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We’re back on the subject of getting organized and this post can benefit Stampin Up! Demonstrators and my customers.

How do you keep track of your daily stuff?  Your “To Do List” or ..more than that … what you’re doing or what you’ve done.

I’m struggling with wording .. but here’s what I mean …..

I move at a fast pace … and I get a lot done in a day (some days you could say I do the work of two or three people).  And … I used to be able to remember it all ….  my brain somehow just remembered everything.

Well, that is not the case any longer … I’m sad to say!!

I LOVE notebooks and journals (keep a journal since I was 10 years old) … and over the years I’ve made a lot of notes in a lot of different notebooks.  But now I have a real system.  I keep one notebook for everything .. yes even personal and I write in it every day.  What I need to do and what I’ve done.  It’s not uncommon for me to feed Miss Bella and two minutes later ask if I feed her.  I HATE it .. but the fact is my memory ain’t what it used to be!!

So …. I’m using my handy dandy notebook …along with Evernote (we’ll discuss Evernote much later) for everything and it’s working.

Once my notebook is complete I’ll add the end date to the front .. index the pages and then file it.

I have thought about creating a beautiful journal using My Digital Studio …but … I like the fact that all the notebooks are black …… and since it’s not pretty .. people aren’t likely to want to take it … you know what I mean? 

Here’s a picture of the inside … (ignore my awful chicken scratch …aka hand writing).

I found these notebooks at Staples and the company is Markings by CR Gibson. (They’re not cheap but the pages have an awesome feel to it and I like writing on them.)

Thanks & have a great day!!

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  1. Judy

    I like the idea of keeping all my lists/etc in one place. Mark Twain said “Put all your eggs in one basket and then Watch That Basket!” great idea.

  2. Evelyn

    I usually make lists each night detailing everything I wish to accomplish the following day. I have found that I need to prioritize. I will star those that are most important. I love marking a line through completed tasks!
    When I travel, I will list the items I need to take. I have learned to place everything on the list on my bed before I pack anything! Last month when I went to the Myrtle Beach, I forgot my suitcase! Luckily I had a small tote that I had my meds in and I threw in some odds and ends to fill it up. Of course, I had to shop!! hopefully I will do better in a few weeks when I go to Orlando. I love being retired!

  3. Georgia

    I love this idea! I think I tried something like this a long time ago and need to try it again but one of the problems I found is what do you do when you are in another room and get a call or have a thought and your notebook is downstairs in your office? Do you run and get it right away or do you have multiple notebooks in the house? That is what I remember as a problem for me and didn’t know how to get around it.

  4. Liz Marcisz

    Love your idea of using a hard cover notebook. I almost do a similar thing. When school starts every year, when I buy school supplies for my son, I also buy myself a stack of different colored subject college ruled notebooks. There usually about 17 cents at Walmart. Certain colors are used of certain things like one is our bill notebook. My personal one is always red. Instead of having a bunch of sticky notes or small notes all around. I use it for everything. My grocery list, quotes for the lawn mower repair, things to do. When it’s done, I keep the pages I need, file them. And throw away the rest. I do have a small day one daily planner my husband gave me. It’s red and pretty, but it small and gets too bulky. I just stuff too much stuff in it that I don’t want to carry around. I always end back to the notebooks. Thanks for sharing. It’s always nice to know I’m not alone with my ideas when I see someone else doing a similar thing. Liz

  5. Chris in CO

    Another great “Angie” idea. Thanks.

  6. Margie

    I love this idea, Angie. Thank you for sharing
    what you do.

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