My Stamp Room

Here's a bunch of pictures of my Stamp room.  I wanted to take pictures before we moved so I would have them later.  This is my current system but I have lots of areas to improve.   (I had big plans for my office but shortly after I moved it to the basement we found out there was a possibility we would have to move). I stopped all construction at that point….the first item on my list is drawer pulls!!

The first picture is of my desk…this is where I check my email, post on my blog and anything that's computer work.  I love my cozy corner but I'm looking forward to one day having a larger desk (like twice the size).  I've had that chair since the year Dave & I got married 18 years ago & the desk was bright pink when I bought it for $75 in 1997…..I painted it myself 🙂


The next picture is what I like to call my Founders Circle shelf.  I still can't believe I was there and I decided to dedicate the top of my book shelf to hold most of the goodies I received while there (boots were too tall to fit up there).


The next picture is of where I film my videos and stamp all my projects (this space is rarely this clean).  The first order of business after I bought a sewing machine was getting curtains and trimming them so I could hide those wire organizers.  To see the wire organizers you can find them in Angie's Stampin' Studio photo album on the right side of my blog.


The next space is where I store all my Stampin' Up! ink pads.  We found them at Ikea.  The drawers below hold all sorts of items like, In-Color sponges, Snail adhesive, Stampin' Dimensionals, trimmer blade refills, glue sticks and Mini Glue Dots.  That area of my counter serves at my cutting and scoring area.


The next picture is of an item that always put a smile on my face.  If you read the Simple Abundance book it tells you to have little things in your house that bring you joy or puts a smile on your face. Here's an example….. I'm a huge coffee drinker and I went to a antique store and bought myself 8 sterling silver spoons and I always use them to add my cream and sugar to my coffee. I keep them on my counter in one of those Longaberger booking baskets. 

This little bucket with the chick on it serves as my trash can on my desk.  When I'm creating I throw all the little pieces in there and I usually empty it at least once a day.  I have a large trash can in my office but I keep it far away from my stamp area….I accidentally lost stamps because they would fall off my desk and into the trash.

Trash can

The next picture is how I keep my most used punches at my fingertips.  I bought it from my Pampered Chef demonstrator and I love it!!  I have one for my favorite punches and one for all my tools that I like to have at my fingertips.

Turnabout punches

Next is how I store my ribbon, I have four drawers of ribbon. One is for all the current ribbon, one is for scraps, one is for retired and the other is extra rolls.

Ribbon drawer 


The next picture is of my coloring stuff….I have a drawer just like it for my Stampin' Write Markers and I keep them in baskets sorted by the color family.


The next few pictures are of my Big Shot Dies. I keep all the Alphabets and Sizzlits in one drawer.  The regular dies in another and the extended by themselves in another.   Then I have a 4th drawer that holds the Multipurpose Platform, Texturz Plates and Embossing Folders.



Here's where I store the rest of my punches ( I have two drawers of the Stampin' Up! punches).


Here's how I store my Stampin' Up! cardstock (8 1/2 x 11).

Here's how I store my cardstock scraps (this drawer could use a make-over).

Scraps of cardstock

This drawer system is one I've shown you before …It's where I store all my reinkers, sponges and chalk refills.   Next to it is where I have all my circle cutters (what can I say I was on a mission to find the best…..let me just say I wish we had a punch for every size).

Reinkers sponges & circle cutters

And last but not least…this is what I use to label everything.  My P-Touch 🙂 I use it to label everything!!!


If you did not see an area that you would like to see, let me know and I'll take a picture.   These photos can later be found in the photo album "Angie's Stampin' Studio" on right side of my blog (or under photo gallery at the top under the banner).

Good night 🙂

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  1. the only thing missing in that room is ME!

    I’m so jealous of your scrap area!! I did turn the extra bedroom upstairs into a craft area which would work except that I feel a bit cooped up in the tiny room! I prefer to be in more open spaces. I don’t have alot of room in my house so I’m trying to figure out what else would work. The basement is probably the most logical space in terms of size but I hate basements even more than I dislike small rooms like the one upstairs. Maybe it’d be different if I weren’t alone… when I first re-did that room for my scrap room it was just a month or so before my husband found out he was sick again, so I only used it a couple times. *sigh*

  2. Marie

    Oh, I would LOVE to see a video-tour of your room!

  3. melissa

    just beautiful! you are a lucky girl!!!

  4. This would be a dream come true for me!

  5. Sara

    Everything looks gorgeous! I would love to know how/where you store your 12×12 papers, like the DSPs.

  6. marcie

    what a great space. just one ? how and where do you store your stamps?

  7. Gigi

    ahh to have the space to create! You are a very blessed woman and I know that you know it!

  8. Great space! And I bet you are so thankful that you don’t need to pack up all your goodies now!

    Thanks for showing us your room.

  9. joyk

    Your stamp room is totally fabulous!! You are so organized………love it!!

  10. Beautiful space Angie! I know you sure enjoy it! I love your blog and videos, keep up the terrific work!

  11. dorothy jancart

    Angie…you have been through a lot lately. Please, just take it easy.
    Simple Abundance is a wonderful book. Other good ones are by Elaine St. James and one right now that I’m reading is called Simplify Your Christmas. Very good advice.

    Dorothy J.

  12. Diana Farthing

    Soooo jealous. Your craft space is fantastic. A place for everything and everything in it’s place. I’ll bet you can’t wait to spend hours in there every day. I know I would. Go you.

  13. audrie

    wow, I’m so jealous! I just did my first craft room in red and white – but I couldn’t imagine ever having as much product as you! wow!! I’m so jealous! Thanks for sharing.

  14. laura j

    Thanks for sharing the photos of your stamping space. Not sure if I missed it but didn’t see where you store your stamps!

  15. Lisa

    It’s a dream room! Can you share a little more about the stamp pad storage? I’m constantly looking for reasonably priced stamp pad storage. Looks like a very visible design. Thanks.

  16. Hi Lisa,
    They sell them at Ikea and I believe theyre called cassette or cd holders. Im not sure but they have them in the store and I believe theyre around $5. We painted them and theyre super easy to install.


    Angie Kennedy Juda
    Stampin Up! Demonstrator

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    My email: [email protected].com

  17. Hi! Thanks for sharing — I got a few new ideas for my own room. 🙂 And I laughed right out loud at the label maker because I have “p-touch” on my Christmas wish list, and my husband can’t imagine what it the world I would use it for. Ha! Silly husbands. 😉 Oh, and last I’d heard Ikea doesn’t carry those anymore. Maybe they do now, but they didn’t when I researched it about a year ago. (Or at least not at the one in Utah.)

  18. Celia

    How do you store your stamp sets? I have two zillion and they are in front of each other in three-deep stacks! Argh!

  19. Isabel Martinez

    Angie, you show us where you film your videos, but can you show us where do you set up the camera? do you have it on top of you? on a tripod? hanging? I would like to start on making video of my work. It would really help me. Thanks.

  20. What circle cutter system have you found to be the best? I personally like Creative Memories Cirle cutting (& ovals etc)system the best. I’d be interested to know which ones you’ve tried.

  21. Jessica F.

    Your room is every crafter’s dream!!! Thanks for showing!

  22. I’m coming out of lurker status to comment. 🙂
    I coincidentally had a trip to the Chicago IKEA planned for this past Saturday, and showed my girlfriends photos of your craft room so I could find some of those nifty stamp pad holders (VHS/cassette holders). We didn’t find them anywhere. Maybe they don’t sell them anymore?
    I just wanted to comment on the search I had in case someone else was still looking.

  23. hey there,
    I was there last September (or maybe October) and they had them. Its possible they may not have them or maybe they were just out of stock. When I was there they were out of the little jars I wanted (those jars were one of the main reasons I wanted to go there).

    Angie Kennedy Juda
    Stampin Up! Demonstrator

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    My online store: link to
    My email: [email protected]

  24. Juanita zavala

    Looks like a dream room. Love it!

  25. Barb Broxson

    Hi Angie!! Love your craft room!!! Turning green while looking at the pictures LOL!! Can you tell me or do you have a video of the placement of your camera while doing your videos? Thanks so much!!

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