How to make a magnetic board

Magnetic board pic

I made this Magnetic Board with step flashing & the Sweet Pea Designer Paper.


Angie Supplies Graphic

  • Sweet Pea Designer Paper #117161
  • Sweet Pea Stitched Felt #117266
  • Chocolate Chip Stitched Ribbon #111849
  • Crop-a-dile #108362
  • Round Magnets (local craft store)
  • Round it All Tool (online)

Thanks for joining me!!

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  1. monna

    Very cute….great idea!!!!..thanks for sharing…

  2. marsha gleichman

    How did you make this? I have been wanting one for my kitchen.

  3. Sarita

    I love it!! Did you use steel or tin? Thanks for another great project.


  4. Thanks for the demo. I love this. Just two questions on the Step Flashing, can you get it at Lowe’s? Is it in the roofing department?

  5. Did a quick search and you can get the 5×7 flashing from Amazon, Ace Hardware, Lowes and other hardware stores. I couldn’t find it specifically at Home Depot but they may call it something else.

  6. Susan G

    Great idea! Thanks for sharing it. And thanks to Jennifer for providing info on where to get the flashing.

  7. Anne

    Can you use the Corner Chomper to punch through the metal?

  8. Beatriz

    I also want to know if you can use the corner chomper?
    Thanks for the great video!!!!!
    You are the best.

  9. tcmarc

    Oh My Gosh! I love these! I think that I will be making these for Teacher Appreciation gifts next month. I did do some looking and found them on line. They can be found at They are called Step Flashing Shingles and they come in packages of 10. Good price as well. Great idea. Thanks!

  10. Fantastic!!
    Thanks for sharing!!

  11. Leeanna Howard

    FYI if you have a Hobby Lobby they sell the corner rounder that she uses, if you dont have something similar!!


  12. Roseanne

    This is the most ideal project for spring…thanks for sharing it with us!

  13. yes to both questions :)

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  14. Rosalba

    love this project. thanks a bunch for sharing with all of us.

  15. Great project. This is definitely a keeper, I may have a problem getting that step flashing. Thanx for the video.

  16. Stephanie

    Oh I like this so much! I just need to find those metal sheets. Thanks a bunch for sharing your upline’s idea with us!!!

  17. Jen Gloede

    I can’t find the METAL step flashing anywhere. All I have found is Alumn.. and well a magnet will NOT stick the that. Can you tell me where you got yours??? Much thanks – wanted to try this project. Jennifer

  18. Kathy Marcoux

    I am in search of these boards as well I am finding that they are not called STEP FLASHING because those are bent and not flat pieces. I did find the 5×7 at Lowes but those are aluminum and will not work with a magnet. I tried the someone talked about above and searched step flashing shingles and came up with nothing. If anyone has any ideas HELP :) I am being told by one of our local hardware stores to call a metal shop in town tell them the size and they can cut it down. But do not ask for step flashing cause again it is bent. to ask for 29 or 30 gage galvanized steel. Hope this helps I will let you if I find. Angie if you can tell us exactly what you got at lowes at would be a huge help.

  19. It is called Step Flash and you can find it at Lowes in the roofing department. I bought it myself and I have the sticker on the back that has the name on it.

    Angie Kennedy Juda
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  20. Jasmin

    Hi! What a great project, I never thought to do that with my metal boards. If you would like 2 different sizes, I will be happy to donate them for your vlog. I have a 12.5 X 12.5 (square)and a 15.25″ X 10.25″ (rectangle). Let me know!

  21. Jasmin

    BTW, they are galvanized steel! 12.5 X 12.5 is $9.95 and the 15.25 x 10.25 is $6.95 and they come with three customizable magnets.

  22. wow! that would be great!!!

    Angie Kennedy Juda
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  23. Karen

    I love this magnetic board. What size of the board is it that you made? I am Deaf and couldn’t hear your voice. This will be a fantastic gift for my scrapbook group.

  24. they are 5 x 7 pieces :)

    Angie Kennedy Juda
    Stampin Up! Demonstrator

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  25. Sandi Smith

    Northeastern Lowes does not carry the steel flashing – only the alum. I called the main office and they are trying to track down another district that may carry them. I mentioned that Idaho stores had them!! They will be getting back to me. I will keep everyone posted if you want…

  26. hey Sandi,
    some ladies have had luck going to their local roofing stores. You might try that.


    Angie Kennedy Juda
    Stampin Up! Demonstrator

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  27. marisa grady

    awww! that si so cute love it!!!!!!

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