Pokemon Go Ball

How to make a Pokemon Go Ball


My project today is how to make the Pokemon Go Ball and a Pokemon Explosion Box.

If you have grandchildren or children that are playing ... I bet they would love to receive a handmade card or an explosion box ... or better yet a battery charger to charge their device. I have a box later this week that will hold one of those.  


To create the Pokemon Ball  you have two choices ... 2-1/2 Circle Punch  that is retired or you can use the Layering Circles Framelit.  I have a smaller version too 🙂

You need Real Red Card Stock, Whisper White Card Stock and Basic Black Card Stock.

The punches include:  

  • 1-1/4 Circle
  • 1" Circle Punch
  • 3/4" Circle Punch
  • 1/2" Circle Punch
  • 2-1/2 Circle Punch (Retired)
  • or Laying Circles Framelits


Pokemon Go has taken over our streets and neighborhoods and over the weekend I personally encounter lots of people wanting to talk about the game. Since I too am playing (in my spare time) I was happy to chat with them.  Dave and I went to our park Saturday night because I needed more Poke balls and on the path everyone we encountered not only were playing but also ask if we were playing.  Two weeks ago they may have just said hello (or nothing at all) now they are engaging. 

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Pokemon Punch Art


Made with 2-1/2 Circle Punch (retired)


Pokemon Go Ball

Make with Layering Circles Framelits



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Thanks and have a great day!

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  1. Mary A

    Angie- this is so cute! I’m not playing at least not yet, but my daughter is. I love your box and card. I think I like the larger one on the box. Great project.

  2. Amy P

    Great project! No am not currently playing but my daughter is and we are having lots of conversations at work about it. I think I like the smaller one on the box and the card is perfect size.

  3. Melinda Garcia

    I don’t play but I’m a 3rd grade teacher so I am sure when school starts August 22, I will have a classroom of kiddies who are playing! I would love to make these boxes as their welcome back to school gift from me. Maybe fill it with a sharpener, pencil top erasers, a glue stick, and lead pencil refills! Thanks so much for this opportunity! ?

  4. brittany b.

    Cute box. Has a real art deco look that I really like.My kids are kinda old and don’t play that game. But I do like the box.

  5. Phyllis Banks

    I love it! I’m 65 and yup playing it with my grandchildren. Love how it gets them outside and moving around.

  6. Mary Alice Bellis

    What a fun idea! I love making explosion boxes, and this is the perfect inspiration to make one for my granddaughter’s birthday tomorrow. She’s turning 12, and her family is playing Pokémon go, too. Funny thing is that a few months ago my son had to have a talk with his daughter, because she was spending every dime she got on Pokémon cards, and that is all she wanted to talk about with people. She was told she had to expand her horizons, and now this game comes along, and brings it right back into focus again. Wondering where this is going to take her.

  7. Bonnie G

    So fun

  8. Dewilda Elliott

    Love the Pokemon box and card. My grandkids are having a blast chasing, I guess that’s the right term. Can’t wait to see box for external charger. I prefer the smaller ball on the box. Thanks for helping us grandmas stay up to date.

  9. Suzie Quebedeaux

    Angie, That is ADORABLE!!! My boys are playing it. My boys are 17 and 19 so it was the big thing when they were growing up. Now I am driving them around town (my oldest drives but it gave me something to do with them) to catch Pokemon. We had a blast yesterday doing it until some jerk hackers brought down the servers for a while.

  10. Brenda Lawrence

    I think this is so fun Angie! No, I’m not playing because for one I have no hand-eye coordination to play video games, the Atari came out when I was 17 but I never played on it. My youngest son (20) is playing however and he tells me about it. He also collected some of the cards as well. You have to go with the latest craze! When it’s hot, it’s hot! My late husband couldn’t understand our youngests obsession with the latest and greatest electronics. I hold hubby that is the era he is living in and he has to stay ontop of it or get left behind. lol Hugs, Brenda

  11. Connie C

    Cute box! I don’t play Pokemon Go!, however, my granddaughter teaches Middle School Special Ed, so thinking of making the boxes as ‘Welcome’ for her kiddos. They love their ‘Grandma’ goodies, and I’m sure some or all are playing! Thank you for the tutorial!!

  12. Kathy O

    I have to admit you are up with all the newest crazes! And I love that you made up a project that goes along with it!

  13. Marilyn

    Great project!! I am not playing but I do have a couple of grandkids playing. They would love this.

  14. The smaller one looks better on the box. I don’t play but I would give this with the charger to friends & family who do play…it’s a great gift & great way to package the charger! Your so good at thinking up great presentations for gifts! I love it!!!

  15. Raquel

    Angie you are too cute–how nice that you are enjoying this game. I do not have any of this I have a very simple cell phone–so I miss out on all the fun. I think the project today is great–thanks for sharing and go have some more FUN!!! Just please watch where you are going!! HA!

  16. Carolina Flores

    I’m totally making this boxes for my girls, I know they will love them. Thank you Angie for such a great idea!
    We’re not playing the pokemon game, but my 2 girls just starts collecting pokemon cards. Love it because my poor husband usually need to play girls game, now he can talk and play pokemon battles…lol!

  17. Sue D

    How fun! I don’t play but I know some kids who are playing. I like the smaller one on the box.

  18. Teresa Scott

    This is so cute my grand-kids would love this,

  19. Linda D

    Cute – glad you are having fun and getting to spend time with your kids playing. I like the smaller one on the box.

  20. You are totally awesome, making this kit is so cool, will need to make 3 for my grands, they are so into this. Thanks so much for this Pokemon set and my daughter was into them years ago and has a whole box, I’ll have to get them out for the grands to see. Thanks for your giveaway and talent in making these.

  21. By the way I like the smaller box.

  22. Belinda P

    This is wonderful. I don’t play this but my son does and has always loved Pokemon. I will be making this special card for him. Thanks for this and have fun.

  23. Mary Stolaas

    Angie, that is a cute project even if I know nothing about Poekmon. I like the smaller one on the box. It seems to fit better.

  24. Jacqueline Ciolli

    I haven’t started playing yet– but fully intend to! Many of my friends play and I think it’s a hilarious & fun way to get out and explore my neighborhood! I am going to be making a lot of these in the future, I’m sure!

  25. Darlene Boardman

    My Niece & Nephews will appreciate this! I have no idea what Pokemon go is Lol! But this is a great idea for their upcoming birthdays!

  26. Barbara

    Thanks for sharing this project. I haven’t a clue as to what Pokémon is all about, but my grandkids do. Think I will surprise them with this project. I like the smaller circle on the box.

  27. Nancy Farrell

    Thank you so much for a great Pokémon lesson. I was planning on making a Pokémon card for my nephew and opened up your blog and there it was. I am so excited. I prefer the smaller ball on the box. Thank you also for the hit of the external charger.

  28. Mary

    Good for you that you are making memories with your kids by playing and having fun too! I don’t play but I think it would make a cute birthday card for those playing and I like the smaller one on the box!

  29. Jennifer Lubinsky

    I love this project. The colors are so striking together. I just heard about the Pokemon craze. Be careful. My husband to,d me people are not paying attention and are getting hurt, even death. That’s great that you found something to do with your kids. I do the same thing.

  30. Rhonda Miller

    I love this. Thanks for showing how to make the Poke Balls. My kids will love it. We’ve been playing Pokemon Go together and have made it to level 8 so far.

  31. Julie Daley

    I’m not playing, but my children are playing and their partners and friends. Love the card and box, my grandchildren would love this.

  32. Leticia Castro

    So cute and just needed to let you know my sons are 20 and 21 they still have the cards, now playing the phone game too and I drive them around sometimes.

  33. Yvonne Salcido

    I started playing this evening. My son is 21 and still watches the cartoons, and has the cards and Mc Donald’s toys. He is at level 17. It is so fun to get out and actually converse with strangers. Maybe Pokemon Go will help reduce violence and bring America together. Just sayin’.

  34. Sabrina Radican

    These are really super cut and fun!!!

  35. Denise Walker

    I’m not a Pokémon person but I like the box. I’ve heard of Pokémon but never really got into it. My grandkids have. You do give away some awesome things.

  36. Devoria

    I started playing when I saw a lot of people in the Mall where I live….when I found one along with everyone, it was soooo exciting!!…Now I’m playing at lunchtime around my office, and outside. It’s certainly fun, but you must watch where you’re walking 🙂

  37. Mary Ann Huntington

    What cute projects. I like all of them. I believe the smaller one looks better on the explosion box. The game has brought so many people to our little downtown. Everyone looks like they are having so much fun.

  38. Geri S.

    Cute! My boys are 22 and 25 and collected cards from Japan (whenever my DH went there and brought them back). No idea if they’re playing now as both are in the military. Great cards for me to send them!

  39. Julie B

    My kids are going crazy for Pokemon Go! And my husband is getting a kick out of it too. This is a great project to do together! They will flip out! Thanks Angie!


    OMG My grandson’s are going crazy with this app..it is awesome! I am a pokemon
    fan too! Thanks Angie

  41. Mary Champlin

    This is such a great new game! My children love it! They have hooked me up, but I haven’t as yet gone out and played. Thx for the cute box!

  42. Lisa Sylvia

    That’s a really cool explosion box, easier than the ones I make. I like the one layer. Usually I make one that has a few layers that are like 1/4 of an inch smaller than the one before it, probably three or four layers. I’m not playing but, I know a lot of people who are. I’ve been reading that it’s pretty positive, bringing people together, socializing and getting out walking. 🙂 I like both balls on the box. Maybe the bigger one looks a little better. Thanks Angie 🙂

  43. Marian

    Hi Angie, love, love, love this project. My son will be turning 29 next week so this is an awesome idea for a birthday card. It has also inspired me to make him a cake tomatch. Thanks for sharing your projects.

  44. Denise Bryant

    Very fun!

  45. Bonnie Bayes

    WOWSERS! This is awesome! So excited to jump in and make one. I don’t play, but I have 3 family members absolutely bonkers about it. Thank you for sharing your creativity with us!

  46. Cathy Green

    Thanks Angie, great project for my to do list. I’m not into the game, but certainly appreciate that it’s great fun with your kids, you go for it!!! Ignore the negative comments, they’re so rude to even post them. I love the box, will definitely make them.

  47. Renee S.

    Love this! I don’t play but I would definitely make some note cards and maybe the box for my son. Thank you for sharing this fun project.

  48. FeM

    I don’t play but my son does. I like your projects and I think I’m going to make them for his birthday. Thanks for sharing and enjoy playing.

  49. Cynthia DeLay

    This is so cute! I’m glad I found this on YouTube! My son plays but on my phone (he’s almost 10 and we won’t let him have his own phone yet) so I’m helping him on it. He will now happily go to the mall with me because it’s a pokestop! Yeah!

  50. Cheri L.

    Angie, you make the cutest things. You are so up on everything. I don’t play but I know lots of people that do. I think when you have kids especially that it is a good way to be in the know of things and also I good way to spend time with them. It gives them something to do also. Thank you for sharing that. I certainly will use the little box that you made. I make lots of your boxes. Thank you for sharing. I would love to win so maybe I will be up on things too…lol Thank you for a chance!

  51. Holly

    Thank you for the awesome idea!!! My boys loved watching the video!! We are total pokemon go nuts!! We will be making this for the boys godmothers birthday gift!!! Team blue!!

  52. Shelly

    Thank again for helping me. I have a couple at church who play Pokemon and they leaving in December (frowns). But I can make some goodies and give them it in the box smiles. Thank you keep up the good work ..

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