Facebook Friday #12


Tune in tonight, Friday, February 24th, at 7pm central time for my next Live Video.

  Here's how you can watch the event live on Facebook. 


If you're using a mobile device or tablet to watch the live event ... try using your Facebook app to watch (instead of the browser) for example if you're on an iPad .... try viewing it thru the app and not Safari.   

I'm happy to report I feel much better!!  With that being said ... my Facebook Friday event will be  a quick one....(not sure yet what we're making).

Important NOte

It's Saturday, Feb. 25th and for some crazy reason my side bar is missing all the images and links.  Like Paper Pumpkin, Online Ordering, Free Tutorial, etc.  If you need anything of those please  me know and I'll send you the links!!  Hopefully they'll be back in place on Monday!!



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  1. Jenny Sieman

    I didn’t know you were sick…glad you are feeling better.

  2. Teresa Scott

    Going to try to watch tonight, Get lots of rest

  3. Kathy O

    Can’t wait to see what you come up with. Glad you are feeling better.

  4. Faith Marlowe

    Cute basket. Thanks for the idea!

  5. Vickie Morris

    What a cute basket!

  6. Mary Kay Harman

    What an adorable basket. Thanks for sharing with us.

  7. Debbie Lloyd

    Cute basket. The pompom trim just sets it off!

  8. Kathy O

    Loved the Easter basket! And loved that Pom Pom trim!

  9. Donna Faye

    Thanks for another great “Facebook Live”, I love the pom-poms around the box!

  10. Marcia S

    Loved the little basket! Also, thanks for showing how to make the shredded paper.

  11. Rita Graham

    Cute little basket, Angie!

  12. Denise Walker

    Got to see some of video. It keep going in and out. Can’t wait to instructions on how to make the basket.

  13. Pat Doucette

    Thanks so much for sharing, the basket is so darn cute…..glad you are feeling better, have a great weekend, see you next Friday……

  14. Debbie Wicklund

    Love the basket & especially the white trim. I really look forward to watching live on Friday evenings.

  15. Pamela E.

    Really liked your video on the basket. Hope you’re staying warm, it sure is a cold one today in KS.

  16. Gail M

    Yeah! You are feeling better!
    Yeah! I figured out how to watch you on Facebook!
    Yeah! I did not have a basketball game to go to tonight!
    Yeah! Only one of my children called during your live post and I only missed the first part of it and got to watch the project! 🙂 ha ha! You know, Angie, I loved seeing you live, it feels so much more interactive or personal than watching the video! I loved that you started off talking to us first, though I missed that part as I chatted with my son, but I watched the video after! The basket was cute! I love that trim and don’t recall seeing it in the catalog! So glad you used it! And the color is my current fav! Thanks so much!

  17. Carol

    Always look forward to your livestreams. Loved the box you made tonight and glad you are feeling better.

  18. Mariellen

    Nice basket. Looking forward to next week and a St.Patrick project.

  19. Brenda Scuccimarri

    Love the baskets, I think I’ll make some for my grandkids and co-workers

  20. Lesa

    Hi Angie,
    The basket is so cute. I like the added Pom Pom trim. I think it made the basket.
    Glad to have seen you live . Have a great evening.

  21. Ann Kmet

    Love the Easter basket!!

  22. Kate Sicard

    Not sure where to comment about the Easter Basket from the live video. The basket was so darn cute. Loved loved loved it! Love the gingham paper, was perfect for the basket. Thank you for sharing.

  23. Mary Stolaas

    Loved the cute little Easter box. The pom-pom trim really added to the box. So, so cute. Thanks for sharing.

  24. Brown Tammie

    Love this basket! Super cute! Definitely making!

  25. Geri

    Super cute project, the pom-pom trim really gives dimension and texture to the box.

  26. Karin

    Love watching you on Facebook! Thank you for the cute Easter basket.

  27. Carolyn4723

    Cute Easter basket!

  28. Buffy Scott

    Thanks for the basket! Maybe I can get ahead with Easter this year. I seem to get behind on my holidays, for some reason..could it be because the holidays come and go so fast it is Easter then Christmas before we know it??
    ALSO, I LOVE the Succulent paper, the sides with the beautiful plants…could you possibly consider doing some ideas with that DSP pack? Not the Succulent container shown on the page after the entire suite, but some ideas and maybe 3D projects. Thanks for the consideration.

  29. Denise Bryant

    Missed it! But will be happy to see it later on! Glad you are feeling better! Can’t wait to see the project!

  30. Debbie Hughes

    Loved the basket!! Thanks for sharing!! Glad you are feeling better!!

  31. Lori J

    Very cute Easter basket.

  32. Mary J Thompson

    I love this lil basket!! I have a grandson that is 15 months and a granddaughter that is 6 months…. I am going to make this cute basket one for each of them!! Not sure yet what I will put in it as they have not had chocolate yet! Thanks Angie love the facebook live Friday nights with you!

  33. Julie McMillin

    This basket is so adorable! Great for Easter.

  34. Ida

    Cute Cute Cute Cute Cute Cute Cute!

  35. I’ll have to make at least 4 for my grands and put jelly beans in them, the basket is so cute. Thanks so much for sharing

  36. Deepa M.

    I am so glad you’re feeling better Angie!! Your project turned out SO cute – I was debating whether to get the pom-pom trim and now I have to have it 🙂 I’m excited to make some little baskets for my co-workers.

  37. Judy Rogan

    That basket was Adorable.. The Beautiful paper and the pom pom ribbon Wow… I never noticed it before now. It was my first time watching your Friday night videos. It was Great to see you in the video. You do such a wonderful job. I can’t wait for the next one.

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