I’m back home from Tennessee


Just a quick note this morning ....

I'm home from Tennessee and I made it safe and sound!

I'm so thankful my husband was at the airport to pick me up .. the storms were crazy! I seriously thought we were driving right into a tornado (the wind and the sky was horrible). Yes, my flight was right in the middle of the worst part!

I don't have a stamping project for you today ... but I'm sharing with you a picture of my sister and cousin.  Kim is on the left .... I'm on the right and Tina is in the middle.  We call Kim Faux Angie or Faux Chic n Scratch because she's gone to Stampin' Up! events with me and everyone thinks she's me ... we even talk and laugh alike (as kids our teachers got us confused .... but I'm two and a half years older).

I'll give you a little heads up .. it's going to take me a couple days to get back into the swing of things.  I'm emotional ... I'm tired and also missing my family in Tennessee. It's so nice to see them ..... but when I come home I get very weepy.   Truth be told I'd like to lock myself in a room with my sewing machine ... what do you do when you're really sad?

If you have an urgent matter .. please feel free to call me ... otherwise I'll do my best to get caught up on emails ...but I also have to unpack, go grocery shopping and do laundry .. just typing that stresses me out more.

I appreciate all your kind words over the last few days!!

Thanks and have a great day!

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  1. Shelley

    Glad you made it back in one piece. Take care of yourself – take a nap, take a walk, or just sit with your memories of your family. Take the time to pull yourself together.

    What do I do when I’m sad – unfortunately I tend to eat, but a good book or some music can help as well.

  2. Heather

    Glad you are home with safe travels. Unfortunately I tend to eat when sad, stressed, or weepy. However I am trying to substitute stamping for food. Lots of paper lol

  3. Sandy

    Sorry for your losses and glad you made it home ok. Just wondering what part of Tennessee since I am a displaced Tennessean living in upper Illinois.

  4. Connie

    Glad you are home safe! I knew when I looked at the picture that the one on the left HAD to be your sister-you could pass for twins. I am originally from TN and I can understand why you would miss it, and phones, facebook, twitter-just do not take the place of actually visiting family. Take care!

  5. Mary

    I can see why they woud get you two confused, you could be twins for sure! Sorry that you had to go back for a sad occasion instead of a happy one, prayers for you and the family of your uncle. When sad, I try to keep my mind on the happy times that I shared with the person who has passed, it’s better for me to remember those happy times, those that pass would be sad, I think, if they thought we could not remember them in happy times. Take care.

  6. Johnnie Sexton

    I am glad you are back safe and sound. That had to be an uneasy feeling. It is okay to cry, weep, howl whatever you want to do…cause that is what makes you heal and get back on track. When I am sad I eat and it shows. I wish I could go sew, but me and sewing machines have an understanding~ I don’t mess with them and they won’t call my name. So, take a few more days and go sew..do whatever makes YOU happy…we can wait. Hugs to ya!

  7. Leslie

    Wow, you two do look like twins! A beautiful photo of you all. So sorry for your loss. Seems to be a common thread, but when I’m sad I eat. I also eat when I’m happy, mad and tired – not good! Take time to care for yourself.

  8. Debra

    Glad to hear you’re back. Do something wonderful for yourself. Go get a pedicure and listen to some great music. Also stamp!

  9. Mackie

    What a fabulous picture ! Wow do you look like your sister!!! Both beautiful ladies!
    I tend to eat when I am sad! So don’t do that! Instead…keep busy! Maybe go to a movie or dinner with some fun friends! I’ll be praying for you and our family.

  10. addie lapi

    Hi Angie. First of all – that photo – all three of you are gorgeous!!! Sorry it was not a happy occasion. Hope you’re back to yourself soon. Really wanna know what I do when I’m sad – I look at your old posts and videos. They’re always so inspiring and your voice is calming while you’re teaching us. Thank you for that Angie and take good care of yourself. Hope to hear from you soon on the blog. xo

  11. Lois Billadeau

    Glad you are home safe. You and your Sis are two great lookin Chicks!
    I have a question for you. I have been looking at the new catalog and I was wondering what happened to the holiday stamps sets? There are no Christmas, Easter, Valentines, Halloween. Is Stampin Up going to put out a separate catalog for Holidays?

  12. Donna

    You girls are all beautiful! What a fabulous “family” photo, really! Loved the read too, but do hope you’ll find your roots at home again soon, also. It is more fun to “feel happy,” right?!! Memories are for always!! I”m glad you had such a wonderful time! Welcome back! 🙂

  13. Jo

    Very glad you are home safe and sound. The picture of you and the family is just precious! You are all very beautiful! So you ask what do we do when we are really sad? I normally do one of two things; hug my pillow and cry….or I go into my craft room and let my mind switch gears to get crafty and forget about the things that are making me sad.I hope you bounce back soon.Its OK to be sad.. .and its OK to take a break from the internet and from Stampin Up. Hugs!


  14. Lisa

    Glad to see you’re home safe. Take care. Usually, when I’m sad, I surround myself with my friends/family.

  15. Hannie

    Welcome home safe and sound Angie! Take your time and make sure you talk to someone about how you feel, let it all out. I usually try to be positive when love ones passed but every now and then you think and smile about the memories that you have shared with them. Let God hold your hands and ease your sorrows away! I usually craft, clean or cook when I’m upset (in the spring/summer, I garden..dig something out of the yard). ;o)

    Take care Angie baby! xoxo

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