Sponge Storage

I've had several people ask how I store my Stampin' Up! Sponges after labeling them.   Here's a few pictures of how I organize them….. 

Sponge storage

Reinker storage

Each drawer has the ink refill, a sponge and a sponge dauber.  I bought these drawer units at Lowe or Home Depot many years ago (7 or 8 years) and I love how organized they keep my supplies….but I sure wish they looked prettier!!  


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  1. Miss Imagination

    This is such an awesome idea! I have all mine in a ziploc and it’s just not working haha. Thanks for the fabulous idea!

  2. Jenny

    VERY cool! I bet putting a swatch CS in the corresponding color in front of each drawer would make it look pretty – and easy to find at a quick glance!

    Thanks for all the great ideas!

  3. Jen Hein

    What a great idea! Don’t forget there is spray paint for plastic, I think Krylon makes it. You could always paint the outside to match the paper you choose to line the drawer fronts with.

  4. Great idea! My suggestion for prettying it up is similar to Jenny’s. You can take all of the drawers out, spray paint it whatever color you want, and then add a swatch of the corresponding CS in the front of each drawer!

  5. Holy cats! That’s awesome! I only have six daubers and about five refills to my name (so far!) so I don’t need this but I NEED it, kwim?

  6. DeLisa

    I had seen this in a blog of yours, and copied the idea! I must say it is a WONDERFUL thing! THANK YOU so much! It does make life easier!

  7. Laura Howell

    Your trash cans and chairs are so cute. What is the glass standing on the table for?

  8. Tina Lockhart

    What a great idea Angie! I think you must be the most organized stamper/crafter ever. The wonderful storage for the Big Shot, the fabric stand for quilting – love it all! Thanks for sharing all your wonderful ideas. You are the best!

  9. Laura Howell

    sorry I think my last comment was meant for another room, and now I can’t find the room! Great way to store your sponges, daubers and reinkers. I don’t care for sponges, but I love my daubers and store them in the ferrero rocher candy trays. I plan on having all my reinkes and pens with my ink pads in a storage unit on the wall. The never ending task of organizing.

  10. katherine

    After you spray paint with the Krylon for plastic, you could always cover part of the piece with your favorite paper to match your room. Then make pretty shaped labels for the front in a coordinating color.

    I’m with you, it has be form AND function.

  11. Good God girl! You have missed your calling. The world is crying out for professional organizers right now and look at you go!! It’s a beautiful thing to see. You should share it. And get paid.

  12. Beth

    I think it is an awesome way to keep organized!!!

  13. M.E. Stites

    I think a small piece of DSP in the front of each drawer would be a HUGE decorative way to dress it up. What a great idea! Thanks for sharing this idea.

  14. Debora Bart

    Great idea Angie. I have one of these as well and hated how it looked so “industrial” I spray painted it and then added color coordinated paper to the proper drawers and DSP where that was needed. I love it now and sometimes you really kind of miss it in my craft room. It doesn’t stick out as much as it use to.

  15. Thanks, Angie! I was wondering about your storage. These are awesome!

  16. Brandy

    This is a great idea! I just need more room to put one in. I have too much fabric!

  17. mary-ann

    You could add a solid piece of cardstock behind each drawer. All in the same color or coordinating color that goes with what is inside.

  18. Gabby

    EXCELLENT idea! I have a 30 drawer in which I keep pre die=cut letters (alpha) styles/sizes, each drawer holding a letter of the alpha and the two extras are #s and punctuation. Never thought to use one this way! You are such a clever chic! lol

  19. dee in N.H.

    OMG! What an awesome idea!!!! I keep my sponges all in a drwaer in little baggies (labeled) but frustrating to find! I am so going to Lowes this weekend! TFS!

  20. g

    I use some of these for embellishments I painted them with spray paint for plastic (krylon I think) now they coardenate with the rest of my room.

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