got to organize my craft room. It isn’t very big but I’m sure I can make it work with a few adjustments. Thanks for the blog candy.


  154. Denise Morgante

    I just found you on UTube. Love your video’s.
    I too am going to put forth the effort to loose weight this year. For health reasons I need to do something about the extra pounds I am caring around. Another thing I need to do is get organized in my craft room.
    I signed up for your newsletter so hope to hear from you soon.
    Thanks for all your hard work,


  155. Kristen

    Happy New Year! My resolutions are pretty close to yours too…lose the weight AND exercise. I also want to make more time for family that lives farther away! Love your sight! It’s one of my favorites!

  156. Carol C

    Yeah! I have this set on my wish list! My New Year’s Resolution is to stop having soda (or anything with aspartame), work on something scrap related every day. Thanks for the chance to win candy!!

  157. Melissa Cox

    My New Years Resolutions are to exercise regularly, eat healthy, study my Bible daily and to attack some behaviour issues with my kids in a consistant manner. Thanks for your inspiring ideas!

  158. Marcia Bidwell

    Hey Angie! My resolution for this year is to be more organized!Love your site!

  159. Marcia Bidwell

    Hey Angie! My resolution for this year is to be more organized!Love your site!

  160. Angie Bennett

    Angie – I love your blog and visit almost daily for inspiration. My goals for the new year are to spend more time with my kids and hubby, procrastinate less and make better use of my time, exercise more, and do more stamping for me for fun instead of just for my business (in put-out-fire mode). WHEW! Happy New Year to you & thanks for the chance to win the awesome kit!!! Angie

  161. Sorry I missed this fun contest :) I also use PSE5 and though I have a lot to learn I do a lot of photo editing (I’m working on learning enough to be a professional photographer). Anyway, I would be happy to try to tweak one of your photos if you would like, and if it turned out the way you want then I could try to explain how to do it. Just thought I’d offer because I know how frustrating it is to not have your photos turn out the way you want! my email is marcie dot jessee at gmail.com

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