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Short and sweet post today (I have a whopper of a headache).

Tune in tomorrow at 11am (central time) to Stamp with Chic n Scratch.  We'll make a project and then chat a little (or a lot). 

Click here to go there (tomorrow).

If you're you on my Chic n Scratch Facebook page I'll post a few reminders.

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Thanks & have a great day!

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Update Feb 25th:   Congrats to these people ... their names were drawn to win a free pack of Rhinestones after the Live Stream on Saturday. (If your name is listed please send me your address.

Damar Osica
Dori T
Susan Timchack
Charlene Carlos - won a Stampin' Up! ruler

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  1. Lesa M

    Hope you feel better soon. See ya on the tube Saturday.

  2. Becky Wynn

    Oh your streaming is so fun, cannot wait. 🙂

  3. Daphne

    Feel better 😉

  4. Sharon

    I woke up with a major headache, too! Felt like my dog was sitting on my head (which she sometimes does to wake me up to go outside. a 90 pound lab, no less!), but I think it’s just this stupid front going through the Midwest. YUCK!
    And double YUCK, because my son has a basketball game tomorrow so I can’t watch your stream! foot stomp, foot stomp!
    Hope you feel better!

  5. Lisa Sylvia

    UGH Angie, those darn headaches. Hope you feel better.

  6. Shari Zeigler

    Loved the card in a box! Going to make one right now!!

  7. Deborah

    Very cute project!!

  8. Chai Dackermann

    Wish I gotten there sooner cause I missed it. Will wait for the video!!

  9. Gail Dunn

    Enjoyed the Live Stream! Love the card! Thanks!

  10. Sue Speigner

    As usual your ustream was great and we all appreciate how you are sharing your talent with us!! Thank you!!

  11. Mickey Latuska

    Loved the card in the box. I am learning so much from your video’s. Try and put the time aside so I don’t miss them. Thanks Again Mickey

  12. Susan Helfrich

    Loved the Live Stream today. It’s fun to watch you work. I’m going to have to get that DSP now and work with it. So cute!

  13. Lisa Hull

    I love the card! I can’t wait for the instructions. Saturday works best for me 🙂

  14. Georgia Mansfield

    I loved the box! I think that cupcakes would look good with the balloons either the stamped on or the builder punch! I will have to try it!

  15. Joanne

    It was the first time i could see a live stream. And that’s because most of livestreams are after midnight for me. So, today was awesome to see you live. I had a great time !

  16. Rebecca Sledge

    What a cute project! I missed the very beginning so I am looking forward to the You Tube version to make my own! Thanks!

  17. Else

    Loved your card in a box and will certainly try making one.

  18. Robin - RJP111

    Thank you for showing us how easy a Card in a Box is. I have seen so many of them online but have been a bit intimidated to even try making one.

  19. Diana Krug

    Loved watching you. My first time with a Live Stream. Cute card! Have one started but now am encouraged to finish it.

  20. Angela C

    Really fun watching you create! Love the project.

  21. Bonnie G

    Love this stream idea


    I loved the live stream!! Thanks!! IT was so fun!!!

  23. Rita

    I LOVE, Love, love the card in a box you made! I must try it!!!

  24. Bev

    Love it! Thanks

  25. Linda Sears

    Your card in a box Live Steam was amazing. Thanks for taking the challenge!

  26. Ligeia Baird

    I love your live streams!

  27. Marianne Orr

    My first Live Stream Video, great class, loved it!!!!

  28. Debi Brighty

    I only caught the tail end….hope to view it off the blog on you tube. You do some awesome projects.

  29. Carol Herman

    Loved the box card. Can hardly wait to make one.

  30. Pam

    Love the card in a box and really like the Saturday time for streams.

  31. Hillary Soo

    So much fun, thanks for taking the time, card in a box was a great project to share!!

  32. Susan Timchack

    My first live stream….only caught the tail end, but it was great fun….will have to be sure to catch future ones. Love your project….Susan

  33. Wanda Rohlfing

    Loved the card in a box project! I am totally inspired to try one. Saturday livestreams work best for me as I work evenings Sun-Thurs 4-midnight…. It was great being able to watch the full live stream. Avah enjoyed watching and her eyes got big when you said hello to her. Off to make ravioli’s! Thanks for all you do!

  34. Diane Roberts

    Loved today’s project-Your saturday Ustreams are a good time for me!

  35. Mindy P

    I love today’s project! Thanks for making it. I’m going to go make one now!

  36. Deb Johnson

    Loved the video, it was my first one. I will be back 🙂

  37. Lesa M

    Hi Angie,
    The card was very pretty . I liked the bows on the balloons -better than just having the string hanging from them. I made a Valentines one and did balloons with strings- that’s how I know the bows look much better. People have been writing the message on the back of the box.
    Thanks for sharing the idea your way.

  38. Cynthia Cooper

    Loved your U stream today. Thank you for sharing your creativity once again.

  39. Sonia Munoz

    Super cute. Love it.

  40. Joy Jones

    Super cute card in a box!! Adorbs with the balloons!!

  41. Iris

    Hi Angie, I loved today’s show! I hope to win the ruler so I can convert the cm to inches vise versa.
    Thanks a lot for all your hard work.

  42. Connie

    Cute box! Love the colors and DSP. Thanks for working so hard on this one! It was great!

  43. laura j

    thanks for streaming today! loved your card in a box project!

  44. Tammy Hein

    Loved the card-in-a-box project! Very cute!! Thank you!

  45. Emily Uribe

    Loved the stream, my first time. Gonna attend all of them! I hope I get the ruler, lol! Your a great inspiration to me…thank you for all you do!

  46. Jan

    Pretty colors! First time watching. I watched this along with my sister. Great fun!
    Thanks for the live stream.

  47. Dori T.

    Awesome box card! First Stream for me….FUN! Saturday work well…7:00am for me! Aloha from Hawaii… Mahalo Angie. Dori

  48. Deana

    Thanks so much for a great video !!

  49. Misty Snell

    Great project! loved it 🙂

  50. susan martin

    Just another cute idea from you. I would like to see it in a larger 5×7 card version. That will make a bigger celebration splash for any occasion.

  51. Karen T

    Awesome box card! They could be addictive. Thanks so much Angie.

  52. mary

    Great Live Stream today!

  53. Babe O'Mara

    Loved the card in the box. I’m going to make one. Thanks for the inspiration.

  54. Stephanie Cooper

    So Excited about days live stream.. I have been wanting to make one of these!!! AWESOME work!!! Thanks again!! HAGD Angie!

  55. Elizabeth

    Awesome project today!

  56. janine

    Thank you so much for this creative box. I was having breakfast and watching you at the same time and I enjoyed every minute of it. Thank you.

  57. Damar Osika

    Watched your livestream of the card in a box. You make it look so easy! Thanks so much for all your hard work!

  58. Cherie

    Wow! So sorry I missed the live stream. Just caught the very end! What an awesome project! I love it! BTW, I cut up a plastic container that SU stamps used to come to use as holders for pop ups in cards. Could use the same here! Thanks for sharing!

  59. Joan S

    Thanks so much for the video. The stream is good for me because I relate to things now always going right on the first try……I had been passing on this project thinking it would be too involved, but now am anxious to try it. Am anxiously awaiting the video to get the details down and get all of the measurements. Keep up the good work.

  60. carolyn4723

    Angie, you’re terrific! I love your streaming and this card in a box. I so enjoy all your never disappoint! Thanks..

  61. Pamela S

    Your Livestreams are such fun. I’m gonna go make a “card in a box” now. Thank you!

  62. Julia Hetiman

    What a great video Angie, loved seeing Bella too! So many great ideas and I love the format, very inspiring. Thank you for all your hard work! Julia

  63. Vivian T.

    Hope I am in the correct comment box …. i loved what I saw today with the box card. I missed the assembly of the box but loved the final results. I am inspired to give it a try. Thank you, Angie, for sharing it.

  64. Kay Gregory

    Love the box and the video. Sat. are best for me. Kay

  65. Julie Haupt

    Today was my first live stream and I loved it! Will certainly try to attend more often. Am eager to try this little box and will be much easier now that I’ve witnessed it!

  66. Ruth B

    Loved your box. First time to catch you live! I’ve made a practice box, so your trouble with the inside bars was familiar to me. Glad to see how to fix them. I want to make two for upcoming birthdays.

  67. Traci Davis

    Great project Angie! I was late so I can’t wait for the You Tube video so I can watch all the way through. Thanks!

  68. Vivian T.

    BTW: It was a treat to see Bella.

  69. nina m.

    can’t wait to make the “card in a box”, awesome video, Bellas head is cute lol

  70. carol namba

    Hello Angie,
    I enjoyed watching you making the on the box. I like the live stream because I can see the process you go through in making 3d projects. How things can be altered as you go along. Thank you for posting the live streams for us to watch. The box came out really cute. I will try to make one soon. By the way Bella is a cutie!
    Take care. Carol

  71. Joanne Thum

    Angie – another great u-stream. I’ve tried making this “card in a box” a couple of times and was unsuccessful. I now think that I can do it. In fact, I plan on trying this afternoon. Look forward to the next stream. Thanks again!

  72. lyndee

    Loved today’s live stream…had just made my first card in a box so loved seeing
    yours. Probably the best solution for the live streams is alternating the timing, that way everyone would get to see it at one time or another.

  73. Lizette T.

    Hi,Angie loved your card in a box!!! Also love the birthday themes you’ve been doing, I have lots of birthdays coming up. First time watching a live stream, loved it! Love the birthday themes can’t wait for the holidays 2014!!! Such a cute card!!!love all your ideas!!!

  74. Becky Wynn

    Angie, love the card in a box, you are so fun to watch, i love all your shares. Thank U

  75. Julie Allain

    Saturdays are so much better for me, love your live streams Angie and can’t wait to try the card in the box 🙂

  76. Yua

    My first Ustream live, I enjoy it. Thanks for sharing. I prefer Saturday.

  77. Charlene Carlos

    This is my first seeing a card in a box project, love it! Thanks for streaming live today. Have a niece’s birthday coming up and I will give this project a try. Have a good rest of the day!

  78. Susan B.

    Loved the live streaming today!! Your card in a box was ADORABLE !! I also love the retro paper and colors !! TFS !!!!!

  79. Pamela K

    Think I goofed & my first comment didn’t post. I SO look forward to your live streams – they’re a blast. Love your attitude & humor. Can’t wait for your card-in-a-box video to come out. LOVE the Retro Fresh paper!

  80. Lois Billadeau

    Hi Angie, I was late in tuning in. I was thinking Georgia was 2hrs ahead instead of one. Finally a box I will love to make and send. Great that it can be a card too. For a child , why not put the year on one of the balloons, like 1st or 2nd etc. or a short message like HI ! My first idea to mount the balloons was the over head projector sheet too. You did a great job today and I think we all learned something in making this project! It’s fun to do something different isn’t it? Lookin forward to the video and instruction sheet!! Hugs, Lois

  81. Karin

    Great livestream. It’s great to see you work through issues – even sometimes when they don’t work out! It will help us not to make the same mistakes. Thanks for making these live sessions – and for telling us yesterday that it will be today!

  82. Wanda M.

    Enjoyed the live stream today. I made a card in the box for my husband and nephew for Valentine’s day. The next time I am going to cut the top panels shorter like you did today. I always love your live streams. Thank you for sharing your talent.

  83. Robin Chase

    I loved your project this morning. I hadn’t seen one of those before. Thanks so much for sharing that with us.

  84. Rebecca

    Angie, I am absolutely LOVING your live streams! It is so fun to watch you make these projects live and to be able to ask questions along the way. Great job! Thanks again!!

  85. Jan B.

    I love all of your projects and your Ustream shows! Thank you!

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