Chic n Scratch Bloopers #6

It's time for another Bloopers video…hope you enjoy!!

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  1. So cute. I have not attempted my first video yet. Only been blogging since January but I am sure that I will have more bloopers than clean video. Made me smile

  2. Judy G

    WOW … I LOVE watching your videos. They are truly AWESOME. Thanks for the bloopers. I am still smiling from watching them. Glad to see that I am not the only one that makes those silly sounds when I make a mistake. Yes…dogs are great aren’t they!!!!

  3. DarC

    “Doodlebird”, I love it! I have to borrow it for myself at those “duh” moments. Thanks for the video; you work so hard to make your videos just fabulous.

  4. Mel Doyle

    How funny Angie. Love watching your bloopers. Love the chickens at the end. lol

  5. Devoria Hall

    I absolutely love love love all of your videos….I even post them to my page when I don’t have time to write down the instructions, in fear of not being able to find them again.

  6. Thanks for the smiles and giggles…once again it is so nice to know you are like the rest of us!

  7. Bowa

    What fun Angie, we love to see you bloopers!

  8. sharon L

    You have no idea how much I appreciate your bloopers. I am not a demo so when I see someone else trip over their tongue or whatever, I don’t feel so bad about my oopsies!
    I just love your grumbling and muttering.
    Thanks for the BIG laugh you gave us.
    Sharon L



  10. Belinda Hayner

    Your to funny LOL I got up and ran to my phone when yours was ringing!!!
    I am so thankful I found your website
    Thank you

  11. Sharon

    They were so cute …I love watching them ….

  12. Angie, you REALLY crack me up! Your so FUNNY and you don’t even realize it! Stay true to yourself,love ya!

  13. Jo Ann DeHeer

    this really made my day!!! sooooooooooo funny.

  14. marlene

    Hello Angie,
    I am so happy to see that other people have the same “issues” that I have on occasion. I thought they were hilarious! Love watching your tutorials and getting new ideas to try out. You are tooooooo funny!
    thanks again,

  15. Julie Ratcliffe, Staffordshire, UK

    Hilarious! I love watching your videos, you are a real inspiration. Thank you.

  16. ali

    Angie, I am such a big fan of yours. This bloopers video lets us know that we’re all human. You’re hilarious! 🙂


  17. Karen T

    I got the giggles watching you. As others have said it feels so good to know that you’re not the only one who messes up. Love all your videos!!

  18. Chelsey G.

    Dad gum it!!!! My dad is from Louisiana and he is the only person I have ever heard say that. LOVE IT!!!!

  19. Ellen

    Its like watching myself making cards and projects!

  20. Linda Henry

    Well, I got My laugh for the day! Thanks for letting us know what happens behind the scenes! On a more serious note, I do enjoy Your videos and the final cut is always good.

  21. Barb Shelton

    OHHH MY GOSH!!! I have never laughed so much….this was crackin me up …..”Sugar”???? hmmmm…must be some southern drawl in that word for something!!! Angie, you make the best videos whether they are Bloopers or the “real” thing. I love your work. You should enter this in some contest or put it on UTube!! keep up the wonderful projects. Barb S

  22. Patty

    Hey, Angie, I thought I was the only one who made mistakes and verbalized along with it. Guess I thought everyone but me was perfect at this. Glad to know I am not alone. Thanks for letting me see your bloopers.

  23. Chris Robertson

    So, fun!!!!!!!!!

  24. Too funny! Loved the chickens at the end!

  25. Sue Speigner

    Angie, you are so funny. At least you can laugh at yourself too most of the time. You make us all feel so much better about our own “mess ups”. Thanks so much. You have the funniest giggle. It just makes us want to laugh out loud.

  26. Hi Angie…It doesn’t matter to me if you make a “blooper” You are the CuTeSt person…I LoVe all your vids! So…bring ’em on…we all love you for who you are..and saying that…you are AWESOME girl! Have a GREAT weekend!

  27. Thanks so much for posting this!!! After the week I have had this was perfect! I needed the laugh!

  28. Dee in N.H.

    ROTFL! Your blooper videos are always a blast! Thanks for sharing them with us!

  29. vickie nickel

    I thought the chicken sound was coming from our chickens and I couldn’t imagine why they were not in the hen house. 🙂

  30. Jill

    Wow that was so fun to watch someone else muck up. Thank you so much for sharing, and now I can relax when attempting my new project. 🙂

  31. Tracy Bygate

    I loved the bloopers cuz that is how I stamp everyday! It just makes you more human.
    By the way, I love your videos!!!
    I like to play them while I stamp even if I am not doing that project you are showing!

  32. Alisa

    After watching your bloopers I
    Just want-ta give you a big-ole-hug.
    It’s good to know these tutorials don’t just flow
    for you gals who are so creative and talented.
    If that were true, I’d have a fit.
    Thanks for being HUMAN! -Alisa
    [email protected]

  33. Kathy T

    Always fun to watch your bloopers. Reminds us that even the pros don’t always get it right the first time. Thanks for sharing.

  34. Oh Angie, thank you for showing us your not perfect all the time! I love watching your videos and your weekly stream too! You’re very creative, keep up the great work . . . you inspire the rest of us, every time! Loved the chickens at the end and the bloopers. Thank you Angie!

  35. Susan

    I love your videos, bloopers and all. You are always so optimistic regardless of what happens.

  36. emceenic24

    So funny…love watching your videos…i always look forward to it…thanks again..

  37. You’ve just made me laugh out loud. You are a sweet and funny gal 😀

  38. Susan

    You’re too funny, Angie! Thanks for the laugh. I needed it.


  39. Ruth B

    Angie – that is sooo funny. Just shows us that you are human like the rest of us! Thanks for sharing all you do.

  40. Regina

    OMG!!! I am rolling with laughter here!! That was so funny!!! I have never done a video (I don’t even own a video camera or a webcam!) but I sure was laughing at the bloopers. I can only imagine how many times you have to redo with the dogs barking, the “drop-sies” etc..

    Thanks for a good laugh! Love your videos. It is all worth it

  41. Elaine Moore

    Oh my! Laughed till I cried – all those “sugars” and “dadgums” – you’re so cute! Thank you for fighting through the flubs and giving us great tutorials – although it wouldn’t hurt to leave the flubs in (except for using up your time). Looking forward to your next blooper video.
    Hugs and blessings

  42. Marion

    I love your videos and really enjoyed your bloopers. Thanks for putting a smile on my face. Keep up the videos, they are awesome.

  43. I am so glad that I am not the only one that makes mistakes during the videos

  44. Manon

    Very funny! Thanks for sharing with us!

  45. Rhonda

    Angie I *love* your site and all you do…when are we going to see a paper called “Angie’s dag-gum-it blue”? 😉 Just love when you say that…and the dogs barking is so familiar. Have a great day and thanks for making me smile! 🙂

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