Lamb Punch Page

Lamb Punch Here's what I've been working on...isn't he/she cute?

 Since Chase & Brooke showed Lambs in 4-H I just had to include the Lamb Punch in my Punch Book!! 

 I'm hard at work on the pages but I'm still sick so I'm moving the pace of a snail (o....wouldn't a snail be cute?  has anyone made a snail?)

Moving on...... to my ....Last Chance List Contest!  Thanks ladies for playing along.  I got a real kick out of reading your choices & we'll do this again next year.  Congrats Pat K!!!!  You got the most right (6 of them) and you won. You can expect an email from me today 🙂

Reminder....don't forget to check out the Last Chance List and most especially the accessories because they are while supplies last and some are even discounted.

Have a great day!!

p.s. I updated my Reward Punch Card report yesterday. If you need to know how many punches you have after May I have those figured.

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  1. Donna J

    Angie, I love this one and it may even be my favorite!

  2. That is so cute. My daughter’s middle name is Lamb. I am going to have to make it for her. Jennifer

  3. Super cutie cute.

  4. Nikki Harris

    I love it. My sister is a huge collector of sheep. They are all over her home. I will definitely be adding this little guy to my cards to her! Thanks. – Nikki

  5. Jo Ann

    at the risk of being presumptuous – are you going to post a video or a page for this little guy? he is soooo cute and i have been following your animal punch book with much interest! thanks for any consideration of my request.
    cyber hugs, jo ann.

  6. Ashley Bowen

    OMG! So STINKIN’ CUTE!! I love the lamb! Can’t wait to see your video on her/him! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Marianne


  8. Bonnie Vanderveen


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