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Let's talk about email  ….

My email box is ALWAYS full and as much as I try to respond to each and every one …. it's impossible.  It drives me crazy because my nature is to do everything …. but I've accepted that I can not and I'm going to fix it …or try!!

My assistant Julie has her own email….. and…. sometimes I'll ask you to email her at …or I may forward the email you sent me…. to her.

For example Product Shares …Julie handles all of those emails if you are interested in Product shares please email Julie at

If she doesn't know the answer ….. she will either ask me or forward your email to me. 

Now's the time to also bring up that …no email is perfect.  Some emails are never delivered and some go to spam folders.  I hope that between the two of us we can get more of them answered  ….quicker.

If you don't hear from either of us …in a timely manner … you're welcome to email us again.   During the holidays it's not unusual to get 400+ emails a day ..and if I miss a day or two … it can get really crazy.

So … if you have a question .. email … but just know you may get a response from (you'll also notice she doesn't say things like "hey" ..the way that I do).


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  1. Debbie Siress

    Thanks so much for the directions to the ornament. You made it look so easy, I can’t wait to made one.


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