12 Weeks of Halloween 2013 Week 2


The Witches Candy Shoppe picture frame is the 2nd project for my 12 Weeks of Halloween.

It uses just a small portion of the Witches Brew Designer Series Paper and next week you'll see more of the paper on my 3rd Halloween project (you're going to LOVE it).

I bought these black picture frames at Walmart .. for just $3 and it's a quick Halloween decoration (I have mine in the dining room .. I know it's a bit early).

By the way .... don't look too closely at the picture frame .... you can see my body taking the picture .. I ask Dave "how the heck do I take a picture without me being in it"?  He simply said "what do you normally do?"  oh yeah .. the light box ... LOL!

So, I used my lightbox to take this one.


Here's the video on how to make the 12 Weeks of Halloween 2013 Week 2.

If you're viewing this in your email it's possible that the video link has removed and you will need to watch it on my blog.

Click here to download the Step by Step Instructional PDF.

Here's the Stampin' Up! supply list:

  • Witches Brew Designer Series Paper 132185
  • Stampin Trimmer 126889

Thanks & have a great day!

p.s. I'm headed to the doctor this morning.... when I get home I'll load the instruction sheet for week 2.

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  1. Myra

    Very cute project!!

  2. Patricia Swagler

    What a cute and quick project. Will have to go through my paper stash and see if I can do something similar for Christmas.

  3. Luv this idea, its simple and not so spooky. TFS

  4. mona chrismond

    So simple and yet too darn cute. Gonna have to buy the paper. Cant wait to see what happens next week.

  5. Yanira

    Hi!! This is super easy… I’m gonna try and maybe add webbing to it!! Great idea

  6. Mary

    What a cute, easy and simple project!

  7. Debbie Michael

    What a cute, easy project. You have the best ideas!! Thanks for sharing with me!

  8. Bobbie Cline

    Lovin’ it! What a cute idea and so easy too. I totally enjoy your projects. Thanks!

  9. CoraLee Kilfoy

    Love this! Too cute!

  10. Casey Thrush

    So cute and so easy!!!!

  11. Jessica

    I’m loving this! So cute!! Great idea!

  12. Mandi Turner

    So cute and easy to make i love it. Matches my other frames I bought from Walmart. You always come up with the cutest things love your tutorials. I love last weeks project the candy bottle so cute. Thanks for sharing this with us. ~Mandi

  13. Maria Loforte

    This is really a nice project and very simple.

  14. Denise Heredia

    This is so very cute!! It will fit so perfectly with my 1800’s vintage Halloween apothecary/curiosity shop that I set up every year. Thanks Angie!

  15. Lori S.

    So simple and so CUTE !

  16. Debbie Gates

    What a simple project and very nice

  17. Marie Graham

    Very creative Angie!! I never would have thought about framing DSP.

  18. Carey E.

    Oh My! What a cute idea, and so easy.

  19. Lesa Marian

    Hi Angie,
    Looking forward to the video so I can try to make one. This is very cute.
    Thanks for the idea.
    Have a super day!!

    • Lesa Marian

      I was so into the picture I didn’t realize the video was there on the picture.
      sorry !!

  20. Wow! so easy and cut :-)

  21. Hillary

    I love this!! I always struggle with using the sheet of DSP with all the bigger design elements and this is perfect! Thanks for sharing!

  22. Michelle Hernandez

    Something so simple but looks great! Easy to switch out for the next holiday.


    You are SO CRAFTY!! and LOVE the music to the video!!

  24. Melissa Flieg

    Very cute project and so easy to make.

  25. Brenda Farrar

    I love this idea! So cute. There have been many, many times that I have wanted to frame designer paper. Sometimes I cringe when I make the first cut into the paper because it’s just too cute to cut up. Thank you for sharing your talents!

  26. Kim Lewis

    I Love It! So cute, but then again all your work is cute.

  27. Sue G

    Nice project and I liked the sound effects too :)

  28. Kina

    The fastest and simplest project ever! THANKS!

  29. Jimmie Gibson

    Stinking, stinking cute and so easy to make!! Love your videos Angie.

  30. Christie

    Love it! Cute and super easy to do!

  31. Mandee

    Such a cute project and great use of the DSP! Love it! I love your Halloween music on your videos too!

  32. pat Robertson

    So creative, love it

  33. Susan from Colorado

    I just got my order from Stampin Up, yesterday and I was thinking how cute it would be to frame this same DSP! Love it!

  34. Carie

    Seriously…….I need this project for my Halloween party candy bar! Love it!

  35. Dorothy

    I love the Halloween paper and how cute is that picture and just one cut…cool

  36. Bette Manning

    What a easy project, very cute.

  37. missy johnson

    love it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. Colleen Passe

    SO Stinkin’ cute. Love it!

  39. chouaxo

    So cute and easy! Even I can do this!

  40. Charlene Carlos

    Love it, Angie! Thanks for sharing a brand new project. So easy and so creative!

  41. Betsy Hunter

    I had no idea the DSP was that cute! Great crafty project.

  42. Barb Tobias

    So stinkin cute and easy too. I guess I’m going to have to get that paper,

  43. Arkeva Knowles

    That is such a cute and simple project. Love the paper!

  44. Cynthia Clark

    So cute! I want this on my mantle this season. If I don’t win it, I’m heading to Walmart. LOL

  45. Anita Wiley

    Love your project! It is fast but oh so cute!

  46. Leslie Benson

    Angie, such a cute project and soooo easy! Love the paper.

  47. Jennifer Fahnestock

    Very cute and quick way to do some decorating. Also using up paper you may not use.

  48. Tammy

    Love this. Such a cute and clever idea.

  49. Kelley

    This is so unbelievably simple I can’t believe I never thought of it lol Love love the paper! I have three girls so looks like I’ll be making three of everything! Fun stuff! Thumbs up!

  50. Lisa Sylvia

    WOW what a very simple project but oh so cute. You could even add a few embellishments to the frame but it looks cute just the way it is. Thanks so much for sharing projects with us Angie, it means a lot to me because I get to learn different techniques. :)

  51. Lynda P

    Too stinking cute! Simple- easy peasy, I love it! At first I thought you used vinyl on the glass- not early at all to decorate!

  52. Linda Sutton

    WOW! This is the cutest Halloween item I have seen. So simple to make. Thanks for sharing.

  53. Holly Hanson

    Being someone in there early 70’s, I think I may be able to handle this one. It is so cute and my kitchen is red so it will look really cute hanging on the wall. What an awesome share and good luck to who ever wins it..

  54. Theresa Dowell

    Very cute!!!!!

  55. Lysa

    Hi Angie,
    As always you came up with a cutie!! Love the framed sign and thanks for a chance to win!

  56. Amber P.

    So stinkin’ cute!

  57. Kate

    This craft was amazing thanks for sharing!!!!!!!! :)

  58. Babe O'Mara

    Love how cute and simple this project is. Thanks so much!


  59. Li-Marie

    Wow quick and easy!!! Love it!

  60. Li-Marie

    Wow quick and easy!!! Love ot!

  61. Cherylann

    Fast simple and cute. Thanks for sharing.

  62. Karen Bensonhaver

    You are so clever! I love the project!

  63. Julia Gass

    Angie that is so cute and nothing could be easier. Thanks for all your ideas.

  64. TX JennyWren

    Angie, you come up with the CUTEST ideas!! Loving this framed Witches Candy Shoppe. Can’t wait to see what else you make with the rest of the paper.

    Thanks for always sharing with all of us.

  65. Pam Knight

    Love this project. So cute, and so simple. Thanks for reminding us that projects do not have to be difficult.

  66. Joanne Thum

    WOW – what a cute and easy project. I need to make one for my hubby’s office. They have lots of kids come through Trick Or Treating (he works at Disney’s phone company). This will be so cute! Thanks for sharing. Smiles!

  67. Jeannie Cearley

    Angie, that is so simple and very cute. Thanks for sharing with us.

  68. Cindy W.

    Oh my gosh Angie!! I love it and how simple can it get!! I LOVE HALLOWEEN and I am always looking for new decorating ideas for the holiday. Thank you for the great video and I am so looking forward to what next week brings.

  69. MaryAnn H

    So simple and adorable…perfect for an entrance! You are so creative!

  70. Maggie Carmody

    What a cute and clever project for Halloween! I love the Witches Candy Shoppe sign. What great DSP.

  71. Kathy Thomas

    My kind of project super cute and easy. Thanks for sharing!

  72. Kim Massuri

    Love it and your blog-
    Thanks for the inspiration!!

  73. Laurie Norris

    Hope that shows up in MY mailbox!!! Cute!!!

  74. Elisa Esparza

    Such a simple but cute idea. love it!!! :)

  75. Lisa

    Thanks for another wonderful idea!! Your the bomb!!

  76. Becky

    Oh Angie, I love how you think outside the box all the time. I am heading to wal mart for pic frame. Love all your projects and you too. Take care.

  77. Carol Holty

    Great artistic ideas!

  78. Banita Batts

    Too cute and easy too. Love Halloween : )

  79. Kathleen Hurley


  80. Tracy

    Love this!!!!

  81. Debi Lowery

    Thanks for the great idea. Sometimes the Designer DSP has patterns too big for cards. Wondered what to do with them. Now I know. Thanks

  82. Lorraine P

    Love it! Quickest project yet.

  83. Ilena Christman

    Angie, so cute, and easy…… I go to Walmart all the time, I’ll have to pick up a few of these frames. Great ideas…. Ilena

  84. Emily Nuno

    Great and fast idea!! Thanks for sharing!

  85. Glenda Nieto

    Love it!!! My kind of project, nice and simple.

  86. Toni

    That is a whitchingly booootiful project!!

  87. Pam S

    At my first glance I thought your project today was one you designed with MDS (which i don’t have) what a nice surprise to read more of the post to learn it was DSP. Very creative use of the DSP paper!

  88. Jana Lopez

    Oh my goodness!!! I absolutely love Halloween and I love your 12 weeks of Halloween tutorials. They are always so much fun!!! I think this is one of my all time favorites!!! It is so easy and so adorable. This with a couple of the bottles from last week made as “potions” with darker colored candies would be such a cute set up!!! Thanks for sharing!!!!!

  89. Sammantha

    Such a cute and simple craft. Love it!

  90. addiered

    Hi Angie Well that might be the fastest project ever!! Love It! Thanks for the chance to win it. Best Regards.

  91. Shirley jacobs

    Stinken cute!!

  92. Elisha

    Very cute project – that paper is at the top of my wish list!

  93. Cindy Rescorl

    You gotta love how easy the paper makes this project!!

  94. Jamie A.

    Oh my gosh, Angie, this is so stinkin’ cute! Love how fast and easy it is!

  95. Georgia Mansfield

    Very Cute and so easy, I must order this paper!

  96. Valerie Martin

    I love, love, love your 12 weeks of Halloween series! I really look foward to it each year! You always give me such inspiration! Thanks a million!

  97. Li Payne

    I love how easy it is to create home decor with paper! Thanks for sharing.

  98. Malissa Warner

    Cute! And you could change out the paper for all the holidays

  99. Myrna

    I love everything Halloween, so excited for the cooler weather, super cute project.

  100. Joe-Anne Easton

    Hi Angie, what a nice project, this is one I would love to have. Thanks for sharing.

  101. Mitchie

    This is sooo freakin cute!!! Something that looks nice and can be transferred to other holidays!! Thans for the idea!!!

  102. Bobbi Miller

    What an adorable frame and such a quick, easy and simple project! I love this paper, especially since I won this with the glitter and the stamp set during Prize Patrol at Convention! Halloween / Fall colors are the best! I love Halloween and all the ghouly things we can make! Yours are always so great! Thanks for all you do to inspire me!

  103. Jinni

    Love it so much!!!

  104. Dena Cline

    Cute project thanks for sharing it with us today.

  105. Belinda Hayner

    So stinkin CuTe

  106. Sue

    Love this great job!

  107. Raven

    Cute..cute..cute.. Halloween fun projects are one of my favorite things.

  108. Carolyn

    I love the vintage feel of the project! I need the paper now!

  109. Jenise

    Very nice and simple project.

  110. MaryS

    Angie, Once again you have taken a simple picture frame and a little paper and made it into something amazing!! Gotta’ love Walmart and how they continue to supply us with inexpensive items to make beautiful!! Blessings, Mary S

  111. Michelle Krstyen

    This is so cute and so simple. Love projects like this. Great use of that dsp.

  112. Glenda Bowden

    Love this idea hope my Walmart has the frames!

  113. Minnie

    What a neat idea and so simple. Thanks for sharing……

  114. Lori Souter

    ok….REALLY love this project! So easy and cute! Lovin’ the spooky music still!!!

  115. Krissy

    oh my goodness! What a fun project! LOVE it!!

  116. Sandi

    Love it, love it! Have already ordered the paper. Should be receiving it any day. Thanks for a great idea.

  117. Deborah Mercer

    It is so stinkin cute! And I not a big fan of Hallowee. I say that and then you do something so cute and I change my mind! Thanks for sharing.

  118. Amanda

    Great project Angie! I have a few of these frames lying around from other projects I have done! I love changing them for the seasons! Wishing you a Blessed week!

  119. Hannie T Lopez

    Very nice… Witch it my way

  120. Barbara Woodard

    This is such a simple but awesome use of the dsp paper. You are so creative!!Thanks for sharing

  121. Penny Barbier

    cute, and simple

  122. Fay Marie Gardner

    So easy and quick! Love it!

  123. tracy foster

    wow I love this project, cant want to see what else you have coming up for Halloween x

  124. Whitney

    Adorable as always!

  125. Barb Davidson

    So simple !!!!! Love, love, love it !!!!!! I also am enjoying the music too. :-)

  126. Renae K

    Cute and easy project. Love it! Can’t wait to see more.

  127. Susan

    I love this idea and plan on using it to help decorate my cubicle at work. I’d write more but I have to dash to Wal*Mart.

    Thanks for the quick, easy and inexpensive idea!

  128. Lee Perkins

    So stinkin’ cute! I may have to order this paper – like I don’t have enough paper to last me a life time!

  129. Karen D

    How Booooo-ti-ful!! Love It. Thanks again for another spook-tac-ular idea!

  130. Sue Karch

    So FUN and EASY!! Perfect for me!!! Thank you too much for sharing!

  131. Paula T.

    So simple and so cute! Walmart will be sold out of black frames!

  132. Debbie Powell

    Such a simple project, but so cute! I am going to make several to give as gifts. Thanks!

  133. Judy

    I love it! Thanks so much! 😀

  134. Mary Devine

    Love this, easy and SO cute!


    Love that idea will have to check my paper stash and see what I have to make it

  136. OMGosh I love this frame! I love this paper too! lol I didn’t even notice that you were in the frame until you said you were. lol The paper drew my eye in and that is all I noticed. Now I can’t wait to see what you have up for the rest of that awesome paper!! Love your videos by the way!

  137. Sharon


  138. Gloria Uhart

    Couldn’t be any easier and it’s stinking’ cute! Thanks!

  139. Lynn

    So cute and easy peasy. Thanks for sharing.

  140. Mary

    This is one of the cutest and simplest projects ever! I LOVE Halloween!

  141. Joy Jones

    too flippin cute!! And EASY!!

  142. Having a fun time seeing your cute projects Angie. This one is so quick and easy. TFS.

  143. OMG How cute and easy. I’m on my way to Walmart.
    Thanks for sharing.


  144. Janet

    What a creative way to use the paper!! can’t wait to see the other projects.

  145. Sandra Eiss

    You never disappoint…so enjoyable and so easy that you make me want to work this project. Thanks so much.

  146. MaryJo Marshall

    WOW!! I just love this easy and cute project. I buy these frames at Walmart all the time and just love them. Now I need to go and buy a black frame and make this. (unless I am the “lucky” winner!) LOL!!! I love all of your projects. Thank you!

  147. Elizabeth

    So simple and so cute!

  148. Paulette Habbit

    What a great project. I have a friend who loves Halloween. I am going to make one for her. Thanks for sharing this idea.

  149. Lorie Henderson

    So cute! At first I thought you stamped it! So easy… I love it…. It’s my kind of project. Thanks for sharing.

  150. Love your project. Off to Walmart to look for the frames. I had better order several packages of the paper because my sister will need one to put at her bar in her game-room.

  151. Lisa S.

    Stinkin’ Cute! I’m going to have to make a Walmart run!!

  152. carol davis

    Cool, I’ve used this same frame filled with background paper and shipping takes that spelled FAITH, for gifts.

  153. Kathy Grady

    adorable!!!! You are so smart, Angie!!

  154. Devoria Hall

    Angie, this is a great project!!!!!!……I believe if I get multiple frames, I will be able to complete that empty wall in my home and just change them out depending on the room or season. This saves from buying wall art completed by someone else. Thank you so very much for this IDEA!!…..Wal-mart, here I come….

  155. Cheryl Cross

    Too Sweet~!~ I love it!

  156. Deepa M.

    What a fun way to showcase some of the lovely paper that is almost too pretty to cut up! I’ll be making my way to Walmart this weekend to pick up a few frames :)

  157. Marsha Marsha Marsha

    I love the simple idea for a decoration for Halloween and its in my budget…..
    Thanks so much for the idea….

  158. Susan R.

    Quick and straight forward. Love it. I will be making one for use in my office’s candy stash up front. Now if I could only stop eating all the candy myself. ;-). Thanks for the instructions.

  159. Cindy

    What an EASY and cute project!! Even my grandkids can do this one.

  160. Kiko

    So clever and simple, yet impressive!

  161. Pam Delcastilho

    What a “spook-tacular” project! Love it and really hope to be the lucky nor to win it!

  162. Cheryl

    Love the project. Thanks also for the info on the frame!

  163. Shirley Hallman

    Adorable and easy too, can’t ask for more than that!

  164. Susan brown

    I love this idea. I will be on the lookout for these frames at Walmart. Looks like the perfect size for gifts as well as for myself.

  165. Julia

    So cute and fast. Thanks!

  166. Kim

    LOVE it!

  167. Elaine Holland

    What a cute and easy way to make a Halloween decoration. Once again you have shown how creative you are. Thank you for the demo and instructions,

  168. Dillie

    So easy and so stinkin’ cute! Love it. Thanks for sharing.

  169. June Ferguson

    Love this project Angie! Super cute, super quick, and super easy….can’t beat that!
    June in KS

  170. Sheri Eaton

    This is so creative and easy too. Can’t wait to go to Wal-Mart to get my picture frame. Thanks for sharing!

  171. Tanya

    That is just so cute and would look just awesome above my shelf at Halloween! Can’t wait to make one!

  172. Brenda Foreman

    So stinking cute. Love,Love and simple.

  173. Sharon

    I love this cute simple project. Since I played a witch for 25+years at a local nursery this was made for me! I will have to make one!

  174. Annette

    What a cute way to use that DSP. Easy & adorable! Thanks for the idea.

  175. toni Peightal

    Love it…so easy and quick I often how people think of the way they use their paper and I guess I would have never thought of that. great job

  176. Karen T

    I love this project. I can’t wait to go get a frame. I was wondering what to do with that DSP. Thanks so much!

  177. Kim Dasenbrock

    OMG so easy and so cute. I can’t wait to see what is coming next week

  178. You’ve just got to love something so simple that looks like it took a lot more work.

  179. Fern McIntyre

    Such a great project! I just love your ideas! I look forward to them each month. Thanks a bunch!

  180. Carol Wilshire

    So easy and cute. That’s my kind of project. Thanks for showing this.

  181. Carol Richmond

    Thanks for the simple yet elegant project for Halloween!

  182. Pam

    Darling project yet so Halloweenish and so easy too – a great addition to anyone’s home at Haloween. Thanks for the ideas!

  183. Kathy O

    OMG this couldn’t be easier and so darn cute! Hadn’t planned on buying this paper but may have to change my mind!

  184. Debbie Lloyd

    How cute and so easy. Great idea!

  185. jeannette van

    Cute idea! And so quick an easy. Thanks for the idea!

  186. I love it! Thank you for sharing this great idea. I love and wait patiently every year for your special holiday projects to help inspire me!

  187. Lisa

    loving the use of the DSP!!! Never thought to do this. Such an inspiration!

  188. Hi Angie! This is so cute! And easy! I may have to do this for my girls this Halloween season. thanks for this great idea.

  189. lisa

    Thank you for this super simple yet striking project.

  190. Lucero

    Love that its so easy to do and can be interchangeable with other holidays

  191. Gloria Muldrow

    I love this and can’t wait to make some

  192. Carol Parcell

    Wow! Even I have time to do this cute project! Thanks so much!

  193. Angie

    I love this idea! The graphics are so cool and yet classy looking. We all have candy at Halloween time, so it’s perfect. (Michaels always has their frames on sale or I use coupons, so they’re even cheaper). ;=) Thanks!

  194. Brenda in IN

    Halloween is my favorite time of year. This is the cutest and so simple. Thanks so much for showing us this. I can’t wait to make this!

  195. Sheila

    Angie, this project is so quick & easy and who would have ever thought that it was just one cut on the trimmer. Fantastic!

  196. Celeste Goff

    Such a stinking cute idea and I love the simplicity of it! Thank you for sharing with us Angie!

  197. Janet S

    This is stinkin cute as you say! How do you constantly think of these amazing projects? Love your blog. Thank you for sharing.

  198. Jo

    Angie this is soooo cool and to think it only took a few minutes to create! LOVE projects like this and I would love to be able to win this because I have the perfect spot for it!
    Thanks for sharing it!

  199. You clever girl. What you have found at Walmart is interesting!
    Craft on.. . . . . . . . .

  200. Claudine Dionne

    Absolutely terrific!
    I am going to have a look through all my favorite papers with this in mind! :) I love the size of the frame and…silly me…I would not have thought of using it without those smaller mats! :) Thanks for another great idea!

  201. Irkalla

    Love this! I really need to get this paper.

  202. Lisa

    Love, love, love it’s simplicity!

  203. Cynthia Vemb

    I love Halloween! Cool project!

  204. Patty

    What a cute & very quick project! TFS

  205. Melanie

    Always looking for new frame ideas- thank you! Love it!

  206. Jenny

    Wow – doesn’t get much easier than that….instant Halloween decor! love it!

    great job.


  207. Karen Louder

    fast and easy project, cool!! :)

  208. Beth Anne

    What a great project! I love that paper and your tip for the frames is perfect…I need one for a project I’ve started right now…thanks! Can’t wait for next week :)

  209. Charlotte Ann

    WOW! What a great way to use specialty papers! So easy – yet soooo cute! Thank you for providing such great inspiration.

  210. Angelina

    Seriously simple and cute as heck! Thank you for sharing. Our imaginations can now just wonder. I already have more ideas for this in my head… 😉

  211. Stacey Hobby

    Love this!!! We have a huge Halloween party each year. I’m always looking for cute, simple little decorative pieces!

  212. Tina Casey

    So simple and so cute….love it…..!!!!

  213. Janet Gallion

    Why didn’t I think of that???How cute and quick! Thanks, Janet

  214. Heidi Michel

    So darn cute! Love your ideas. You are so talented!

  215. Kelly Ferris

    What a cute, so simple idea. I am always amazed at what you can come up with. I have a few of those frames in my craft room for a project I thought I was going to work on a year ago, will have to pull them out for this!
    Thank you

  216. Shannon Grimes

    WoW!! Love it!!

  217. Amy

    EEK!! I love this!

  218. Renee Castruita

    You make everything look so easy! I feel like Ican do it too :) thanks for all the helpful tutorials.

  219. Cathy R

    “Simply” love it.

  220. Regina Loukoumidis

    I love it! So simple and cute!!

  221. terrie

    Would love to win this cute item. I especially enjoy the 12 weeks of Halloween projects for decorating and craft ideas!

  222. Laura Cummings

    Very cute, Angie! I always look forward to your 12 Weeks of Halloween each year.

  223. Maxine Osborn

    Love this looks great

  224. Jane Starr


  225. What a fun way to use the paper-too cute!

  226. Teresa beggerow

    Great idea!!! Thank you for sharing!

  227. Susie

    love this idea

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  229. Carol Carriveau

    Fabulous idea! I was thinking of potting. The whole sheet at my front door, then thought batter of it, so really loving your framed piece….thank you!

  230. Carol Carriveau

    Yikes, one day I will read BEFORE I hit send…putting the whole piece…. Can I blame it all on the iPad??…lol!

  231. Buffy Scott

    Love this idea Angie! So many papers today are so beautiful, I just want to frame them instead of cutting them up. Especially this type withe sayings on them. Thanks for the opportunity to win. Buffy Scott, NC

  232. JR Roman

    Love it, really simple and classy. Thanks for sharing

  233. alyse d

    what a fun project can’t wait to see next week-
    thanks Alyse D

  234. CIndy

    You’re SO clever. I thought of framing the entire sheet for above my candy buffet table, but available picture frames are hard to find. (Unless you get one for an album cover, and they’re all pretty tacky.) Leave it to you to find the perfect (and inexpensive) solution! Love it.

  235. Rachel

    I love how simple this project is!

  236. Laurie johnson

    Quick and simple, inexpensive and lovely! Thanks!

  237. Cyndie Soquet

    So stinkin’ cute and easy to boot!!!1 Love it!

  238. Cindy Meldrum

    Great idea. It would be so easy to just interchange the seasons and not have to store the frame.

  239. Diana Saunders

    LOVE how simple that was! WOW!

  240. Stinkin’ CUTE! And so easy! Thank you for the wonderful idea! You are incredible. kt

  241. tammy trainor

    Loved this project….made a center piece on end table with this and a Halloween scentsy…..my grand babies love it…..

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