Bella & Friends Stamp Set Story

 Bella and Friends Stamp Set 


I'd like to start out by saying THANK YOU to everyone that has contacted about the Bella & Friends Stamp Set!!!    I love it and I'm so happy that many of you do as well!!


I've had more than one person request the story behind the stamp set ... so here it goes!

Miss Bella came to us in December 2011 as a 10 week old Cavachon puppy (Cavachon is half King Charles Cavalier and half Bichon Frise).  I ordered her online ... and she flew from Tennessee to Kansas.  Brooke and I often talk about the night we drove to the airport to pick her up ... it was such a special moment!!  

Here's her baby picture  ....


I know buying a dog online sounds a little shocking but I figured my customers trust placing online orders with me  ... then I should extend that same curtesy ..... I'm sure glad I did!  She has honestly been the best pet I've ever owned and since I grew up on a farm ... I've had a lot of pets.

The story behind the stamp set ...  When I reached a million dollars in sales with Stampin' Up! I was given the option to have a party and all sorts of fabulous things ...  I choose to meet with their illustrator and design the Bella & Friends Stamp Set (and it's how Pretty Kitty came to life as well).  I can't draw even a stick man so Kathy gets all the credit for the creation ... but Miss Bella's pictures .. and Skittles too  ... was the inspiration for the stamp set.   

Miss Bella with her winter hair cut 🙂


Here's a picture of Skittles .... 


Skittles is a Green Cheek Conure and she's actually Chase's bird (insert sad face when he moves out next month).  I guess we could call her my grandbird  LOL

The Bella & Friends Stamp Set (141870) is currently on backorder ... but you can still order it and it should ship soon.

Thank you again for all your kind emails about the stamp set!

Screen Shot 2016-06-23 at 1.19.33 PM

More Personal stuff ....

I apologize that I've not worked this week!!!  I started having really bad pain in my right eye on Monday and today I went to the eye doctor for the 2nd time this week.   Turns out I have an internal stye and the doctor gave me some medicine.  I hope it starts working soon. I'm just glad it's only a stye ... I was seriously scared since the pain was getting worse (and it hurt to look at my computer screen)!! 

Thanks & have a wonderful day!!


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Thanks and have a great day! 

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  1. Julie B

    Thanks for sharing about darling Bella and Skittles. Can’t wait to show the pictures to my son. He is totally in love with Bella! I’m sure glad it wasn’t anything more serious with your eye! Take care of yourself!
    Julie B

  2. Jessica Davis

    I have watched numberius videos and havent had the pleasure of seeing your beautiful pets. They are wonderful. Thanks for sharing and we do miss your videos. Rest those eyes.

  3. Johnnie sexton

    i just got mine and am in love with it. Of course, I love all the pics and stories about Miss Bella and Skittles. Tell Chase he has to share custody of Skittles since Miss Bella will miss her terribly. Lol!

  4. Sandy Perry

    I’m so in love with Bella?? We lost our Scooby almost two years ago and life has not been the same!! Take care of your eyes and rest we will all still be here for you Angie ???

  5. Deepa M.

    Hope your eye feels better soon Angie! Thanks for sharing the story behind the stamp set, and the pictures of your darling pets. I love the Bella stamp set, it is absolutely adorable, and the Pretty Kitty stamp is the perfect companion set.

  6. Denise Walker

    I love the story about Bella. It was great to speak with you the other day. You cleared you some questions. I still have a few but they will come in due time. I hope your stye clears up soon I know the feeling. You do have to rest them. Don’t listen to the old wise tell rub a warm gold ring on it. It doesn’t work I tried (lol) it didn’t work for me. Well take care…..

  7. Kathy O

    What a wonderful story. I have been following your blog so I knew most of the details but am glad to read about it again.
    I really love the Bella and Friends stamp set.
    Can’t wait to get my cover back with your signature on it! My first autographed stamp set!!

  8. Debbie Wicklund

    I just got my Bella and Friends stamp set yesterday. Can’t wait to stamp some cards with it. I’ll be sending the cover to you to sign.

  9. Sue Speigner

    Oh Angie, I am so sorry about your eye! I will pray that you have relief real soon!! I am one of those that is waiting for my “Bella and Friends” stamp set….sad face. I have ordered and maybe it will be here really soon! I love the pictures of Miss Bella and Skittles. They are so darn cute!! Thanks for sharing!!

  10. Karen Tenney

    Bella and Friend was the first stamp set I ordered out of the new catalog. Thanks so much for helping to design it. Hope you are feeling better soon!

  11. I just love that story – how sweet that they were the inspiration for the stamp set! Feel better!

  12. Belinda P

    So happy that you chose to do a Stamp set for Ms. Bella and Skittles. This way we will enjoy them with you for years and years to come. Hope you eye gets much better really soon. Rest it and take it easy.

  13. Rosemarie C

    Sorry to hear about your eye ouch! Rest and take care of yourself first. Bella and Friends and Pretty Kitty are both adorable. They filled a gap in our stamp sets. Grandmother’s get to visit their animal grandchildren!

  14. Nidia

    Hope your eye gets better. I can really feel your pain. I have problems with my eyesight and I too have problem seeing but I use an Ott Light and that helps.
    Miss seeing your designs.

  15. Denise Bryant

    Such a sweet set! I love all the stamps in it. I have a Sun Conure named Little Bird. My daughter doesn’t live at home, but I often say I have a grandbird, grandcat and granddog.
    Glad your eye is improving!

  16. Buffy Scott

    Thank you so very much for the new pictures..if not new maybe new,/newer!!! She is a beautiful doll baby!! I remember the very first picture I saw of Bella, it was a picture of Birthday Party!!! She was standing still and beside her was a picture was her birthday cake. I thought that was the cutest thing I had ever seen!! I had a cat at that time, never had a dog, but thought…a great idea!!!! Several years later, I have a puppy (not a puppy, but I believe I will always call her that, she will always be my baby.., right?) I have an 8 lb liver color Shiz Tzu…and she had a PUPPY BIRTHDAY CAKE, for Birthday #1 & 2. And will continue as long as she is mine… Thank you Angie got the wonderful idea. Sadie Belle is our babies name. And of course she is just like our sweet precious baby girl. We could not have real children, so we have the 4 legged type..they are just as precious!! I just loved the idea AND I JUST LOVE THE STAMP SET..WHEN IT COMES BACK IN STOCK!!!!! I CAN NOT WAIT!! Buffy

  17. Gail M

    Thank you, Angie for sharing the story behind the Bella and Friends Stamp Set! I was happy to see all the pics and read your post. I am sorry to hear your eye is sore, and hope it heals quickly! Be well!

  18. Awww, Miss Bella is so adorable, Angie! Thank you for sharing her story. I have had the Bella & Friends stamp set since the catalog came out and it’s a wonderful stamp set! We had a Bichon for 14 yrs. Had to put her down in 2012 and it was one of the hardest things we ever had to do. Now we have a Maltese/Shih tzu and a Yorkie/Cairn Terror and those doggies sure are the highlight of our lives!
    Hope your eye gets to feeling better soon! I know all too well about styes. I have suffered with them for the last 3 yrs and only to get a diagnosis just this past week of Rosacea! I get atleast 3 styes a month so I know all too well of your pain! Feel better soon!!

  19. Great blog post Angie. Bella and Skittles are adorable!! Hope you feel better soon.

  20. Lisa Sylvia

    Angie, thanks for sharing the story. Bella is so darling and her baby picture, well what can I say, she is the cutest. Skittles is beautiful and I hope you still get to see a lot of her, which I’m sure you will. I love my set and am so happy to have gotten it. I also love the Pretty Kitty set too. I figured I might as well get that one too 🙂 I’ll be sending my insert to you probably on Tuesday (haven’t had much time to get to the Post Office). Thanks ahead of time for your autograph 🙂

    • Lisa Sylvia

      Oh and by the way, Thank God the problem with your eye is not serious. My mother got vicious pains in her left eye and it ended up being macular degeneration 🙁 She is being treated for it and we are hoping and praying that her site will come back. Thank God she can still see from her right eye, she is taking eye vitamins to hopefully prevent it from happening to that eye too.

  21. Rosa

    Hi Angie! I love the story! Thanks for sharing it. I have to tell you I’m a Siamese Cat Mom of two and not really into dogs. HOWEVER, Miss. Bella is absolutely adorable and if I was “allowed” to have a dog I would chose one just like Miss. Bella! With all that said I ordered your set from you! I love the set and I adore your stamping style so in a way I will have a piece of your art in my stamp room! Thank you for all you do and he constant inspiration! God Bless! (I hope your eye gets better!)

  22. Mary Alice Bellis

    I love the Bella stamp set, and now that I met Bella herself, and heard your story, I want it even more. It’s adorable. The bird is a special bonus, too, as I have a cockatiel, Snowflake, that loves paper and my being in my craft room.
    Take care of your eyes. I had a herpes infection in my eye 2 years ago that kept me in darkness for many months. Nothing worse than eye problems.

  23. Robbye Hamilton

    Mentioning how much my grandniece and I adored Miss Bella was one of the first things I said to you when I first met you. I still think she’s so precious and I’m hoping the set won’t stay on backorder too long. Thanks for sharing how she joined your family.

  24. Jenny Grimble

    So sorry to hear you not well ,bella story lovely ,hope you get better soon,love ,love,love ,what you do, love from uk England xx

  25. HJ

    So glad your eye problem isn’t something worse and I hope it will be cleared up soon. Great story about how you got Bella and how the Bella and Friends stamp came about. Congrats on reaching your big milestone with SU. I enjoyed the pictures of Bella and Skittles your grandbird (too cute). Take care of yourself.

  26. Maureen

    This is a great stamp set for your little Miss Bella. She is adorable and I would take her any day. Miss our little dog. Great stamp set for anyone that you know that has a dog. They would love any card that you would make and send to them.

  27. Maureen

    Angie, I didn’t know that is stamp set was designed by you and Miss Bella. It’s sure fits the bill for a cute stamp set for any animal lover, cat or dog !!!!!

  28. Great story about Bella, I’m sure you only have a sty, I know it is painful, hopefully the melds will act fast. Hang in there and take care of you and Dave. (The rest of your family too.)

  29. Becky Wynn

    So neat the share about Bell n Skittles. Hope the med works fast for u n u feel well asap.

  30. Carol Carriveau

    Miss Bella and Skittles are both adorable! Very smart choice to have your beloved pets captured in a stamp ser!!! Love it!

  31. Carmen

    Angie hope you and your eye are doing better very soon ; – )

  32. Stephanie Cox

    What a great story about Miss Bella! I just knew that was your Million Dollar set when I saw it!! What a blessing our pets are!

  33. Kate A

    I had no idea about the back story!! Love the set!!

  34. Nina

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful story about Bella. hipe your eye gets better soon.
    Take Care,

  35. Karen Barber

    Wow – thanks for sharing this story, I never knew that was an option when you hit a million, and congratulations for THAT, too! (I JUST, as in day before yesterday hit 800,000) :):):) I keep telling everyone that the dog and cat set they have this year surpass any I have seen in decades……so so bloomin’ CUTE!!!! Thanks for designing them – just adorable!!!!

  36. Leslie Morton

    I just love your Bella story. I had a peekaboo and sadly lost him. Since we have no kids he was our hairy child. Went every where a hotel excepted pets. He loved traveling. Not ready to get another dog but surly like a mix breed with Bichon Frise in it. When we are ready i’ll have to research the Cavacon’s out. Thanks for sharing her bread as well. Love dogs of that size. Have a great year and hope your eye gets better.

  37. Cheri L

    Thank you Angie for sharing your story about Miss Bella. Ohmygosh, looking at the baby picture is no wonder you fell in love with such a adorable little cutie. What a great honor to hit your reached a million dollars in sales. But then to have the honor of actually creating a stamp set to be in the Stamp in catalog. You have to be be so proud of yourself. Did you also create Pretty Kitty as well? I am so sorry to hear about your eye. So glad that you went to the Dr. I hope that it gets better really quick. Thank you for your Bella and Friends Stamp Set. I love it.

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