How to organize your Stampin Up Desk

Good afternoon!

Yes …that’s what my desk looked like this past weekend … SCARY!!

Sharing this kind of picture …. really stresses me out!!!

With a capital S … but I know that many of you share the same problem. 

Since I really enjoy helping others … I’m going to be sharing a bunch of organizing tips. 

I’m going to start with my office …. my Stampin Up business stuff.  Basically how to organize my Stampin up office.

And …. I’m struggling with how to approach it because I blog 99% of the time to my WONDERFUL CUSTOMERS.  But this organization stuff is geared towards my downline and my fellow Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator.

But …. I think you may learn a few things along the way .. because who doesn’t need a system for organizing?

Over the past few months I’ve read the book “Getting things Done” .. purchased Evernote and read “Evernote for Dummies” … among other things.

  I LOVE to organize!!  And before stamping it was an area I worked on a lot!! One of my co-workers once said “what Angie lacks in knowledge she makes up for in organization”.

The only problem is I also LOVE to stamp, blog, read and watch movies/tv, play with Bella (and the list goes on)!

Because I’m so busy with everything else … I let the organizing go!

So, I’m fixing it ….and if I help you along the way …that’s a bonus.

The things I’ll share may not personally help you ..but it could help your niece or your mother … you just never know who it could benefit.

For my die hard stampers .. not to worry I plan on posting lots of projects …and a bunch more videos .. I just need to get all my ducks in a row before I lose my mind!! I made a huge dent this weekend and I’m super excited to share the picture of my desk  … Tomorrow.

Here’s a larger view of my messy desk :O

Have a great night!!

p.s wanna know what the post it note is doing on the top of my monitor?  I hide the camera because I’m afraid someone may see me … you never know!  (If you watch Person of Interest you really know what I mean.)

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  1. Betsy Crider

    Hi Angie – I’m a fellow demonstrator and follow your blog posts. Thanks for being a great inspiration. I had to share that I ALSO cover the little camera on my laptop. I used a cute die cut flower from one of the Simply Scrappin kits. Just a suggestion for something prettier than a post-it note 🙂 I can’t wait to see your clean desk tomorrow!!!

  2. Oh my! Are you kidding me?! THIS is messy?!!! You have no idea! I’m definitely in need of some tips! Looking forward to it! PS: I agree about the sticky note on your monitor! Never too careful!

  3. Cliffie Wilson’ll appreciate this…one of my daughter-in-love’s sent me a pic she got from Pinterest this morning. It say’s “New word of the month; “Craftermath”…definition of new word of the month?? “The nightmare left behind, after a great stamping session” (or something like that…ha ha ha!!!)

    And, oh, by the way…don’t stress about posting pics like this. My son is one of the messiest people I know, and he has a genious I.Q, so think of yourself as a genious in the midst of creating something … well, genious! 😉
    Love your “stuff” and can’t wait to see the upcoming photos!!!
    TFS Cliffie!

  4. Kathleen

    I love your scrapbook room Messy or not! will you be making videos of this organization? that would be awesome.

  5. Suzie Q

    Oh, if only you would see my scrapbook room you would say that your desk is spotless. I have stuff all over and now my scrapbook room threw up on my kitchen table. Being one of your downline members, I’m soooooo glad that you decided to take on this subject because I could certainly use any tips that you have!!!

  6. Hi Angie! I’m beyond thrilled about this! I’m kind of in flux right now getting rid of retired SU! stuff and other non-SU! stuff at a sale next weekend so going through all of my stuff has really upended whatever organization I did have. That said, my biggest concern right now was my business supplies, so I’m thrilled and waiting with baited breath to find out what you do! THANKS!

  7. Thie is nuttin’! 😉 There is a pile of ribbon & thread on the floor of my stampin space thats been there dince saturday…and on Sunday, I wheeled my chair around it to stamp… it had fallen out of a big box and I just don’t have it in my to spool it all back up. Sad, but there it is. Love your blog!

  8. Ann Shaffer

    I love the fact that I am not the only person (demonstrator) that is “starting fresh”. My area looked worse and I did the big clean this weekend. It was scary but I did come out on top!!!! Thanks for all you do. 🙂

  9. My desk looks a LOT worse than this right now and I am DESPERATE for organization tips!!! Thank you for sharing this with all of us!

  10. Angie, Thanks for this! I am even more of a hot mess! My craft area is in shambles almost all the time. I can’t wait to see some of your tips. And just so you know I have a post it over my camera too. How funny is that! As always thanks for everything.

  11. Annette Harling

    God love ya Angie! My desk looks like this to and I am so glad you are sharing this with us.

  12. Lorri

    You are a girl after my own heart! I have the same “look” to my stamping studio so I’m glad I’m not alone!!! (One of my downline is a professinal organizer – she did a “craft room organization” talk at one of our meetings). That helped so much – now I need to put it into practice!

  13. debra

    Hi Angie! I recognized myself/craft area in your pic. Along with how to organize the ribbon, etc. I REALLY want to know how to organize the Demo business stuff.

  14. Mary Matthys

    I should email a photo of my scrapbook room! My husband once brought a small garbage can into my scrapbook room and said, “I think you need this”. I told him that I have a garbage can and that one is way too little. He looked at the floor and said, “Oh, I thought you didn’t have one” and walked away. LOL I laughed so hard. He was SERIOUS and wanted to help!! I swept my floor after that! Just remember, you don’t want it written on your tombstone, “Here lies a woman with a clean scrapbook room”. Instead it should say, “Here lies a woman who created memories for her family and shared her zest with others.”

  15. Shirley Jacobs

    I cannot wait!! This is one of my biggest problems. I cannot work when it is this messy. I have been so embarrassed.

  16. Leslie Benson

    Love to organize and can’t wait to see your ideas!

  17. Mary

    My desk looks like this sometimes too…well, maybe most of the time. I am looking forward to your organizing tips. Just maybe I will be able to gt myself organized and keep it that way.

  18. Robin

    I have to admit I’m a little OCD about my stamp room but I do have my moments and if you could see my stamp desk right now you would know what I mean. I look forward to learning some new tips.

    I had to laugh at your post-it covering your camera but if I were you would change that to a little piece of black card stock. I still think they can see through yellow. LOL! My husband also has his covered with our wonderful Basic Black.

    My daughter told me to ask you to say hello to Bella for her. She is in love with her and loves her pictures.

  19. laura j

    my workspace looks like a windstorm came through the house! at least you can see the top of your desk and the floor! lol
    looking forward to reading about your organizational tips!

  20. Connie

    You are too funny with your Person of Interest reference! My husband and I love that show!

  21. Heather North

    My desk gets that way too. It reaches the point that I can’t do anything else until I tackle it. Thanks for sharing your organization with us. I love learning new tips and tricks, and hope you will have a video for us too. 🙂

  22. Joyce Fisher

    Hi Angie,
    I really enjoy following your blog, you are so creative and I love the way you write. My stamp room is a wreck, too. I’ll get it all spotless and in less than 24 hours it’s wrecked again! I look forward to picking up a few tips from you to help stay more organized. And yes, we watch “Person of Interest”, it’s one of our favorite shows, so I know why you are paranoid about the camera on your monitor!
    Peace, Love & Joy,

  23. Can’t wait to see the rest of the organized space!!! My work space gets to looking like this, or worse!!

  24. I a really looking forward to this too! I can use some help in this area!! Thanks for posting!

  25. Debbie Of Newport

    Angie they say a messy desk is a sign of intelligence!!! Bet you can find that special paper…stamp… invoice…LOL!!! I call mine area an organized mess…please don’t move anything I will get to just after this idea!!!

  26. Cheryl

    OMG you just made me laugh. I can relate so much. I just love your blog!! Thank you for sharing.

  27. Rachelle

    I can’t wait to learn some organizing tips! My craft room looks like a disaster zone! I keep trying to put new systems into practice, but it is a lot of work to change things over. I recently bought some brand new wood storage boxes off a friend (who got them from Ikea), but it is taking me a while to figure out what to put in there and how to organize it. As for the camera, I have a laptop that I usually keep on my bed. Everytime I change my clothes, I turn the laptop to face the wall, even if it is hibernating! lol It’s one of those *just in case* things! After watching Person of Interset, you never know, right?

  28. janice waymire

    My area looks like yours, I get it cleaned up and then I start a project and it looks like this again!! So glad you are going to give us some help!!

  29. Angie – we’re all waiting with baited breath – really, really anxious to see what you do with your space. I have a craft room that is semi-organized, but has become storage for my inventory. My dining room table has been my workspace for over two yrs now and every inch is covered in product or projects. Needless to say, I haven’t been able to host any dinner parties in quite a while – please post your pic(s) soon!

  30. Margie

    I am so glad you are showing us some organization ideas. My craft space is very
    limited and it seems impossible to keep it organized. Also, thanks for putting the
    ideas on your blog.

  31. Jenny

    I’m so excited for this! seems every time I want to organize I just get bogged down on what to keep/toss/give away. And it’s terrible all the money I’ve spent on storage bins/ideas but they never get utilized because they don’t work the way I wanted. ugh.

    Thanks for sharing your tips.Can’t wait!

  32. After reading all these wonderful comments, it’s nice to know I’m in good company when it comes to stamp rooms being a hot mess. Mine too has encroached into other areas of my house. HAHAHAHA Looking forward to your organizational tips! Keep the great stamping coming also!!! Love your blog!

  33. Can’t wait to see what you can do for me! I am suuuuper embarrased to say-that mine looks worse! 🙁 So, give me what you got-I need help! LOL-cause the funny thing is, at work, I am super organized!

  34. Gail Woods

    Good grief! If you think your desk is a mess you should see my whole room!
    Each time I try to straighten up, I end up just moving stuff around…not productive
    at all, so any suggestions you have will be a Blessing, thanks for sharing

  35. Brooke Doerfler

    Thanks so much for this post!! I just finished reading Getting Things Done because of this post, and foresee lots of productivity in my future!

  36. Laura

    Oh I love your mess, it looks alot better than mine,HEHE. BTW thanks for the tip about the post it notes covering the camera,I need to find out what you are talking about.Because now im going to be so uncomfortable in front of my computer

  37. Lita Lewis

    I cover my camera too!!! Love the “mess” it just means you have been busy!!

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