Ladybug is ready!

Ladybug Punch Page for Web Good morning!

The Ladybug punch video is ready to watch on my Stampin' AcademyClick here if you'd like to go watch it.  I've posted all the supplies & details over there.   Thanks!

p.s. thanks for all the well wishes for Dave….he's still home sick.  Maybe the doctor can fit him in today….yesterday he was told next Wednesday.

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  1. Aron

    Super Cute! I need to start a punch book too. Thanks for sharing with all of us.

  2. oh, i´m such a ladybug lover, and i obviously loved the tip! so great!

  3. Sarita

    Love the ladybug! Your punch book is a great idea!

  4. Sandy Fleming

    I really like the lady bug. It’s so simple and quick. It’s so easy to pump out tons of really nice gifts using this super cute lady bug.

    Thanks for sharing how to make him!


  5. PaperCrafty

    Love the little Lady Bug!!! Great tutorial!

  6. Leslie Jones

    Love it! I have made these before using a 1/8″ and a 1/4″ hole punch on the wings for more texture on Pink wings. They were very cute on the “Cute as a Bug” frames we made this spring. Keep up the great work!

  7. Marlene

    Another great video, Angie! I love the Lady Bug & I hope to do a punch book someday soon, too. Thanks for sharing today!

  8. Jeanne McKenzie

    Love it! Another wonderful project. I am working on my punch book.

  9. Gina

    Hi Angie…

    i just love your ladybug chip its very cute!!! Thats a good tip you have about making a punch template i wouldnt have thought about it… thanks…

  10. I just love the Lady Bug!!! You did great! Thanks for sharing!

  11. Carol

    She is so cute. I belong to a group called the Ladybugs and this will be great for when I make gifts for the girls.

  12. Super cute! Thanks Angie =)

  13. Leslie Bo

    I am off work this week and have enjoyed watching your videos on You Tube. I have told everyone I know about the Chicnscratch lady. Off to wal-mart to get some big paper clips.

  14. Sandy H

    Just finished watching your video on these cute bugs. I have one suggestion – punch holes in the red and let the black show thru for the black dots. Add a second red circle and do the same thing to the back to finish.

  15. Sharon

    Another great project – love the video!! Thanks for showing how to use the pop-up glue dots. I had been using E6000 for paperclips – messy, smelly, and SU doesn’t sell it. You are brilliant!!

  16. Paula

    You are so clever with yet another cute little critter. Thanks for sharing and giving us the opportunity to win. Yay

  17. Sue D

    Cute ladybug! I like how you attached to paperclip–easier than what I had been using.

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