Envelope Punch Board


The Stampin' Up! Envelope Punch Board is available starting TODAY ... September 1st!

  • It creates totally customizable envelopes in up to 66 different sizes.
  • It's super easy to use;  all you have to do is measure for the first punch and from there you just turn and score.
  • It's small and lightweight .....it's super portable and easy to store.
  • It even has a slick scoring tool as well as a punch that lets you create rounded corners on your envelopes.
  • It's easy to keep it all together; the stylus storage compartment and two punches are designed into the tool so you don't have a bunch of little pieces to keep track of (even the instructions are printed right on the tool so you won't lose them!).
  • It will be in next year's annual catalog.

If you've been a fan of my blog for a while .... you know that two of my favorite card sizes are 4 x 4 and 3 x 5-1/2 and I'm super excited to be able to make my very own envelopes for my favorite sizes!!  (Beware .. some sizes can not be mailed and some will require extra postage.)

In my excitement .. I filmed a video for you!

Blooper Alert ... and if you're a fan of my bloopers .. stay tuned to the end ... there are more than I'd like to admit!   Some days you got it some days you don't ......

Special Note:  I've heard from several concerned customers that Stampin' Up! stole the We R Memory Keepers Envelope Punch Board idea ... That is not the case!  The company made it available for Stampin' Up! just as EK Success makes their punches available to several companies. 

Thanks & have a wonderful day!


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  1. Leslie Benson

    Loved the bloopers!

  2. Bonnie Castle

    You have explained the Envelope Punch Board sooooo clearly. You have taken the confusion out of it. Thanks so much. Love you site and your projects. Bonnie

  3. That’s just like the WRMK envelope

  4. Emily

    Thanks so much for showing how simple it is to use. The speech bubble name really points out how to use it. I am sure I will now probably remember it tha way and teach my customers that way, too!

    I appreciate you commenting on others who have said we stole it. Yep, different companies make a version for other companies to sell.

  5. Lisa Sylvia

    I’ve been wanting to get one but read reviews on the We Are Memory Keepers Punch Board and supposedly their are errors with the measurements. I didn’t even know Stampin’ Up sold one. WOO HOO, I guess I’ll be purchasing it in the future. I have the Martha Stewart scoreboard and it comes with an envelope maker but it’s sort of confusing on how to use it and I don’t think you can make the envelopes all kinds of sizes. It’s awesome when you make a card that is bigger than the envelopes you have on hand and can make your own so that is great. Thanks Angie 🙂

  6. Rosemarie O'Neill

    Angie, in spite of the bloopers, you have made the tutorial more understandable than the one SU made. Thanks!

  7. Connie Gallaher

    Thanks for showing us how to use the Envelope Punch Board! It is going to be great to make envelopes to match cards-no matter what size. Glad you are feeling better!!

  8. Lesa Marian

    Hi Angie,
    Now that they have the envelope maker, hopefully they can bring back that special glue. How about suggesting that to them? The board is very nice . You did explain the use of it very well and thanks for making various sizes. It’s always nice to see what can be made with the tools. Have a nice day. Do you know if such a glue exist from other makers?
    Lesa M

  9. Jackie Carpenter

    I love your videos and especially the one on how to use envelope board.

  10. June Fuller

    I get so excited every time I get a email. I love all your ideas. Keep them coming.

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  12. Pat Abel


    Love your video. Is the measurements on the board in 1/4 or 1/2 inch measurements??

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  14. Devoria


  15. Barbara G.

    How do you make a legal size envelope with the punch board? What size paper do you need and what are the punch and score lines? Thank you.

  16. Krystyna Thomas

    Is there a way to line up images from old magazines, so you can predict the way it will come out/how the image will lay? I just got mine & am loving the ease & speed of it, but having a difficult time trying to get the pretty images on the front of the envelope.

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