Creative Contest #8

Melissa Entry 8

The 8th project received was this darling post it note holder from Melissa.

If you would like to vote for her project, please cast your vote by leaving a comment on this post.

Melissa Entry 8 open


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  1. Dee Hambleton

    I love this project! I am a tea person, I love tea parties, tea houses, tea and anything to do with tea! I would love to get the recipe for this project! Great job.

  2. CINDY V


  3. Andrea

    OMG! How cute is that!!?? AWESOME job Melissa!!

    LOVE, LOVE it!!

  4. marty

    I too am a tea person, AND I too would love to have the instructions for this wonderful project!!


  5. Becky RICHTER

    Love the notepad. What a great idea.

  6. KJ Casperson

    How cute. My mom collects teapots and would love this. Is there a template somewhere?

  7. Ruth B

    OK, I gotta have this template. This is a fabulous project!!! Love it.

  8. Eleanor

    This is just absolutely gorgeous. I wish I had the template for my granddaughter’s princess tea party.

    Great Job!

  9. This is the cutest thing I have seen in a while.
    How inventive!
    I would love to learn how to make this

  10. Linda Henry

    Love this project. Hopefully there will be a templet and instructions??? I have many friends that are tea todlers. This gets my vote!

  11. Kristine Mc

    Oh my, this is so cute, I love it and would love the recipe for it also, My sister in laws are both into tea big time, and it would make a perfect gift for them as well. Thanks!

  12. Beatriz

    OMG to cute LOVE it!
    Also would like the templet and instructions.
    Tahnks for sharing!!!!!

  13. Soundra Christy

    Melissa’s tea pot is just precious. I would love to have one by every phone. Keep up the creative juices Melissa.

  14. marie sierra

    melissa has my vote!! what an adorable and clever project!
    marie sierra

  15. Renee

    I love this idea & like everyone else would love the template. Super job on this…good luck.

  16. Maria

    this is the cutest thing – that Melissa must be sooo creative – I just love it!

  17. Love it! I too am a tea person. Hopefully you can post a template or a link to Melissa’s blog.

  18. BJ Mendiola

    This is my favorite! Cute and practical too! Great job!

  19. My goodness…you put alot of hard work into your project…it is just darling…thanks for sharing! Mary

  20. Anita A

    This so cool. It would make a wonderful Mother’s day gift.

  21. SUPER Cute!

  22. MaryJo Marshall

    This is such a cute post-it holder! Very ingenious idea!!

  23. Awesome Project! I LOVE the tea idea! This would be perfect for Mother’s Day!

  24. emilyb

    What? No template yet???? Lol!

    Very cute! Thanks for sharing your project with us, Melissa! Love it!

  25. Very cutest and most creative one I have seen!! would make great MD gifts!! Wish she had the template and info to make it!

  26. This is adorable! I must have the tutorial for this! Please Please Please post a tutorial for this!

    Have a great day,

  27. This is by far my favorite project!!!

  28. Adorable! I would love the instructions for this project. What a great gift idea!

  29. Rhonda

    my vote is for this one!

  30. Faith Self

    Love it – Melissa’s teapot purse is just too cute!!! This one gets my vote :)

  31. Estelle in Hernando, MS

    I love it…. I would love to have the pattern for it.

  32. Gloria


  33. Shirley Anderson

    This is toooo cute! What a great idea, I’ll be making this one!

  34. I love the teapot holder! I vote for #8! Renee

  35. Love it!! I am voting for Melissa!!

  36. Super cute. Would love the instructions for this.

  37. Holly C.

    This one has my vote! How unique and creative!

  38. This one should be the winner! Love it. I too am a tea drinker and definitely would love the instructions to this. Good Luck Melissa I think you should win!!!

  39. Melissa Holm

    This project is A-MAZ-ING!!!!! I’m with everyone else….and want the template and video tutorial!!! A great gift for teacher’s end of the year gift or mother’s day!! Just love it!!

  40. Marilyn King

    Adorable….can we get a tutorial on this?

  41. Neweta Carroll

    You are so creative! Glad you are on our team.

  42. Debbie in Minnesota

    This is too creative. How do you people come up with this stuff? I hope there’s going to be a pattern/instructions for the project. I am amazed.

  43. Rebekah

    So Cute!!

  44. Rachelle

    this darling teapot gets my vote!

  45. Crystal

    Melissa’s is the cutest and MUST WIN!

  46. Gail C.

    That is so freaking cute. I’m a tea person and collect tea pots and tea cups. I wouild love to make these for my tea party girls. She did a great job and have not seen anything like this.
    Hope she wins

  47. Jenny

    This is a wonderful project and very creative. Great job Melissa!!! You have my vote. Now we just need to know how to make it. :)

  48. Sharon Miller

    Wow! This is super cute-this project gets my vote!

  49. Lela

    I vote for the tea-pot. Super cute! Blessings, Lela

  50. Jayma

    Wow – great work Melissa! You are super-creative and put so much thought into your work. Love it!!

  51. Kyle

    Great job, honey! Of course, I think all your projects are perfect. Maybe I’m just a little biased though. You certainly get my vote!

  52. Laura

    I love this project! is there a template out there?

  53. Marilyn McCree

    This is so cute! I love it.

  54. vickie barker

    please, please share this awesome project…so very cute…

  55. Mercedes

    Wow Love tea and your project is great. I will love to have instruction to make for a special person at my church who love tea too.

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