12 Days of Christmas 2014 Day 11


A Money Holder is the 11th project for the 12 Days of Christmas.

I used the Chevron Tag a Bags with the Christmas Tagables Stamp Set (Photopolymer set).

You can make a bunch of these real quick (maybe next year)!

Here's a video on how to make the 12 Days of Christmas 2014 Day 11.

If you're reading this in your email ... CLICK HERE to watch the Video on my Chic n Scratch website.

Click here to Print the Instructions.

Stampin' Up! supplies:

  • Stamps:  Christmas Tagables - 134623
  • Ink:  Cherry Cobbler 126966
  • Card Stock:  Whisper White 100730, 

Cherry Cobbler 119685
  • Tools and Accessories:  Chevron Tag a Bag 131370, Decorative Label Punch 120907, Cherry Cobbler Sheer Ribbon 135839, Artisan Label Punch 130920, Glue Dots 103683

Correction to Day 10:  I said the wrong scoring measurements in yesterdays video .. I'm correcting the mistake now.  Sorry about that!!

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Thank you for all the kind words and prayers!! I can't tell you how much I appreciate all of you (I put many of your emails in my "nice emails" folder to read again when I need a pick me up).  For those of you that shared your story with me ... thank you for feeling comfortable enough to share it and I will pray for you as well!!!  

Now for the Negative Nellies ... I'll be short and sweet ..... be careful what you say ... you may one day eat your words.  

Thanks & have a great day!


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  1. Xiomara

    Hi Angie! Beautiful idea. Thanks

  2. Leslie S.

    Angie, I love this project. What a simple but cute way to give cash as a gift. Thanks for always sharing your wonderful talent with us. Ignore the negative comments, they are not worth your time.

  3. crystal El

    Very cute, I hope that you are feeling better and have a happy new year

  4. Sandy from Ca

    Great idea Angie…….Hope you are feeling much better and Happy New Year to you and your family. Looking forward to many more projects you 🙂

  5. Lili Garcia

    Do you know what I love most about this project??? It’s the effort you put into it. May God bless you always!!!

  6. meghan greene

    i would like to have the good greeting stamp set

  7. What a great idea and so easy! Thanks for posting!

  8. May

    Great project for cash gifts. I’m keeping that project tucked away and I’m sure I’ll be using it throughout the year. I am so grateful to you for sharing these projects with us. I just wanted you to know.

  9. Connie

    Great gift idea year round!

  10. April

    Love this little cash bag. Nice for quick gifts. Hope you are feeling better

  11. terrie rodrigue

    What I love about this video is that this is quick and easy and this would be perfect for a birthday gift…I give money to my grand-children because they are getting older and they can buy whatever they want……
    Thank you again for something simple.
    Take care

  12. Gail

    Cute, cute, love it. Always look forward to your videos!

  13. Carolee McCaslin

    Pretty project! Thank you so much for your wonderful inspiration and effort especially when you aren’t feeling well. Take care:)

  14. Jane Giggy

    How cute is this gift card/cash holder? I love it. I appreciate your dedication to finish the 12 Days of Christmas series. Great projects each and every one. I hope you are feeling better. Wishing you a healthy New Year!

    Regarding the negative Nellies: Shame on you! When someone Is down you don’t kick them. I don’t know what you said but I can say any negative comment is out of order and completely inappropriate!

  15. Rita Bracy

    This would be great for birthdays too…..Hope you’re feeling better.

  16. carolyn4723

    What a super and quick way to give cash/check. I plan to use it for gift cards. Ignore the negatives although I know that’s easier said than done. We appreciate that you keep giving us great ideas even when you don’t feel good. Rest and take care of yourself. We’ll still be here.

  17. Theresa Dowell

    Very cute Angie!!!!

  18. Robbye

    What an adorable project. I love how you find alternate uses for SU products.

  19. Jovie Quitugua

    I LOVE your ideas. Your work is amazing. Merry Christmas

  20. Raquel

    Angie you amaze me your efforts are endless–even when you are not feeling well. The way that I see time limits–I say why should we have time limits. Your projects are so amazing–you are AMAZING–the work that needs to be done to just think of the idea takes energy–and than to have to put it together with measurements-and than video–gee I am already overwhelmed. Angie do not change anything of how you do things–if you see all the comments you can see that we all support you. I do not think any of us can stop saying thank you for who you are and what you do–again you are loved and you will continue to be in all our prayers. Take care and hey smile–I am making a funny face for you. HA!!
    PS: To all the Negative Nellies–be nice the year is almost over–do something or say something nice there is still time!!!!!!

  21. Karen Tenney

    I hope today is a little better for you. I don’t know anything about Polymyalgia but I have two friends with Fibromyalgia and your symptoms seem to be very similar. It’s apparently hard to diagnose and some doctors don’t believe it’s real. But, if that hasn’t been ruled out then please ask about it. And, don’t worry about us. We won’t abandon you. Just get well! And, thanks for all the projects.

  22. Mary Todd-Robertson

    Angie, thanks for always giving of yourself, even when you’re not feeling well. Please take care of yourself.

  23. Carol Davidson

    I love to hear you talk. You are as country as I am…. LOL

  24. Joanne

    Love this idea. Now I will buy more of the bags. Nice to have on hand for the last minute gifts. Thanks.
    Feel Better!

  25. Melissa

    Super cute as always Angie! I would love one I these 🙂

  26. Bonnie G

    Glad you are back. Hopefully things start to calm down for you. I wish I did this for gift cards

  27. Mary

    Cute and quick idea to give money. It could be used year round. Thanks for sharing. Hope you are feeling better.

  28. Vickie Morris

    Will have to make these for next year. Love this ribbon. Hope you feel better.

  29. mandy

    you always have something I can use and it’s so cute.

  30. Sandi

    Super cute,hope you feel better soon

  31. Angie, that is such a cute idea … quick and easy too. TFS!

  32. Yes, very cute and quick idea. Your dedication to making these 12 days of Christmas when you don’t feel well….. is awesome. Take care and try not to stress.. take a rest and try to relax.. we will be waiting for you when you’re ready!

  33. Mary Ann Huntington

    What a cute money envelope present. I like the simplicity. Here’s hoping you are feeling better today.

  34. Cyndy Malewicz

    Thanks for all your inspiration. I have enjoyed all of you projects, the money holder is quick, cute and clever. Happy New Year. Wishing you a heathy and prosperous 2015. Xx

  35. Teresa

    super cute and quick. I love using that bag and then being able to put it inside…sometimes I have just one or two leftovers from a project. great use for those! thanks…. FEEL BETTER and take a break when you can. : )

  36. Lisa Wade

    Hi Angie, What a great idea. TFS Hugs & Blessings Lisa

  37. Lorraine P

    Great idea to use for birthdays too! Love it. Thank you for sharing and take care of yourself.

  38. Katherine T

    Cute and quick idea! Take care of yourself and get well soon. Sending prayers and good thoughts your way.

  39. Mary

    Oh gee, I can’t believe people would be negative towards someone who has been under the weather! Well, just bless and release them, that is all you can do.
    I love your gift bag idea, you could use it for gift cards too, which I like to give and cash too! Haven’t ever had anyone disappointed when they have gotten cash from me :). Hope you are feeling better today.

  40. Becky Boone

    Love this gift idea! With SU ribbons the possibilities are endless. Please take care of yourself…..know that prayers are offered for you. Happy New Year!

  41. Linda

    Angie…..so sorry that you have NOT been your self over the Holidays, but hope that you had a good one in spite of the fact that you were not up to “par” so to say. Think of it this way………..Next year, you will be 100% better and you will just breeze through all those 12 Days of Christmas like nothing………………………. Love the projects, but would rather have you feeling better. Feel better soon and come back to us ready to “RIP” into the new year. Take care and God Bless you …….Linda

  42. Lilian D.

    Love it its easy and quick tfs.

  43. Judy H

    This bag is shrt and sweet! I love the simplicity of it. Yep, simplicity atbit’s finest! You could literally make these by the dozen in no time. Have a wonderful day everyone. God bless

  44. Marilyn

    Great project!! I think the most important thing right now is your health. You need to take care of yourself right now. we will all still be around waiting for you videos when you are feeling better Sending prayers to you that you will start feeling better soon.

  45. Mary Ann H.

    You’re awesome Angie! You’re dedicated, talented and have more strength than those negative nellies. They are just jealous they can’t live up to what you do! Love this project…simple and sweet!

  46. Phyllis Banks

    Cute idea. Thx

  47. nina m.

    Hi Angie, WOW, talk about easy!! great idea, thanks for sharing

  48. Sonia Munoz

    Simple and very cute…love it. Hope you are feeling better.

  49. Eileen D

    Such a great idea and super cute too! Sending you feel better wishes and all the best in the New Year!

  50. chipper

    Super cute! Hope you feel better soon.

  51. Barbara Greenwell

    Wonderful idea as usual. Angie, don’t waste time on those who are negative. They are not worth it!!! Some people thrive on making other people feel bad about themselves.you are a wonderful, kind and caring person. You share such awesome projects with us and I appreciate you!!! God Bless You and I hope 2015 is a great year for you!!!!

  52. Margie W

    This is such a cute idea, Angie. I like the idea of using it for other
    special days as well. Have a happy new year, blessings to you.

  53. Wendy Perez

    what a cute and simple idea. I can see putting gift cards in there too. I hope you get a chance this new year to take time to heal. God Bless and I hope you find some answers to your illness.

  54. Sue Mac Donald

    Don’t apologize for anything!! YOU are so funny w/your tutorials. I love all of them & there are no fancy frill w/you; you tell it like it is. Happy New Year & if I win I’ll take anything, as it’s from you!

  55. Sherri

    Always love your projects!

  56. KaseS

    Another great project! Quick and cute ☺️

  57. KaseS

    Another great project! Quick and cute

  58. Mary R

    Hi Angie,

    You are so right about the Negative Nellies. I have had younger women at work make comments about how much work they can get done compared to some others of us who have been with the Company longer (those of us who are older). Angie, I pray they never have to feel Chronic Pain & Stiffness the way we do.

    Angie, take care of yourself. Your projects are great, even if Christmas Day is past, your projects can be adapted to other occasions by switching out the supplies and changing the colors. Get some rest + May God Bless.

    I forgot to tell you the quilt you made for Brooke is gorgeous! She will love it.

  59. Mal Kalei

    thanks for the simplicity of this project. I look forward to your next segment. Mahalo again.

  60. Lisa Sylvia

    Very cute project Angie 🙂 so simple but yet so pretty. You know who your nice friends are 🙂 It’s so sad that no matter what, people have to be negative. Thank the Good Lord for your health and hope you never get sick or have days where you just don’t feel well. JEEZ 🙂

  61. Jacquie

    As always another great project. Thank you for sharing.

    As we all should remember if you have nothing nice to say don’t say anything …

    and Angie you are awesome and don’t you forget it.

  62. JJ

    Quick & Easy & Super Cute ~ love all your projects and videos, Angie. The gift of cash is always appreciated…who couldn’t use a little extra for a special treat or perhaps to meet an unspoken need.

  63. Denise Heredia

    I love this money holder! I could make dozens of these to have on hand for any occasions. Angie try and be well my friend! Happy New Year!

  64. Jackie McG

    I always seem to forget how cut bows look with the wider ribbon. That just really sets off the whole package!

  65. Bette Manning

    very cute and super easy idea…Feel better soon!

  66. KaseyS

    Another cute and quick project! Love it 🙂

  67. Johanna M.

    Cute project. Love the ribbon. Thank you for posting.

  68. Jo

    I sure hope you get to feeling well soon! It’s never fun not being yourself and being able to fully enjoy the Holidays… I will keep you in my prayers that your health starts to look up…. and thanks again for another beautiful project! Everyone loves gift cards or money for special occasions and Holidays so this is a nice project to know how to do and can be mass produced very quickly. Thank you!

  69. stamping sue

    such a sweet and easy money holder….very creative use of the bag.
    Hope you get relief soon……Feel better!
    stamping sue

    I’d like to be included in drawing for stamp set. thank you

  70. eileen katorski

    what a great idea, get well soon and have a good New Year

  71. CJ

    I really like the money bag idea, it is perfect and you could even put a small
    note card in it with the money. Thanks for all you do and I pray you are
    feeling better real soon.

    Happy New Year.


  72. Linda Brady

    Love the gift bag! So easy and fast. I could use that for gift cards. I am usually making gift card holders at the last minute, so this is a great idea for me. I love the way you tied the cherry cobbler ribbon on it. Happy New Year and thanks for all the great videos!

  73. Mary

    Angie- I didn’t read any negative comments, but if there were shame on you! This is such a gift that you give us, and I am grateful for every project that you share no matter when it is! Take care of yourself! We love you!

  74. Julia

    Angie this project is so cute. This can really be used for any occasion, which makes it even better. Happy New Year!

  75. Laurie Newbigging

    Very cute and quick idea. Thanks! Feel better!

  76. Lisa Marie (NY)

    “…brown paper packages tied up with string (ribbon)…. ” This will definitely become a favorite! Thanks for sharing.

  77. Lisa Marie (NY)

    “…brown paper packages tied up with string (ribbon)…. ” This will definitely become a favorite!

  78. Susan from Colorado

    Angie, your mind must be centered on creative ideas! I never would have seen a gift card holder using one of these bags! Too clever. Great idea for all year – love it! Thanks so much! (I can’t believe you are doing all 12 days of Christmas when you aren’t feeling well) What a trooper!!

    • Angie

      That’s funny Susan … I actually was thinking “what is the quickest and easiest way to wrap up some cash” LOL

  79. Denise Bryant

    Fun money holders! I love the red and white ribbon…. very festive!
    Very grateful for all the ideas you share here (so inspiring!) and I hope you are feeling better!

  80. Gail Dunn

    What a cute and easy idea! Thanks! Always look forward to your videos!

  81. Debbie Hughes

    What a cute idea for cash/check/gift cards!! Love it!! Hope you are feeling better!! Happy New Year!!

  82. Linda Duensing

    Angie I love your project, but I love most of your projects. I am always looking for money holders/gift card holders and these are keepers. Keep your positive thoughts in mine and get better. Thanks for sharing.

    Linda D.

  83. Teri Feely

    Very simple but beautiful. The products just make it! Teri F

    • Laura Mack

      Hi Teri!
      You are the winner for Day 11 of the 12 Days of Christmas! Please email me your current mailing address at [email protected]. You may select the project or the Hostess Stamp Set “Good Greetings” as your gift!

  84. Karen

    What a cute and simple idea! That is great! I have some of those bags – will have to give it a try. Could use for gift cards too! Thank you for chance to win!

  85. Kim Innis

    How quick and easy! I love it!!

  86. Jean C

    Super cute and super fast. Thanks for sharing this great idea!

  87. Pam Schweitzer

    Nice quick and easy idea when you have a last minute party to attend or waited until the last minute for a gift. Thanks for sharing.

  88. Jovie Quitugua

    Your work is awesome!

  89. Marie Graham

    So simple but elegant and classy. You never disappoint thank you for this series.

  90. Eleanor

    who would’ve thought of this clever use of a bag but you? I think, “you’ve either got it or you don’t.” you do, and i don’t.

    feel better.

  91. Monica

    Thanks for the quickest gift holder. I love small bags! They’re so adorable! I will be using this idea for sure :-D! I can’t get over how great the idea is especially with the ribbon .
    Thanks for continuing to finish the 12 weeks! I will send positive energy your way to start feelin’ better and stay that way!
    Get rest & c u soon!
    🙂 Monica

  92. Sharon J.

    Love all your projects so much. The gift card holder is very cute! I love it.

  93. Patricia Swagler

    What a cool way to give money for Christmas. Negative people just don’t understand, my husband had a hard time understanding how bad my headaches were-I have really bad migraines-have had them since I was 10 years old I am now 57 years old-until one day he had a really bad headache.

  94. Jan Elmore

    The money holder is adorable. Just simple & perfect. Happy New Year.

  95. Kate Moore

    Love it!!

  96. Kristin

    Love money holders..this is so cute!

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