I have an idea :)

By now you all know I'm the queen of trying something new :) 

Since Convention I've been racking my brain … trying to come up with a new program.

I have this idea …but often times I don't think it all the way through ..or I try to think of everything and I fail.  So …I'm going to try this for this for 3 months .. to see how it goes …but before I can begin .. I need a name :)

After posting my warm up cards on my Chic n Scratch Facebook page last night I heard loud and clear that everyone likes to provide feedback.  And I love it!! 

If you'd like to help me name this … feel free to post a comment on this post or email me at angie@mychicnscratch.com.

Here's how it will work … I was thinking about calling it my VIP's ..but then all my customers are my VIP's and I appreciate you all!  So maybe VIP's is not the right name.

  • Each month (for July, August and Sept) the person that spends the highest amount with me (I see how some of you are ordering two and three times a month) will get the Stamp Kit of the Month for free (includes Stamp set and all the supplies to make six cards .. does not include ink or adhesive).
  • Each month I'll try one name (from everyone that orders places an online order with me) to also get  a Stamp Kit of the Month.

That way I'm rewarding the person that is loyal and orders from me a lot and I'm also including someone that may or may not be able to afford to spend as much.

I'm not the best at wording .. my intentions are good.

Let me know what you think and feel free to suggest a name.


p.s. I have July's names ready to announce .. and as soon as I name the program I'll post it.

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  1. amy

    Loyalty Counts

  2. mary

    How about Chick’n Scratch
    Queen and Princess of the Month??

    Yea, pretty dorky, lol!

    Or Chick’n Scratch Loyalty Program?

    Good luck on the name!

  3. johnnie sexton


    I think that is great. How about these names…don’t laugh….at least I tried..

    Shop til you drop award
    Chick Stampers Bonus Buying
    Chick Stampers Kit Award

    Wellllll…I tried!

  4. Heather North

    How sweet of you to give even more away! Here was my first thought

    Chick Picks

  5. Yvonne

    Hi Ange,

    How about “Chic Appreciation”? Kind of silly but at the same time…my thought process is it is coming from you *(Chick) and you are appreciating the person who orders most/often etc…hence “Chic Appreciation”. I hope that helps. Take care and thanks for all you do! Stampin Blessings…..Von

  6. Monique

    How about High Roller Chic, and Lucky Roller Chic. Bit of a casino theme.

  7. Janell

    How about Ms Chic’s Monthly Money Bag Award. Call it like it is.

  8. Lisa

    I love Monique idea of High Roller Chic, and Lucky Roller Chic :)

  9. LM

    you just wrote above “I’m not the best at wording .. my intentions are good.” so how about naming it “Good Intentions”

  10. Any name you pick will be SUPER, but it is your kindness with the offer that is so special, thank you!

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