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Streaming Live!

Stamp with Chic n Scratch will be live on UStream….. at noon Central Time, Saturday Dec. 4th.

Click here if you need help figuring out the difference with time zones….or  If you're on Eastern time zone…tune in at 1pm.  If you're on Mountain time…tune in at 11am.  Pacific time tune in at 10am. Hawaii tune in at 5am (wow!). Atlantic tune in at 2pm. (I tried to figure out Australia but I couldn't find it..sorry!!)

  Sign in …..if you'd like to participate in the chat.

See ya soon πŸ™‚

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  1. Stacy

    I enjoyed watching today-even with all the slip-ups! Thanks for sharing your talent and ideas Angie!

  2. Ahhh, another fun Saturday Ustreaming! Loved the project and talking with you Angie. (Even though you teased me about the Chomper) Love all you do!

  3. Kathy Oertle

    Enjoyed this project very much. And if you ever do a retreat I WILL come and bring friends!!!!

  4. Margaret S aka MaggiemayMB

    Another great Saturday. Please think about a retreat – we’d all come!!

  5. Joanne

    Another great u-stream weekend. Love all the projects – especially the coaster ones. Thanks so much for sharing your talents. Smiles, Joanne

  6. Kayla

    Ohhh my gosh your prject was so cute I loved it so much! I couldn’t help but laugh when you forgot something because that’s just like me!I could talk for ever and then forget what I was doing! Thanks! πŸ™‚

  7. had a SUPER Saturday Straming with you! AND super cute project!

  8. Katherine Lee

    Good video, it was fun to watch. What a cute project…love it.
    Thank you,

  9. Karen

    Thank you for another fun filled Saturday ustreaming. I am so addicted to our Saturday get togethers. Loved the project this week.

  10. That was a really good stream today! A lot of fun…I was meaning to ask you: where do you get that corner chomper again?? lol! The project was so cute with the cork – I loved it, especially with that pretty paper (it’s adorable that you don’t say soiree!)…have a great week.

  11. Karen T

    Great project today. It was a lot of fun with all the talk. Love your stories!

  12. I enjoyed the Ustream and love the coaster calendar project! Thanks Angie!

  13. Cynthia Duran


    I love everything you share with us!
    Thank you!!


    And Happy Holidays!

  14. Ellen

    Love the project today. I look forward to it each Saturday. Thanks so much, Angie, for sharing your talent with us.

  15. Hey! That was fun! What an up-lift! Love the project – but I’m like you – all the chatting was super fun too! Will be looking forward for the next video! Still have visions of a workshop hosted by a dancing chicken – LOL!

  16. Jan B

    What a cute project — as always! Thanks so much for sharing your Saturdays with us.

  17. Ann

    Great ustream today! Loved the project!

  18. Denise

    Another great project today! Looking forward to another fantastic inspirational project. Thank you for sharing.

  19. Danielle osterhaus

    Thank you for sharing your creative projects and amazing talent! I always look forward to Ustream day!

  20. Beth

    Love the calendar project. Very cute!

  21. Kelly Michels

    Again a great Ustream class. I missed it and had to watch the rerun (I’m one of those that watchs to the bitter end, and darn it, it stopped suddenly with a few minutes to go so I have to rewatch, just to catch the end πŸ™‚ I really want to make this calendar it is so cute!!! I did take your dream cookies to a cookie exchange today, my husband loved them and so did I, I hope my friends do too!! Thanks for sharing !!!

    Kelly Michels aka PopcornLady

  22. Hi Angie! Noon Central Time Saturdays is 4 am Sundays where I live in Queensland, Australia! The time will range from 2 am to 5 am depending on the state – there are 3 time zones across the country and then it gets even more confusing as the southern states have daylight saving time πŸ™‚
    Thanks for your UStream projects!

  23. Jerri Ann

    Just wanted to let you know that I was watching your live stream yesterday. It was around 9am in Hawaii. So I think when you have your streaming, its 8am in Hawaii.

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