Card Swap Question

I LOVE all the card swaps I'm receiving!!! In fact I'm thinking I need to do one of these swaps every quarter!!

But I have one quick question … Can I post your card on my blog?

If you'd rather I not post it, please email me at angie@mychicnscratch. com and let me know….if I don't hear from you I'll take that as you're okay with me sharing your lovely card.

No hard feelings if you'd rather I keep it private … I promise!

See ya later!

p.s. I'm having some tests being done tomorrow and i'm going to try to post one of the cards … but I may wake up so nervous that I can't function :) 

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  1. Ann R.

    I’m sorry you are having tests that are making you nervous. I will send happy and peaceful thoughts your way. Take care!!

  2. Nancy G.

    I hope you only receive positive news from your tests.

  3. mary

    Hope your test results come back with good news!

    Yes, you may post my picture to your blog!!

  4. Good luck with your tests and of course you can post my card.


  5. Oh yeah!! I was hoping u were gonna post!! My only blog is on facebook.. i wonder how u might be able to link it 😀 put em up here!!! I cant wait to see them all <3

  6. Yep, you can post the card I sent. I hope you like it. I hope you can smell it too… I used the Sugar & Spice embossing powder on it. Whoo Hoo!

    Colleen P.

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