Winter Storm Q Pictures

As promised … here’s some of our Winter Storm Q pictures of Miss Bella .. along with Dave and Chase shoveling (as it was still snowing).

I’m also happy to report I finally saw Miss Bella on the Weather Channel and was able to record it on our DVR … thanks for all the emails and messages!!!  It was so much fun hearing from all of you.  We were totally cracking up at how many saw her and new who she was before the man even said Miss Bella. (Her new nickname is Rock Star.)

The next picture is a couple days after the snow storm … she still LOVES the snow!

This picture was day one .. after I dried her off ..she just stayed on the towels and went to sleep.

Begging at the door to go back out!!!

That’s it … I have more….  but you get the picture .. lots of snow and Miss Bella loved it! 

Let’s hope the next storm ….. headed right for us .. takes a detour around us!!

See ya!

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  1. Gerry Curry

    Sounds like encore time on Monday/Tuesday. Love that doggie, such a cutie and so personable.

  2. MaryAnn

    She is definitely Queen of all she surveys,

  3. Marty

    I’m sure Miss Bella loves the snow more than Dave & Chase. Of course she just gets
    to play and for them it is just work! ” She is such a little darling!


  4. Lisa

    What a darling. WOW you sure got a lot of snow. It does make them tired playing in it, just like us 🙂

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