6 years ago …….

It was just six years ago today that I started my Chic n Scratch blog.

It's been an amazing journey filled with so many twists and turns. 

Who knew ...six years later ... what can I say ....some days I find it hard to believe!!

It's an emotional week anyway .. Brooke is leaving for college on Friday and I've cried every day for weeks.  I know ... she's only moving 30 minutes away.   My answer to that is ...she's still moving.   I will not know if she's in bed safe and sound..she won't be in my room every night giving Miss Bella hugs and kisses and visiting with me ...no more watching Big Brother together (and laughing really hard at those crazy people).  And she's just like me ...independent and strong and wants to find her own path.  (I always say I learn everything the hard way ... by trial and error.)  I love that about her ..but it also scares me!!  I will miss her more than I can say!  Brooke if you ever find your way to my blog .. I LOVE YOU!!  (Chase I LOVE YOU too!!)

Sorry I totally went on a lane swerve there .... I could delete it but most of you already know I'm an emotional person ...it's what makes me who I am.

So ....back to my Blog Anniversary......THANK YOU TO ALL MY FOLLOWERS!!! & most especially for sticking by my side for the past 16 months (I know it hasn't been easy).

I'm going to give away a.........

Ghoulish Googlies Designer Kit

Screen Shot 2012-08-14 at 11.24.42 AM

All the supplies needed to make ten of these treat bags .... or make 10 of the bags you'll see on Week #1 of my 12 Weeks of Halloween. Ghoulish Googlies Kit


Anyone who lives in the US can enter to win.

One entry per person.

Leave a comment on this blog post or on my Chic n Scratch Facebook page.


This blog candy starts August 14, 2012 to midnight.

 The winner will be picked by a random generator.

Winner will be announced on August 16th on my blog post.

 A confirmation email will be sent (please be sure to include your correct email).

p.s. Two posts today ..check back for my 12 Weeks of Halloween.

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  1. Hi Angie – I know – I’m a foreigner and therefore not entering to win – but to congratulate you on your 6 years anniversary. Your work has given me many ideas during the last 2½ years and for that I thank you. Hugs from one mum to another – I totally remember the “leaving home” issue. But if your daughter is like you – she will be fine… and you will too.

  2. Carolyn

    Not a comment on the projects (which are always fabulous) but a comment from one mom-of-a-college-bound kid to another. I feel your pain. It is so much harder than I ever thought it would be – I am crying at every commercial out there!

  3. Emily Lund

    Congrats on 6 years! I love your cards and craft projects and would love this kit!!

  4. Kay Bishop

    Congratulations on your six years of blogging. I love your blog and follow it daily. I love the ghoulish googlies designer kit.
    I remember so well when our last child left home it isn’t easy but you both will do well.

  5. Jennifer S.

    Congratulations Angie! Your projects and cards have inspired me so many times! Although I too have a child in college, I am lucky he can still live with me. I know he should be on his own but this is more economical since I am paying books and tuition, I don’t have to cover extra living costs.

  6. Valerie Garbo

    Congrats on 6yrs of blogging Angie. I hope you have many more years in the blogging world and I love seeing your creations and looking for the inspiration.

  7. Deb Robinson

    Angie: It’s okay to cry. My grandbaby just left for college for her third year and I still cried. You would think I’d be over it. Naw!!!Thanks for offering the blog candy. Hope I’m the winner. Congrats on your 6 years. I think I’ve been around almost that long with you. Thanks for all of your inspiration on my journey in stamping. I’ve learned a lot from you.

  8. dmatthews

    Congrats on your anniversary and thanks for the chance to win!

  9. Paula Avione

    Congrats of 6 years of blogging Angie!
    You are on the top of my favorite’s list
    So every morning I hit your site first to get
    me inspired and ready to stamp!
    Here’s to many more years.

  10. Gayle Gibbons

    Congrats…love to watch your videos..

  11. I love following your blog cause you are so creative and an inspiration to me. Thank you!

  12. Jackie

    Congrats on you 6th year anniversary of your blog! I always look forward to signing in and reading whats going on Have a great trip to California too! Love the little Halloween treat bag it so darn cute!! Hugs, Jackie

  13. Linda Sutton

    Conragts on your 6 years and many more to come. You are the sweetest person, so I didn’t have any problem with the last sixteen months. We all have life get in the way sometimes. You you have to take care of yourself first. Glad everything is starting to come together for you.

  14. Pattie

    Congratulations on six years Angie! I really enjoy your blog. I will send my daughter to college in 3 years. I know I will be a mess. Sending positive thoughts your way!

  15. Carla

    Congrats on your Anniversary! Love coming to your blogs these last couple of years & finding so much inspiration!

  16. Sandy P.

    Congrats!. Thanks for the opportunity to win this blog candy!

  17. Veronica

    Congratulations on the continued success of your blog. The twists and turns of the fun of creating!

    Love the videos.


  18. Joyce

    I know your heartache. I thought I would die when my daughter went away to college. The hardest time was when she was in Singapore for a year on a Rotary Ambassador scholarship. She’s getting ready to start her PhD program and it’s STILL not any easier for me! (At least she’s back in this country, but still too far away!) Congratulations on your sixth anniversary. I enjoy your blog & all of your projects, whenever you have the time to post. Never feel like you have to apologize to us. When you share it is a gift to us, we are lucky to be your followers!
    Peace, Love & Joy,

  19. Belinda Hayner

    Happy Day!!! CONGRATS!!! I am so GLAD I found your Blog!!!!

  20. Lola B

    Love your blog and ALL your ideas. Congratulations on 6 years of blogging. Thanks again for all the inspiration!!!!

  21. Kyla

    Love your blog and love to see all of your creations!

  22. Shawna Maxwell

    Congrats to your 6 years!!! I love your blog and watching your videos!!! It’s my first stop at lunch time. I also love how you share your personal comments. Life happens and I couldn’t say it any better…that is what makes you who you are!!! Please put me in for the drawing. I would love to make some cute Halloween treat bags for my kiddos teachers!!!

  23. jen lane

    Way to go- 6 years!!! I love your posts, learning about you and your family and learning how to make the gorgeous things you post. Thanks for sharing all of these years. You inspire me!

  24. Lori

    Thanks for sharing your creativity for the past six years!!! I hope you can keep up the good work for many, many, many more years!!! (By the way…those Halloween kits are adorable!)

  25. brenda

    Congratulations – thanks for all you do and all that you share with us. Just remember this is one more chapter in your great book of life…

  26. Carolyn

    Love your posts!I look forward to them every single day and enjoy everything you create. I have gotten so many ideas for cards from you. I don’t have the talent to create on my own,so you are such a blessing. I really appreciate how great you are to give such precise instructions. THANKS! Best wishes for Brooke and of course for you, as well.

  27. Tana

    I love you blog, including the “Mom” stuff, as well as your cards and projects. I would love to win this blog candy project!

  28. Margaret A. Carrisalez

    How adorable This is way too cute.. Would love to have this kit to make treats for my granddaughter’s 4th grade class. School starts in two weeks

  29. Sue Speigner

    Angie I have been with you for about two or three years and you are the best. I always look forward to your blog post and I hope you continue for a very long time! I also promise that things will be great for Brooke because she does take after her mom and has a great head on her shoulders.

  30. Kathy Parker

    I wish I had found you 6 years ago! Thank you for all the inspiration and I wish you many more years! Congratulations!!

  31. Carlye

    Congrats!! Love your blog. Thank you for sharing all your creative ideas with us!!

  32. Diane Thunstrom

    Congratulations on the six years. I have enjoyed your blog and look to it for ideas and inspiration.

  33. Rachel Hurtubise

    Congratulations on 6 yrs, although I have only known you for about 1 1/2 yrs I have enjoyed your projects and your a great person.
    Thanks for sharing your creativity
    Rachel H

  34. Lisa

    Happy Anniversary and I LOVE your blog!!

  35. Congrats on your 6 years, I look for emails everyday to see what I am going to learn.
    And, on the Mom note….I am sitting here crying for you!! But know, if she is anything like you she will be just fine!!

  36. Pamela S

    Congrat’s on 6 years! Hope to be reading your blog for another 6.
    I enjoy all you share with us.

  37. Bette Manning

    congrats on 6 years blogging. I love all your ideas thanks for sharing with us.

  38. Wow, 6 years! I remember when I found you 3 years ago! I love your projects and your blog! Great job!!!

  39. Tammy

    Congratulations on your blogiversary. I love all your projects and am looking forward to your 12 Days of Halloween.

  40. wanda garrison

    Love your blog. You do such a fantastic job! Congrats on your 6th.

  41. Congrats! Love your blog…great inspiration! And I love the fact that you add “you” to your blog. It’s life!

  42. Samantha Lisic

    Congratulations on the anniversary! I love your ideas so thanks for sharing and thanks for a chance to win!!

  43. Michelle H

    Congratulations on your blog anniversary! That is such a fun kit!!

  44. CarolynG

    Wow 6 years!! Congrats!! I LOVE watching your videos. Your projects are fabulous!

  45. Congrats, Angie! Love your blog! Thanks for the chance to win.

  46. Janna B.

    Congrats on 6 years! I enjoy your projects and enjoy a chance to win goodies!

  47. Peggie Sue Jackson

    Congrats!! Thanks you for all the inspiration and projects you’ve shared with us! What a nice treat your blog candy is! And, keep strong, Brooke. Give her tons of hugs now to make them last for a bit!

  48. Adorable treat bag…and awesome giveaway tfc…
    It’s hard to see our babies grown up….well at least she’s not that far…my youngest moves to another state…but now she back and has two babies of her own….

  49. Michelle

    Congrats! Thanks for the chance to win. They’re darling!

  50. Marlene

    Angie, congratulations on your 6 year anniversary!!! I love your blog & your creations. My heart goes out to u on your daughter leaving home. My 2 left a long time ago but I still remember the sadness/gladness I felt. I’m already loving your 1st week of the Halloween creations! Keep them coming!!!

  51. Connie

    Congratulations on this your 6th Anniversary! You have inspired many people in that time with your creativity. It is always a pleasure to check your blog each day and see what you have shared. I am sure many enjoy hearing about your family and things that are happening in your life. We can add you to our prayer chain when you might need some extra help that way…something we couldn’t do if you had not shared. Continued success and a big thank you coming your way.

  52. Debbie Hughes

    My son is also leaving for college his first year. I didn’t know that it was going to be this hard. I’m trying not to cry. I will miss him!! We will be okay!!
    Congratulaions on your 6 years!! Love all of your creative work!! Love looking at your blogs!! Love all of your videos!! Thank you for the chance to win!!

  53. Sheilda

    Congratulations on 6 yrs – keep up the good work!!

  54. Yvonne Newton

    Congrats on 6 years. The projects ou post are so cute!!!!!! I enjoy them so much!

  55. Kathy T

    Congrats on 6 years blogging, your blog is the first I’ve checked for the past 4 years. I found a video online, I think you were making grocery lists. I told my hubby, I wish she were my SU Demo. I was hooked and have shared you with many crafty friends. About Brooke, just go ahead and cry. I cried every first day from K thru freshman year of college. I remember saying, we will never watch olympics together again. Needless to say, now I’m watching them with not only my daughter but grandkids!

  56. WoW! 6 years is a long time. Glad you started the blog! Thanks for a chance at this kit too!!

  57. Susan Helfrich

    Congratulations, Angie, on 6 years of blogging. I have enjoyed your website for a couple of years now. In fact, your website was what turned me from a customer of SU products to one of your downlines.

    Enjoy the rest of the week with Brooke. Take comfort in the fact that you and your husband have prepared her for this new journey.


  58. erica

    Love your site. Thanks for offering such a great prize ()

  59. Suzanne Smith

    Congratulations on your six-year blog anniversary! LOVE your projects and can hardly wait for the next six years of them!

  60. Jess

    Congrats! Always look forward to seeing what you’re up to in your stamping studio. A bright spot in my day! Cheers to 6 more fun years!

  61. cori

    thanks for all the inspiration over the years! i am in chronic pain so i really admire all that you do.

  62. Vicki Colston

    Congratulations Angie! I’ve been following you for about 4 years and love every project and every post! I love keeping up with you and your family because I’ve grown to love you even though I have never met you face-to-face. It’s obvious that emotion is a very big and loving heart! Brooke and Chase have you as a wonderful role model and will do wonderfully! Congratulations again! Vicki

  63. Danette

    Congratulations on 6 years!!! I love all the projects and cards that you do!!

  64. Kawal

    Congratulations on 6 years! Love all of your creativity!

  65. I KNOW EXACTLY HOW YOU ARE FEELING! My last baby at home is leaving.. moving much farther than 30 mins.. I wish.. that’s like going to the grocery store for me. I too am crying everyday . mine is moving a few states away but the saving grace is she will be with her older sister.. Truth.. that doesn’t help now i will cry and worry about both.

  66. WOW! 6 years and you always have such great ideas!

  67. Karen Davidson

    Hi Angie! Congratulations on 6 years of inspiring the rest of us!! I love your blog and I especailly love to hear about Bella.(Happy bday to her on Sept. 7th!) So thanks for the inspiration and the chance to win this awesome prize! It’s one of my fav’s from the new catalog. Thanks so much again! Karen

  68. Marcia Hill

    Congrats on 6 years Angie! I have loved all the inspiration you’ve provided and am looking forward to many more years! Thank you, thank you!

  69. Deepa Mishra

    Congrats on 6 years of blogging! I have been a long-time follower, and love the simplicity of so many of your ideas. Congrats on all your achievements this year, and for sharing so many ideas with us!

  70. Belinda P

    Thank you so much for your inspiring blog and cannot believe it has been 6 years. I love how emotional you are because you are just like me. I cry so very often and your stories inspire me and make me feel like I am not the only one going through these times. Thank you again. Love your blog.

  71. Deanna King

    Congratulations on 6 great years!! Thanks for all of the wonderful ideas that you share with us! You have inspired me more than you know. I look forward to reading your blog for 6+ more years! Thanks for everything!

  72. Christy Q

    Congratulations on your blog-aversary! What an amazing accomplishment indeed! Wishing you well as you soak up this week with your daughter as she prepares for college. Maybe make a FaceTime “date” with her to rehash Big Brother after the show or during the show. My mom and I used to do that when I was away at school and it was something I looked forward to each week.

  73. Gail

    Congrats on your six years! Love your site! Videos are so cool and so easy to follow! Thanks for sharing!

  74. Congrats on 6 years of blogging – I’ve loved so many of your ideas!

  75. Julie L

    Congrats on your six years! I enjoy seeing your creativity–you’ve be in my “favorites” for many years! Our children grow up way too fast, don’t they?!

  76. Rosanne Mulhern

    Here’s to many more years of your inspiration and creativity. I always look forward to your blog posts and videos. Your personality really shines through in both. As a mother who has sent three daughters off to college….I can totally relate to the emotional upheaval you are experiencing. Thanks for all you do!

  77. Dawn Cumpian

    Happy Anniversary Angie,

    I feel you. I’m an emotional person too. Everyone in my household have birthdays in July, so we’re all cancers and very, very emotional people. Sometimes it’s hard but it makes us who we are. I’m happy you’ve made it to 6 years and I hope you make it another 6 years plus many, many more. Love all the crafts you do. Halloween’s my favorite holiday and would love to win the ghoulish bag of goodies. Yippee! Anywho, I’m rambling on and on. I just want to say, you’re one of my all time favorites.


  78. Kathryn

    Oh Angie YOU are the best! I am loving the start of your 12 weeks of Halloween and hope to win this cutie patootie. I feel like I know you so well and cry with you about Brooke leaving home for college. I have been there with my two kids and it doesn’t matter even if it is only 30 mins away. It still tugs at the heartstrings. Keep your mind busy and work on more beautiful projects. ;D

  79. Lisa

    Congratulations on 6 years of fabulous. I just recently found your blog and I love it. I look forward to your creations and thanks for the inspiration. I understand how you feel, I am also emotional, especially when it comes to my son, but I’m sure that everything will be ok. :)

  80. Margaret in WI

    Thanks for six years Angie! I love seeing what you are going to come up with next!

  81. Nicole

    Congratulations on 6 years. Thank you for always sharing your wonderful ideas with us. Looking forward to another six years and then another six years and so on. Thank You.

  82. Annie

    Angie – Thank you for all the videos! You’ve been blogging for six years?!?! I wish I found your blog sooner – you do such a wonderful job. And I may not be a mother, but I do remember leaving home for college. It can be tough (for everyone)! Thank you for sharing!!

  83. Denise Heredia

    Congratulations Angie! Here is to another 6 to 60 years of your wonderful blog! You give me inspiration daily!! Thank you!

  84. Sally Chapman

    I found your blog about 1 1/2 years ago and have loved it ever since. You are the best! Congrats on 6 years!

  85. Mary C.

    Congratulations! Love your blog! it’s not yet midnight in CA! Thanks for the chance to win those cute designer goodies!

  86. Mary C.

    P.S. I cried when my daughter left for school as well. She too was only 1/2 away but turns out I see her a lot! Especially if I just happen to be in her neck of the woods for lunch ;-). Good luck adjusting, it does get easier!

  87. Marlene A

    When I first started looking for projects via You Tube 3 years ago, your posts kept popping up and I’ve been hooked ever since. My daughter moved quite a bit further away than your Brooke is moving but no matter where she is, she’s still your little girl and will still call you when she just needs to say “hi”.

  88. Happy 6th Blogerversary!

    With Brooke being only 30 minutes away, I’m betting you will be seeing her quite a bit.

  89. rebeca coltrane

    Love your site!

  90. Juliana

    Wow six years! That is amazing! You do some amazing work and I look forward to your blog every day! I wish you luck with Brooke leaving…It will be hard, but know she won’t be gone forever!

  91. Karen

    Congratulations on your 6 yrs of blogging. Best wishes to Brooke on her new adventure.

  92. Diane G

    Congrats Angie on your 6th anniversary! I feel your pain having sent three daughters away to college and then marriage.

  93. Lorraine

    Congratulations. The challenges you have had to deal with – one would never know from your positive notes and videos. Thanks Lorraine

  94. Sarah O.

    Congrats! I enjoy reading your blog! Love your ideas and creative mind

  95. Rochelle S

    Congratulations on your 6th anniversary!
    I’d love to win this blog candy!

  96. Tracy

    Aaaahhhh, you made ME cry just reading your post! Its so hard when life gets altered in such a extreme way. She’s growing up…yet growing closer! And…stampin’ makes everything better!

  97. Elisha

    Congratulations on your six years of blogging! I love your blog and check it everyday-I especially love your videos and can’t wait to watch today’s video. And yes it’s so hard moving daughters off to college – at least we have cell phones and face time to lessen the blow- hang in there! Thanks for the blog candy – kiss Bella for me!

  98. Vanessa Robles

    Congratulations Angie, you have a great blog i love it.

  99. wendy hendrix

    Thanks for the chance to win! Love all of your videos! :)

  100. Mary

    Wow I have visited your blog for so long im so glad ur at 6 yrs wtg may you many more!!! Brook will find her way i was the same crying my eyes out for wks even took my girls to college thought it was so wrong to leave my girls there cried all the way hometoo but guess what they have both graduated have awesome jobs..she will find her way..trust me!! I know its still hard..Love ur blog

  101. mary

    Been following your blog since 2008, love seeing it in my in box everyday too! congrats and thank you for sharing! Mary

  102. DawnKathleen

    Congrats! Thank you so much for sharing your awesome creativity!

  103. Andrea Ciha

    Thanks for sharing all of your great ideas! I love visiting your blog and being inspired!

  104. Congrats on your 6th yr anniversary!! You have really inspired me with all your amazing work…keep it up girlfriend! BTW I totally LOVe what you did with this kit on your week 1 of 12 Weeks of Halloween!!! ;0)

  105. Nette

    Congrats!! I love watching your videos…Thanks for sharing.

  106. stacie

    Congratulations and thank you for sharing your creativity with us

  107. Kathy Oertle

    Angie I know how sad it is when your daughter moves out. Mine moved from Illinois to Oklahoma City a 10 and 1/2 hour drive but I visit every chance I get!

  108. Congratulations and THANK YOU!! You’re an inspiration!

  109. Ann R.

    6 years – yay! Thanks for all you do for us. And I, for one, am glad you’re emotional and not afraid to show it – I am, too, and it’s good not knowing I’m the only one! :) With a birthday around the corner, I would LOVE to win this set. (On my “to order” list.) Thanks for the opportunity. Hang in there, Angie. We love ya!

  110. Ann R.

    Edit: It’s good knowing I’m not the only one. Sheesh! :)

  111. Angela McCormack

    Congratulations on your 6 year blog anniversary and thank you for sharing your inspiring work with your blog fans!

  112. Gabby

    YOU were one of the first SU demos, whose blog I started following yrs ago. I learned so much and made so many of the crafty things you showed on your blog. You made it do-able and easy, which I appreciated. I can’t count on my fingers and toes how many fellow-crafters I sent your blog link to. I love your videos because you are comfortable, human and so much of your personality shines through them. As long as there’s a chicnscratch blog and as long as there’s you, I’ll be following. Thanks Angie, for contributing to my crazy craft delinquency! Heehee! Gabby :)

  113. Kathy Mc

    WOW, Angie, 6 years already that I’ve been following you. Sorry I seldom comment but appreciate your inspiration. These Halloween kits are adorable. Good luck sending Brooke off to college!

  114. sharon

    I have loved every minute of reading your blog for the last 5 years! Can’t wait to see what the next 6 years brings. You’re the best, Angie!!!

  115. Kim

    I love your blog! Always such fabulous ideas. Six years and a ‘chic’ leaving the nest… such big milestones. But just think that the time you will spend together will be all that more treasured.
    Thanks for sharing!

  116. Jennifer

    Congratulations for your 6 years!! Thanks so much for posting how to make the ornament on the front of the Holiday catalog. It is greatly appreciated. Thanks for sharing your ideas with us and a chance to win!!

  117. Congrats on 6 years! That takes such a commitment! Keep it up! <3

  118. Connie Gallaher

    Congratulations on SIX YEARS! I love all the things you do and you are such an inspiration to everyone. All the challenges you have faced in the past 14 months-and still do what you do-says what a special person you are!

  119. angie I know it’s too late for the blog candy but I just wanted to wish you congratulations on your anniversary and tell you, you are in my thoughts in prayers at this difficult time. I know it’s hard to let go of our children we want to be there always to protect them and guide them my daughters are still home and I still try and give them advice (they may say NAG) and they are 27 and 31 so it never stops! Wishing you all the best!

    Inky Hugs,

  120. Kathy Salazar

    they say the best things we can give our our children are “roots” and “wings” . You have given both. having our children grow up and leave is the hardest thing. hang in there and feel free to “be emotional” on your blog anytime. we all support you. your the best. thank you for all you do

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