My Chic n Scratch Stamp Room Tour

Here's three videos of my Chic n Scratch stamp room.  If I left anything out let me know ......but I think I covered everything except my file cabinets that were on the other side of the bar.

Part one covers:

  • My computer desk & printer. 
  •  Where I stamp and where I film all my stamping videos well as where I film my live streams for UStream.
  • Stampin Up ink pads.
  • Stampin' Up! punches.
  • How I organize my card stock scraps & full sheets.
  • Stampin' Up! Markers.
  • Coloring Tools (Watercolor crayons, Watercolor Pencils, Stampin' Pastels (aka chalks).
  • How I organize re-inkers, sponges, sponge daubers & ribbon.
  • Where I store Shimmer Paint, Sticky Strip, Glue Dots, Rhinestones, Glue Sticks, Scotch Tape & Snail adhesive.

Part two covers how to organize:

  • Where I store my Bind it all and owires.
  • Felt Flowers & Buttons.
  • Templates
  • Sewing Machine for card making.
  • How I organize my Stampin' Up! Designer Paper and Designer Paper scraps.
  • Mini Catalog product (I keep it separate).
  • Card swaps
  • Stampin' Up! fabric and fabric adhesive.
  • Triumph Paper Cutter
  • How I organize my stamps.
  • Envelopes
  • Magazines
  • Scrapbooks
  • Extra Liquid stuff
  • Computer Software
  • Glitter (need to keep it away from me because I'm allergic).
  • Stampin' Success Magazines
  • How I organize my 12 x 12 card stock (solid colors) along with Window Sheets, Sticky Pages & some contraband 🙂
  • How to organize Big Shot dies (Craftsman Tool Chest).
  • Where I keep my cards (Library Chest purchased from Nebraska Furniture Mart)
  • Where I keep my class scissors, bone folders, adhesive, Dimensionals, Binder Clips.

Part three covers:

  • Where I keep my (Bernina) sewing machine & fabric.
  • Table for my Classes (I also have two six foot tables on the other side of the room).
  • Where I fill The Chic Stand orders (Coasters).
  • Stampin' Up! Catalogs, Orders Forms, Address Labels, Photo Printer, Scanner.
  • Tools of the Trade, Crop a dile, Brayer, Heat Tool, Wire Cutters,Stamp a ma jig, Round it all.
  • Non Stampin' Up! punches & ribbon are in drawers I did not open.
  • Containers of projects I'm working on and class projects.


p.s. I'll celebrate my 9th year as a Stampin' Up! in October ...... just wanted to put that out there so you'll know I've been a Stampin Up! collector for a long time 🙂

One more note:  if you're viewing my blog posts in an email format, click here to head over to my blog to see the videos.

April 15th update:   Shelves came from Ikea. Wire Baskets came from Organized Living.  Desk was ordered at Pottery Barn. 

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  1. Marianne

    Hey Angie,

    Thanks for sharing your craftroom – now I wanna come and craft there!!! Its amazing! 🙂 And all I was asking for was a bigger desk!! Love it.


  2. Thanks for such great videos Angie – I just watched them all. I love your fabulous organisation systems and it is good to see where all your wonderful creations come to life. Thank you for sharing your space with us all. XXX

  3. D Sparks

    Thanks for sharing. This is a wonderful room. I’m trying to reorganize my space and this has given me some great ideas.

  4. Shirley Jacobs

    Angie, this is so neat! We are going to start building a new house in May and one of the things I would is my own stamping room. Big enough to store everything I have and it is alot. I have a terrible time getting rid of my stampin up stamps that our no longer in use.

    Thanks for sharing your room!


  5. Cherie

    Angie, Wow! You are so very organized! I love your room and the way it is set up! I learned a few tricks that I’m going to incorporate in my craft room! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Heather

    Angie your videos always inspire me to go play around with how my craft area is set up. Thank you for that!

  7. cheryl

    Can I tell you that I am conpletely envious??? 🙂 What a wodnerful room, my craft room is about a 3rd maybe 1/4 of yours. I am so unorganized. I try to organized, but I think I just have way too much stuff, if that is possible. I jsut need to get going and use up a lot. Thanks for sharing, your craft room is beautiful.

  8. Debbie R

    That was awesome Angie! Thanks for sharing! I love how you store the paper. Where did you get the wire racks with the file folder hangers? I am going to redo my stamp room and have picked up tons of ideas from all 3 vidoes. Thanks so much!

  9. Hey Debbie,
    I found those racks at Organized Living. Im sad to say they went out of business many years ago.


    Angie Kennedy Juda
    Stampin Up! Demonstrator

    My Blog:

  10. Angie: You are my HERO! Honestly…Your room is SO ORGANIZED that it’s no wonder you can get so much done…You never are running around looking for things. LOVE your space – and THANK YOU for taking the time to share it with us,. AMAZING!

  11. Angie,THANKS for taking the time to video and share your work area with ALL of us! Very nice, and LOVE the organization and big room!!
    [email protected]

  12. OMG love your room, so big and organized! I love watching your videos. Where did you get the white cubicle type shelving from? You have given me inspiration.
    Thank You,

  13. Marion Wilkinson

    Angie, your stamp room is awesome. I absolutely love it. You are so organized, I hope to be like you some day. My room is a disaster. Thanks so much for sharing it with us.

  14. Connie Kicklighter

    Love your room. Mine is not that big ad is very cramped right now. Hopefully I can put some of your ideas to work for me. 🙂


  15. Gigi

    Thanks for allowing us into your space. What a special room that creates so much for so many.

  16. ok juda…
    not only am i drooling like crazy (and i have a room almost as big) but i have several questions for you:
    1. do you sell/get rid of retired stamps? i keep them ALL.
    2. how much time do you spend organizing/cleaning out? i’m just curious because of all the detail you put in to keeping the individual things divided!
    you impress me.
    see ya in july i hope.
    love, lou

  17. Janelle

    WOW!!!! love that room 🙂 Thanks for opening it up to us and showing us how you do it, it’s very inspiring.

  18. Belinda Hayner

    What a great room Thanks for sharing!!!! If it wasn’t so late I’d go out to my shop and get busy organizing



  20. Thanks Angie for sharing videos of your craft space.

  21. Chris in CO

    Angie, Thank you for taking the time to film your work room. It’s no wonder you are so successful. (Old Librarian here speaking…. was always telling my kids in Library Science if they were organized that was over half the battle to being successful in school….) Anyway, as always, appreciate and admire all you do and all you share.

  22. Wanda M.

    Angie, your room is GREAT! I love how you have organized it. I love organization too, but I’m still no where near as organized as you. But I have picked up a few tips for my “little” room, compared to your large room. TFS these great videos!

  23. Kimi

    TFS – how do you keep your cardstock from fading around the edges – I notice that sometimes I keep them in Iris containers but they still fade.

  24. hey Kimi,
    Ive never seen the Stampin Up! card stock fade. Do you by any chance keep it near direct sunlight? Thats the only time I could see it fading ….I think 🙂


    Angie Kennedy Juda
    Stampin Up! Demonstrator

    My Blog:

  25. love the vids! such a great workspace. do you buy just the clear mount stamp sets or do you still buy wood mounts?

  26. Love, love, love your craft room! Could you please let me know where you purchased your furniture pieces? I have 3 long rectangular tables that I would love to add storage on, and under the way you did. Thank you for any info you can share with me. You’ve inspired me to get more organized!
    lutee at sbc global dot net
    I do have a blog, but haven’t posted in quite awhile due to family illnesses … but I do plan on getting back into card making once again.

  27. Crystal Wessley

    Hi Angie
    What a wonderful room! I too did a major organizing overhaul in my craft room in December so I know the amount of time it takes to do that. I am working towards cabinets in my room because mine is not near as big as yours but still functional. I do have one quick question where did you buy your industrial paper cutter or what is the brand? I would love to have one that is for sure.
    Once again thanks for sharing!

  28. Janet Higerd

    I just love your room – I have a large area but it is filled with other stuff that needs to go elsewhere – that is my project for the month of June. I would love to be able to have more than 2 or 3 gals over to stamp. And I would love to have natural lighting, but the only windows in our basement are in the bedrooms on the back. Oh, well!
    My husband would die if I asked for another computer! He is getting me a printer for my stamp room, so I don’t have to go upstairs all the time to get what I printed.

  29. What an amazing stamping room you have! Such great ideas on organization…thanks for sharing Angie!

  30. Marissa R.

    Thank you so much for sharing videos of your beautiful scrap room!! I love it!! I love how you have your re-inkers stored!! Great idea!

  31. Tammy K

    Hi Angie!

    I love your room and your great organization tips. I will have to put some of them to work in my soon-to-be craft/office room in my new house. Thanks for sharing your room! I love your videos:). Where did you get the white shelving that you have your stamps stored on? I’m trying to figure out what will work for me as I just have a few pieces of furniture currently (and I also have te corner Bedford desk – I love it too)!


    Tammy K.

  32. hey there,
    I got those shelves at Ikea and I love them!!!


    Angie Kennedy Juda
    Stampin Up! Demonstrator

    My Blog:

  33. thank you!!

    Angie Kennedy Juda
    Stampin Up! Demonstrator

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    My Stampin Up! website:
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    My email:[email protected]

  34. Rachael NZ

    Angie you’re such an inspiration! I have a tiny craft room compared to yours and it looks like a tornado hit. After seeing your gorgeous space, I think I’m going to have to set aside a week just to reorganise mine. You have SO much product, you’re lucky to have such an awesome space to store everything in! I can see why you’ve got it all so organised though – you’d never find anything otherwise. Thanks so much for the tour, loved it!

  35. Barbara

    Angie, WOW, what an awesome room, and a HUGE THANK YOU for the tour! I too would like to know (just like a previous person asked) about the shelves that you have on “top” of your counters. The ones for example where you show your DSP in the craft keepers. They look like Ikea ones, but I want to be sure. I NEED more shelves, sheesh! I’m (lovingly) envious of your very large craft room, as your layout is SUPER! While mine room is larger than most (I am blessed with that), alas, yours is not only larger, it is to DIE FOR!

    Best wishes w/Chase, and the upcoming surgery hon!! : )

    Lots of hugs,

  36. I only buy Clear mount now 🙂

    Angie Kennedy Juda
    Stampin Up! Demonstrator

    My Blog:
    My Stampin Up! website:
    My Videos:
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    My email:[email protected]

  37. hey there,
    the shelves came from Ikea.


    Angie Kennedy Juda
    Stampin Up! Demonstrator

    My Blog:
    My Stampin Up! website:
    My Videos:
    My online store:
    My email:[email protected]

  38. ruth

    Love It!!! how big is your room? It looks sooooo big. I just got my pb desk. wish my room was as organized as yours….i do try!!! can’t wait to see what you do next.

  39. Roberta Noddin


  40. Thank you so much for sharing all your wonderful storage ideas and your craft room. It’s fun to see how other orgainize, and I love finding good ideas.
    Now, I feel ready to get in there and clean the craft room and reorganize. I have a new rolling rack in my trunk ready to assemble and put to work.

  41. Li

    Wow!!! Love the space! I am in process of organizing my area, so this is perfect timing. Thanks for sharing the great ideas!

  42. Carol

    Amazing! I love all your space and am so envious!! Also, just planning my new craft room, so I now have so many ideas – thank you

  43. marylla granville

    beautiful and thanks for sharing I wish I coul have at least a quart of that beautiful room God bless you and many 9 years more

  44. Hi, I found your website as I was searching on goggle images for a cute clipboard to create. I love how the image I found had your website on the S.U work sheet paper.
    I want to start to make video tutorials one day and was wondering what Document camera you are using to connect to your laptop?

    • Angie

      Hi Darlene, I’m sorry I’m a tad confused. Are you asking what camera I used to film my videos for You Tube?

  45. Michelle

    Wow you are good so lovely and nice your work space. Mine is in storages and all a mess because I get sick alot. Need one house never move I hate moving last year I moved well having major surgery and my life is still a mess.

  46. Michelle

    Angie what size is your craft room. It’s in your basement .

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