Before and After


I don't normally post on Saturday's but since I'm in my stamping studio today I figured I would share a couple pics ... but,  I'm not done.  This is just the start 🙂

Here's the before... this area is behind me when I'm doing my live videos on Facebook.  


I've been wanting to move my ink pads closer to me ... so here's the after.  I'm going to love having them right behind my stamping desk!!  (I stand and stamp.)  


Ignore the decorations .... I'm working on a card display to go up there (it may take a few months since it needs to be painted and it's winter here in Kansas).

All these units came from Stamp n Storage .... I LOVE these units and I am planning on expanding this wall soon (just need to figure out what pieces to order).

I hope you're having a wonderful weekend! 

See ya on Monday!   

p.s. I goofed ... the "before picture" should have been on the left and the "after picture" on the right ... but it hit me after I finished it ... oops!!  



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  1. Mary

    Where did you get your paper storage from?

  2. Lisa Sylvia

    Looks great Angie, I love organizing.

  3. Sandy Perry

    Angie it looks like you have been busy today ? I need to do my craft room !!! Wish I could have Stamping Storage but I will settle for more Stampin Up ❤️

  4. Mary Stolaas

    The After looks great. Someday I will purchase the ink storage unit.

  5. Marge Webster

    This is great to have. Enjoy your new storage.

  6. Jenny sieman

    So neat and organized.

  7. Lisa Frye

    Love it. I thought I read on Stanp n Storage’s website a couple of days ago that they are coming out with some new products. They were going to reveal them next week.

  8. Robbye Hamilton

    Angie it looks awesome ! I wish I had your expertise when it comes to organization. It does inspire me though.

  9. Denise Bryant

    Looks so neat and organized! Wish I could say mine looked so good!

  10. Leslie Morton

    Like the Stampin Storage storage solution.

  11. Lesa

    The organization looks great.

  12. I LOVE Stamp-n-Storage and love how you have set yours up!

  13. Jackie T.

    Looks great. Thanks for sharing.

  14. HJ

    You’ve done a great job getting your inks and papers organized. I love the StampNStorage items and want to use them in my craft room soon.

  15. Mary Champlin

    I love it! Where do you keep your scrap paper pieces?

  16. Dot Shirlen

    Looks like a wonderland!

  17. Laurie Chilton

    Your storage looks great Angie. I have the stamp n storage as well but have not painted it because I wasn’t sure how it would turn out. What type of paint did you use? I assuming you had to take it apart to get all the pieces painted. Was it difficult?

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