12 Weeks of Halloween 2014 Week 8


The Beaded Spider is the 8th project for the 12 Weeks of Halloween.

I made this Spider using the following supplies:

  • Bead Mat
  • Bead Caps
  • Seed Beads - Black 
  • Seed Beads - Silver
  • Glass Beads Twisted Bugle - Silver
  • Beads for Body and Head
  • 22 Gauge Artistic Wire - 6" (5 pieces)
  • Wire Cutters
  • Round Nose Pliers
  • Scoop

Or you use can make the Spider included in the Frightful Wreath Kit #135866.

Here's the video on how to make the 12 Weeks of Halloween Week 8:

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Click here to download the Instructions.

Thanks & have a great weekend!! 


p.s. Once again I'd like to thank Monique and Lisa (for showing me how to make the beaded spiders) ... I'm hooked!  My hubby would say "I need another hobby like I need another hole in my head".  LOL 

Update: Congrats Carol Wilshire!! your name was drawn to win the Halloween Spider and Box. Click here to email us your mailing address.

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  1. Raquel

    OMG!! This is so stinkin cute– will need to go find some beads…great video Angie thanks!

  2. Diane H.

    That is so cute!!! Thanks for sharing!!

  3. April Garza

    Super cute!!

  4. Carolyn

    I really like this spider. It is so cute. Thank you for sharing !! Carolyn

  5. Tinalala

    This spider is adorable! Your directions and video are perfect! Going to make these with my Girl Scouts.

  6. Sonia Munoz

    It is so cute!!!

  7. Maria Mendoza

    Omg!, so cute, thank you so sharing. I can’t wait to go to my Micheal store and buy some beads.

  8. Pattie

    Very cute spider Angie! Thanks for taking the time to teach us how to make it:)

  9. Marilyn

    Your spider is so adorable!! Thanks for sharing with us

  10. Kathy O

    Can you tell me where to find the beads? I guess I am not familiar with these items but I do need to make some of these spiders!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Angie

      Hey Kathy,
      You can find the beads at Michaels and Hobby Lobby. Both stores has bead items on sale this week 🙂

  11. Kate

    Omg I love it I would want to scare my sister with it

  12. Rhonda Miller

    This is so fun. Thanks for the video.

  13. Kim Barnhart

    This is really cute! I’ve tried working with beads before and don’t have much luck. You did a great job!

  14. stamping sue

    what great spiders! I just might have to try to make one of them. I’ll have to check my supplies and see if I have something similar to what you used. thanks for sharing
    stamping sue

  15. Rosa

    How stinkin’ adorable! I love it!

  16. Shanna Chambers

    This spider is so cute (I can deal with this kind, I’m terrified of spiders)!!

  17. Deb Echelmeyer

    your box is perfect for these spiders. I will have to try.

  18. Pam

    What a ‘blinged out’ little creature. I’m gonna have to make some – thanks to all of you for sharing your directions!

  19. Nadine Motes

    This spider takes the cake I am going to make several for my co – workers they will add some Halloween Fun to our department–we need some daily encouragement as we are working under stress since we had a flood in our Café in August and we are struggling along to get food to the patients in our hospital…Thanks again Angie for all you do to inspire all of us…

  20. Valerie Martin

    I just watched your video and I LOVE it! Great instructions too. I did leave a comment but I am not sure how ofter you check them so I will just copy and paste my YT comment…
    What an adorable project!
    You made a comment that you “messed up” an earlier one b/d your beads were too loose. I believe that if you use your round nose piers and make the loop on the end of each of the legs tighter…if that makes sense. So in other words instead of one twist of your wrist you will have more of a coil look. If that bothers you, you can snip of the extra coil on the outer end. ( protect your eyes) If you put your thumb over the cutting edge of the pliers as you cut, it will keep the metal wire boogers from flying all over the place.

  21. DebbieL

    How cute is that little spider! Great job. Thanks for sharing.

  22. amy

    Love it Angie…. soooooo cute….

  23. Debbie

    That little spider is so cute. Just perfect for Halloween. Thank you for sharing .

  24. Diane T

    Cute spiders (if there is such a thing)!

  25. Lisa Sylvia

    Awesome, love it, so pretty 🙂

  26. Ilena Christman

    Wow, love, love, love the spiders. They are so authentic.

  27. Debbie ramos

    Super cute thanks so much, gonna have to try it.

  28. Lorraine P

    Cute spider. I will be giving these a try. Thanks for sharing.

  29. Mary

    Cute cute cute!

  30. Denise Heredia

    I love the spiders! And so making these! Thank you Angie!

  31. Karol hall

    I am hooked. Can’t wait to get the supplies and make these darling spiders. Thanks again for great instructions

  32. Buffy Scott

    Wow Angie, I think this is one of my favorite items you have made so far, well it is up there!! I am very afraid of spiders too, but fake cute sparkly spiders are ok! You have some GREAT projects & this rates up there with some of the best! Thanks for sharing!

  33. Georgia Mansfield

    I don’t like spiders either but I love beads and these I must say are pretty cute! Thanks for sharing this with us, I want to go out and make one now!

  34. Tammy Mohr

    He is adorable!!!!!

  35. Shirley

    VERY cute!

  36. Linda Duensing

    This is absolutely darling. Thanks for sharing.

    Linda D.

  37. REDGem

    Wow.. I’m afraid of spiders, but these look so cute! Tks for the video.

  38. Gail

    What a cute spider. Great video. Thanks for sharing!

  39. Robbye

    Absolutely awesome project. I can think of someone who might enjoy doing this project during her break. I’ll have to go buy supplies tomorrow.

  40. Carol Wilshire

    Love, Love, Love this spider. Now I have to go to my craft store and get the supplies. YAH!

    Thank you so much for sharing this tutorial with us. I really enjoy watching your tutorials, you do such a great job.

  41. Melissa Arey

    So cute! I hate spiders too but these are too adorable to be scary!! 🙂

  42. Barbara

    These spiders are too cute. I, too, hate real spiders, big or small. In fact, I see one in the corner near my ceiling out of reach as I write this comment. A job for my husband when he returns home. Thanks for a chance to win.

  43. Teri

    I’m off to JoAnn’s with my granddaughter to pick up some stuff to make some. Teri F.

  44. Mary K.


  45. nina m.

    How cute is that!!! You make it look easy. can’t wait to try it TFS

  46. Debbie Coleby

    gonna run out for duopolies tomorrow

  47. Traci Lord

    Omg, these are the Best! I’m definitely making them. Tfs!

  48. Peggy Provoost


  49. Kristen Poindexter

    I think I am quickly going to become addicted to making these spiders! They are adorable and seem pretty easy to make…thanks for sharing how to create them! 🙂

  50. Karren E. Olaveson

    I have watched your videos a lot, and am always impressed. I just watched your spider video and I was so excited because I have seen these spiders in specialty shops and craft fairs, and they always cost a small fortune. I thought it was difficult until I watched your video. Thank you so much. Now I can make my own and stop wanting to buy someone elses expensive crafts. Thank you again. I enjoy your expertise. Also, good luck with reaching your million. That is just incredible.

  51. I just looooove this spaider 🙂

  52. Missi Roeber

    It’s hard to imagine that a spider can be cute, but these are! Great tutorial, I will be off to get supplies this afternoon!

  53. Traci Davis

    Oh my goodness, these are darling. I’m not a beading fan but I definitely want to try some of these beauties. Thanks for sharing!

  54. Audrey Gail Cline

    These are just too cute…love them….and I hate spiders too..lol
    Have a great day and thanks for my granddaughters next hobby..lol
    She loves them more than I do and said we have to make some for her
    class for Halloween…OMG!!!!!

  55. Fay

    Love this spider!! Thanks for the video!!

  56. addiered

    Hey Angie.
    These are too spookin cute!! Great video. Thanks for sharing. Take Care xo Addie

  57. Monique Bromley

    Congrats! You did a great job on the video! Enjoying reading everyone’s comments! I’ll send you a picture of my grapevine spider wreath when it’s finished.

  58. oh my word! these are adorable! I’m with you on starting another hobby, but this may have pushed me over the edge! LOVE it!

  59. Lisa Cool

    My fireplace mantel is full of spiders and fall foliage. I had a stamp class yesterday and all of the girls loved them too. I guess Monique and I have a new addiction!

  60. Belinda P

    Such a cute spider. Haven’t really seen these before but will definitely be trying these for Halloween. Thanks for the video, it was great.

  61. That spider is so cute! What a creative addition to Halloween besides candy 🙂

  62. Judy

    Do you know what size beads you used for the head and body? I bought beads at Michaels but I think they’re too small. thank you so much

  63. Donna Bradford

    These are fantastic! I wonder if it would be too difficult for first graders. Maybe if I use pipe cleaners and pony beads? I will have to work on it!

  64. Carla Malcom

    This is a super cute project! I can’t wait to get to the craft store so I can make one, who am I kidding many. :-))

  65. Liz Cuadra

    love this idea…there is a lady that makes these at a craft fair that I do every year…looks like she’ll have competition! thanks for sharing!

  66. Paula Passe

    I also need bead sizes. I looked at everything they had at Michaels and I had no luck.

    • Angie

      Hi Paula, I’m sorry …. the beads do not have a size on them. If you watch the video … you will see the packaging. They come in strands and if you ask someone that works there they can show you (it’s misleading because it looks like a bracelet hanging in the store…. that’s why I made sure I showed it in the video).

  67. Judy

    I know it is to late to win one but still have to tell you how much I enjoyed the video. Wish I had see it early because I do not know if I will have time to make them for my grandson school. Going out tomorrow to get the stuff.

  68. Lisa

    These are the bee’s knees! Love them, I want to put in everyone’s box for Christmas if I can find the story that goes with them for their Christmas trees! THANK YOU!

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