Stamping Basics Video Series


I'm happy to announce my Stamping Basics Video Series.

It's a series of ten Videos exclusive to my Newsletter subscribers.

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  1. Diana

    I got 3 and 4. Are they not in order?
    Thank you.

  2. FeM

    I’ve only received #3 and I’ve looked everywhere. Love your videos.

  3. Cynthia

    I just got # 4 but none of the first three. I just love this idea of going over Basics.
    I really hope I get the one on 1/8″ – 1/16″. That always gives me trouble.
    Thanks again for these great videos.
    Love all of your videos.

  4. Debi

    I just got 3 and 4 today…….did not get 1 and 2. Thanks

  5. Sharron

    Angie-I got the notice of Video 3 but the bottom line of your email is un readable. Everything I click on takes me to the page where you explain where to go to sign up. I never got 1 & 2. I would love to see them and I am on your mailing list…just haven’t gotten them. Can you help? Thanks-Sharron

    • Angie

      the link to access the Video is in the body of the email (not at the bottom). I’ll email you the links to one and two.

  6. Jane Elliott

    I got four today…never saw 1, 2, or 3

  7. Chrystyna Bryndzia

    Hi Angie,
    I only received #3 the one with the stamp pads. Please email me the link to the others, thanks.

  8. Rachel Hurtubise

    I have only received 4. I haven’t received 1,2 or 3. Thanks Rachel

  9. Banita Batts

    Got 4 today but not 1,2 or 3. : (

  10. Carmen

    Hi Angie I only received # 4 today.
    No others 🙁

  11. Carolyn

    I just got #4, but haven’t received the first 3.

  12. Peggy Powers

    I have only received #4 also.

  13. Raquel

    Only received 3 & 4. Like the videos–thanks!

  14. Kathy Thisted

    I also recieved #4 today but haven’t received 1,2 or 3. Is there a link to there prior ones I missed?
    Ps -Awesome video- Great info!!

  15. Patricia Arentz

    I received emails with 3 & 4 today. These are the first ones I received.

  16. Pam Auborn

    I just received 4, I did not get 1, 2, or 3.

    Thank You

  17. Tennia

    Sorry but I just got #4

  18. Paula Passe

    Hi Angie, I too have only received video #4.

  19. Rose M

    Got 1 and 2-but the links don’t work. They only go to the chic n scratch site. Thanks!

    • Angie

      Rose M. The link is supposed to bring you to my site … the video is posted on my site for newsletter subscribers only (on a hidden page). Please try the link again that says Click here to View the Video.

  20. Tracy Payne

    I only received Video 4

  21. Lisa Sylvia

    Hi Angie, glad I checked first, I only received Video 4. Sorry. Thanks for this, sounds like we can learn a lot. Much appreciated.

  22. Pam Schweitzer

    Enjoyed the video, but also only received #4.

  23. Marci Parrott

    I too only got video #4 and it was great. Looking forward to see 1, 2, 3 and the rest to come.

  24. Cathy K

    Hi and thank you but only received the 3rd video email today. Would like the first ones please.

  25. carolyn4723

    I can’t find a box to check for the video series.

  26. Bianca Cervoni

    I am on your mailing list and would like to get the video series.
    How do I get access? I look forward to all your videos.

  27. Laura

    I can’t find the box to check for the video series – am currently subscribed to your newsletter what do I need to do??

  28. Karol

    I only received # 3 and notified about 4 but there is no video. I do like your videos and these will be helpful I am sure.

  29. Lesa

    Hi Angie,
    Thanks for showing a quick and easy way to learn the markings on the cutting board. Much simpler than figuring out 1 3/4. I can just count the 6th larger line.
    I never understood the ruler except for the obvious half and inch marks.
    For sure am learning this.

  30. Carol Carriveau

    Hope I did not sign up for these earlier…more work for both of you! Looking forward to seeing them…thank you!

  31. noreene

    Hi Angie, I have received videos 3 & 4 But I haven’t received 1 & 2 . Thanks

  32. Tracy White

    Hi Angie, I just wanted to say thank you for these very informative and helpful videos, especially the one on 1/16 and 1/8 this one has cleared up my confusion on these measurements. Cheers Tracy

  33. Bonnie G

    I can’t find the videos I missed. I guess they are hidden really well. Lol

  34. Angie

    Bonnie G, if you join my mailing list they are sent to your inbox. Are you on my mailing list?

  35. Karen Marek

    Only got 1 & 2 wanted to see the one on the measurements.

  36. Mary Yeatts

    Love your Christmas one sheet wonder

  37. Love this series! Unfortunately I did not receive the first 3 videos in the series.

  38. Linda K.

    I only received the first video but would love to see the others, how do I get them?

  39. Maddy

    Could you please send me number’s 1, 2, 3….got all of the others and they were great….thanks in advance

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