Free Ribbon with Purchase

 Free Ribbon with Purchase


Our Craft Garage Sale starts Thursday and once we started setting things up we realized we have a lot of RETIRED Ribbon!!!

So, instead of selling it at my Craft Garage Sale here in Overland Park, Kansas ... I decided I would send it out to my customers over the next few days.

If you place an order of $50 or more ... you will receive one FREE Roll of Retired Ribbon for every $50 you order.  This applies only to Online orders placed on my Stampin' Up! website.

Don't forget'll also receive a Sale a bration item of your choice when you place your order online.

Dates:  February 23 - 27th

Here's some pictures of the garage at the moment ... to be honest I'm exhausted and we still have a ton of stuff to set up and we still need to price everything.

I'm not sure how much I'll be online this week ... but we are all doing well and Dave is doing great (after his surgery)!

Craft Sale Pictures - The right side of our garage looks pretty good!


Here's two tables of Retired Stamps and we're working a third.


Can you guess ... how many stamp sets have I've pulled off the tables and decided to keep?  To be honest I may remove more ... we just basically emptied the foot lockers.   Once we started pulling them ... I remembered why I've kept all this stuff!  I have to keep saying someone else will LOVE it now.

Blog  Candy -  Ribbon

Leave a comment to enter to win a roll of retired ribbon .... take a guess and tell us how many stamps have I pulled off the table (to not sale)?

Congrats Dolores North! You guessed the correct number of 10 stamp sets!  Please email Laura to claim your ribbon.

Thanks and have a great day!!


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  1. Sandy from Ca

    Oh Angie how I wish I lived in Kansas ? I’m going to guess that you took back 57 sets? Glad you’re all doing well have fun with your garage sale ?

  2. Wanda

    I am going to take a guess and say 13

  3. Dawn

    Zero! You’re trying to declutter! πŸ™‚

  4. Lisa Sylvia

    Angie, you are too funny. I love love love to give but, sometimes you just can’t part with certain things. I’ll take a guess and say 20 sets πŸ™‚

    • Lisa Sylvia

      Oh by the way, Good Luck at your sale (thought you had it already) and so glad to hear that everything is well and that Dave is doing great. Thank God. πŸ™‚

  5. Julene

    I wished I lived close to you so I could come to your sale lol. I think u removed 45 sets ☺️

  6. Angelica

    I would of LOVE to be able to attend this sale! Oh my gosh! I think that you took (1) one stamp set!

  7. Lisa F

    Oh my! I wished I lived close by! I’m going to say you removed 32 stamp sets.

  8. Kelly Michels

    Gosh golly!! That looks like an awesome garage sale. Sure wished I lived near you!! I’m gonna guess 30 stamp sets. For your sake (the decluttering factor) that it is less but I perfectly understand if it is higher. Hard to let some of those retired sets go, for sure !!!

  9. Phyllis Werner

    All I can say is Wow!!! I am drooling at all that stuff for your garage sale. But your right, someone else will love them too. I say you removed 50 sets.

  10. Karen Bull

    I guess you pulled 46 sets back. Wish I lived closer.

  11. Leslie S.

    I think you pulled 29 stamp sets back. Sure wish I could come to our sale.

  12. Debbie Wicklund

    I’d say 100. That’s based on my own personal experience.

  13. Belinda Poole

    I am going to say 30 sets, but I sure it could be more because of all the years that you have been in Stampin’ Up. Wish I lived closer. Would love to attend. Hope you have a great sale and please don’t get down trying to get it all set up. Take care.

  14. Belinda Poole

    I forgot to say thank you for the opportunity to win the ribbon. You are so kind. You have the biggest heart.

  15. Casey P

    Im going to guess 27 sets.

  16. Michelle Higbie

    Hi. You are an inspiration! I am a fellow demonstrator and follow you and use your ways to bring ideas and support to my customers. I love your videos and your genuine way with people. Thanks for being an inspiration to me. Kept doing your thing!!

  17. Rachel Hurtubise

    Wow!!! That sure is a lot of stuff, sure wish I lived closer. I’m going to say you kept 25 stamp sets.
    Glad to hear that Dave is doing well : ) Angie, please take care of you during this grand event and hoping it goes well for you. Thank you for all the kind things you do for us. It’s greatly appreciated. : )

  18. Jennifer Newell

    I’m going to say 28 sets.

  19. Dolores North

    If you are trying to clear out I would think you probably pulled around 10 from the garage sale. Good luck with your sale. Wish I was closer I would be there. It is just a long road trip from Houston.

  20. Wendy Taylor

    My guess is 13.

  21. Bette Manning

    I have no idea but I will guess 50 stamp sets! Wish I lived closer!

  22. Buffy Scott

    I will say you decided to keep 67 rolls of ribbon. And I also say, there is nothing wrong with that….it makes you happy, that is why you decided to buy it in the first place, right? That is ok, you will use it up, when you, use it up..ha ha!!! Enjoy and be grateful for what you have achieved in your wonderful business that allows you to be so fortunate. Have a great time, wish I could be there to enjoy the good times!!! Take care and prayers for your husband. I will be in those shoes at the end of March. Unfortunately this will be my 13th surgery, but thank goodness this one will not be on my back. Have a great week/weekend!!!!

  23. Lori J

    I’m guessing 22.

  24. Noreene Newby

    Wow, sure wish I lived closer. That looks like a lot of years worth of happy stamping and making good memories…thanks for sharing your creativeness for all these years and even more years to come. Can’t even begin to guess how many you might have kept but I know I would have a hard time departing with any of it. Wish you the best on your sale. Right now I’m wishing I had Dorothy’s shoes so I could click them and find myself in Kansas. ?

  25. Hannie

    I know how you feel– I have parting issues with anything! I would say about 15 sets.. Which is still a lot?

  26. Gail M

    I am SO TEMPTED to take a personal day at work and fly to your garage sale and shop and fly home. An empty suitcase and my toothbrush in my purse and a wallet full of cash! I might have to look up flights! πŸ™‚ How many stamp sets? I will say 26. Have a great time at the sale!

  27. Connie R

    You are too funny! Good luck with your sale. Thanks for being such a sharing and kind person. Continued success.

  28. Lesa

    I think it’s 52.Save some for me.LOL.

  29. Julie B

    So glad your hubby is doing well! I was hoping you were just busy with the sale! Glad that’s the case. I’m going to guess 15. Good luck with your sale!

  30. johnnie sexton

    Angie, you are so funny…I know how you feel. I did the same when I was giving some away. I think you have pulled out 30. Hope you have a very successful day!! Glad Dave is doing so well.

  31. Rosa

    I’m thinking you found about 27 sets that you can’t part with! Prayers to Dave in his continued recovery and good luck at your sale! It must be a good feeling to know all those sets will be going to loving homes!

  32. Deepa M.

    I’m so glad to hear that Dave is recovering nicely! I wish I was coming to Kansas this weekend, I’m sure I’d find lots of new things to love. I guess you’ve taken 33 items back from the tables so far πŸ™‚ Have a great day!

  33. Kathy O

    I wish I could have planned a trip to Kansas just to go to this garage sale! It will be awesome!
    I am betting you have pulled 47 items off of the table. But who can blame you!!!

  34. Jennifer S.

    Good thing I live several states away! I would be buying so much stuff! I will guess 25 sets of stamps have been rescued!

  35. Pam Schweitzer

    Sure wish I lived closer would love to attend your garage sale. My guess is 14. It’s so hard to part with stamps!

  36. Jan Elmore

    Yikes!!! I’m guessing well over a hundred stamp sets were pulled! Best intentions eh? It’s hard to part with craft stuff…no matter how much you may have. You know that old saying, ‘There’s no such thing as too much!’

  37. Denise Bryant

    My guess is 45!
    I see a set on the table that i have been wanting… wish I lived close enough to come and grab it at your sale!

    • Denise Bryant

      Can I change my guess to 44, as I see someone else has said 45! I made my guess without reading other comments first! First number that popped into my head!

  38. Cindy Walter

    wow you were certainly busy! that is amazing sure wish I could go to the sale am going to guess you removed a whopping 23 sets!!!

  39. Dana Marsolek

    Good luck with the garage sale, looks like loads of wonderful products. I will guess that you removed 17 stamp sets πŸ™‚

  40. Raquel

    Wow Angie this is the best organized Garage Sale I have seen. Almost looks like a small cozy store. You and Laura are doing an amazing job–you will sell so much and I am sure made room to put back the 51 stamp sets you took out–you are too darn cute. Good Luck on your sale. Wish I could be there. Take care and glad to hear Dave is doing better.

  41. WOW!! That is a whole lot of stamp sets!!! I think you took at least 30 stamp sets off the table to keep but probably a whole lot more than that. LOL I know if it was me that is actually what would happen to me. LOL!!!

  42. Babe O'Mara

    Good luck on the garage sale. I’d say 35 sets you took back. Take care.

  43. Carmen

    Wish I lived in KS not AZ right now lol

    my guess is 37 stamp sets

    Best of luck with the sale

    Will you be selling on line things that don’t go this weekend?

  44. Sandi

    25 stamp sets. Hope everyone enjoys shopping.

  45. Margie W

    I would love to come to your sale. I am going to guess 48.

  46. Dorothy Jancart

    I’ll say 38 sets. Wish I could rummage through it all….good luck with the sale.
    Exhausting is right. You will be so happy to get it all gone.

  47. Judy Haynes

    OMG! You crack me up! I’m hyperventilating at the sight of all that great stuff! I’d probably have to guess that you kept at least 25 stamp sets. Boy….just think of all the cash you’ll have to buy more stamps that you absolutely can’t live without! We crafters may not always have it all together, but together….we pretty much have it all! Good luck with the sale. It’s probably a good thing I live in Michigan. I might have been one of your best customers!

  48. kris k.

    Oh, how I wish I lived in Kansas!!! I would guess you’ve pulled at least 32 sets off the tables!!

  49. Liz Cuadra

    I’ll say 23 sets…hope you sell all of them!

  50. Linda Walsh

    I would LOVE TO BUY STAMPS at your garage sale. Louisiana is too far away But hope you sell many to clean out and make that husband happy. (Mine hates all the crafts,) I sew also and fabric is taking over the garage. I think you kept about 20 stamps . Enjoy

  51. Wow, amazing assortment, I am guessing 32.

  52. Linda Walsh

    I would love to buy stamps at your garage sale. Louisiana is too far away. But hope you sell many to clean out and make that hubby happy ( mine hates all the crafts. And fabric) I think you kept 20 stamps.

  53. Patty Fournerat

    Wish I could be there, it looks like an awesome garage sale. Glad to hear your husband is doing well. My guess is 26?

  54. Karen Tenney

    My guess is 11 and that might be too many. It’s so hard to let go of them though. Hope you sell a lot!

  55. sandy

    wish i was there! I guess 36

  56. Deb Robinson

    Angie: you have probably pulled 30 sets off the table and I bet you will pull 15 more.

  57. Linda D

    Hmm – I guess you pulled 18 sets off – and will maybe pull 8 more, Good luck with the garage sale!!

  58. Ilena Christman

    Wow, what a haul. You probably pulled about 40 stamp sets. Have fun and a great success with your garage sale. Ilena

  59. Karen

    I’ll guess 36 stamps. If your having a garage sale of this much retired do you have just as much current? Wow!

  60. Regina Loukoumidis

    I guess you pulled 43 sets. I wish I live near you! But then again I need to declutter myself!! πŸ™‚ Have fun!

  61. dutch

    Thanks for the chance at the ribbon. I have never used SU ribbon before so it would be great to get a roll. I am going to guess (my forever age) 39 for the stamps. I wish that I lived closer to you so I could get in on some of your bargins. Maybe you will put what is left over (if there is anything) in your store. Thanks again

  62. Brenda Wright

    I’d say 28 stamps. Wish I could make it to your sale .A bit far from NJ
    Love what you share,thank you

  63. Stephanie S.

    I would guess 151 sets. Wish I could come.

  64. Kathy

    Wish I lived close enough to come to your sale! I think you took back 24 sets to not sell!

  65. isabella

    I so wish I lived closed i would love to buy a few of your sets and other things .. we had a flood here and after 15 yrs of being a stampin up customer i lost it all my craft stuff and kids scrapbooks from babys to high school in a flood a few weeks back and i had just moved back home here to tennessee and didnt have flood insurance so nothing was covered .. but i did just buy some things from you last week on line

    i think you took back about 45 sets

    thank you for all you do angie

  66. Chris

    Hi. Kansas is just too far to drive over and back in one day. God luck on your sale. I think that you took back 34 sets. I have such a hard time getting rid of any of my sets. (and I think that they multiple over night.)

  67. Robyn

    I would love to be in Kansas to see this sale. My guess is 5.

  68. Carey Erickson

    Angie I think that you pulled off 20 stamp sets then ended up placing them back onto the table to sell.?

  69. JJ Robertson

    Hard to part with Stampin’ Up stamp sets, but a great way to make room for more! My guess is 16 sets found their way back – just a number that popped into my head.

  70. Gloria Westerman

    Wish I too live close to you…I know I would be there…with cash in hand…my guess would be 12 sets…glad to hear everyone is doing good…tks

  71. Betty Goodson

    Oh how I wish I still had friends in Overland Park (used to). This is an incredible sale , lucky crafters in your area! I sold some recently, I guess because our tastes change after we have done this for such a long time. My daughter is not even a stamper and she removed about 15 sets before the sale, so I am guessing yours had to be way more than that. I’ll guess 72. Have a good sale.

  72. Jennifer lubinsky

    Wow! Amazing. I wish I was local. I’m going to guess 3. I’m thinking you want to get rid of everything, so you didn’t change your mind about too many that you put out. ?

  73. Jacqueline volk

    If it was me they would not even a table but you put it so I’ll say trying to be good so I’ll say 53 it was my birthday on the 12th and that’s how old I as if your saying who come up with that number? I bet you took more of tho

  74. Kathy

    I’m guessing 13…..I admire your ability to sell. ANY!!

  75. Paula Bringmann

    I am going to guess 23 stamp sets. It is so hard parting with stuff.

  76. Margaret

    What a great opportunity for stampers in your area (of which, I am not). I think you hung on to 27 stamp sets that you just couldn’t part with….. Hope the weather cooperates and you have a long line of customers!

  77. Carla Perea

    I showed the pictures to my fiancee & when he found out you are NOT in Rio Rancho NM all he could say is thank god because he knew I’d be heading on over!!! LOL I think you kept 82 because there are ssooo many great older sets

  78. Donna Germany

    I’ll say 15 sets

  79. Lupita

    Hello. I say 54 sets.

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