Savanna Bag Tutorial

Savanna bag

Here's four videos to show you how to make the Large Savanna Bag. I used the Big Shot Die Cut Machine & the Scallop Square die to cut the fabric.

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  1. Love the little bags! I use to sew a lot and made a lot of square quilts in my time for friends and family and you are right – lining the squares up is key! I really love your little bag (2 x 2) and the 3 x 3.
    Brings back memories when sewing was my main hobby when my kids were little. awesome!

  2. Chris

    Great bag! Another talented “chicnstitch” item.
    Chris in CO

  3. Tory Enzenroth

    You are a wonderful teacher, I love everything you do. I haven’t sewn in years and you now have me itch’in to get my sewing machine back out!!! I was not able to get Part 3 video to work for me, I get an error msg.

  4. OMG These are sweet! I think I’m gonna have to make a few for my family! Thank you so much for your videos, they are great :)

  5. Thank you so much Angie for such a great tutorial. I am one of those “visual” people so this is a great help to me! I cannot wait for the Big Shot to come out here to Australia so I can make one of these bags.

  6. tanks for the great tutorial I just order the die to do it like yours… I made one yesterday with the help of your video now Im waiting for my die…

  7. Carolyn

    You are amazing! Thank you so much for all you do… inspired to make these bags! Thanks again, cc

  8. MaryBeth Hughes

    Angie, I just made one of your bags. Your video was fabulous. I am not the best sewer but my bag turned out fantastic. I wish I knew how to send you a picture of it-because I am so proud that I made it. But, I could not have done it without your tutorials. I have been a hobby demo for SEVEN years. My goal is to have a blog and a Stampin’ Up! website. Thanks for all your great ideas. MaryBeth Hughes – Minnesota

  9. thank you!! Im so happy to hear you like your bag and was able to make it with my instructions :)

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    Stampin Up! Demonstrator

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  10. Super cute bag Angie! Your tutorial is awesome! I will have to give it a try. TFS!

  11. Jackie Frazier

    Wow, thank you so very much for the tutorial. You site is hands down the best ever!

  12. Nicole Ireland

    Yes, you have inspired me to dust off my sewing machine. I am awaiting my die to make these bags. You did a wonderful job (as always) at teaching us how to do this. Thanks so much for all your time you put into it!! It is appreciated!! Did you get this fabric at Joanns??

  13. Valentina Deker

    Angie, Love your Savannah bag. Someone might have already told you, but you can do your basting stich on your ruffle with your sewing machine. Just make the length of your stitch longer.

    I am definitely going to make some of these!

    Love your projects, you are a great inspiration.

    Valentina (Montreal, Quebec, Canada)

  14. Well I made my first one. yessss my first one because I’m thinking of making another one but bigger for shopping use :)

    thank you for the tutorial and instructions :)!

  15. Loretta

    angie, what size did you end up cutting the liner for the bag? same size as the measurement of the bag itself?


  16. Bonita

    I have made one of these bags before, but yours is a complete bag (liner and all) really is the best tutorial I’ve ever seen. AND your instructions and little tips really make this bag mistake-proof. Love the idea for the little plastic in the bottom of the bag. Please don’t ever stop making tutorials. It sure helps seniors like myself get a clear picture of how things go together, and shows they are easier than I ever imagined, which gets me to make them. Love your cards too. I have made a lot of them, and my friends think they are BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!

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