Dragonfly Dreams Box

 Dragonfly Dreams Box


This is the same project we made during Facebook Friday #18.

To make this box you need a piece of So Saffron card stock that measures 9-1/2 x 5-1/4.   And four pieces of Cupcakes and Carousels Designer Series Paper that measures 2 x 2-1/2.  All the measurements are provided as well as a template in the Inspiration Sheet below.

I used the Dragonfly Dreams Stamp Set with the Detailed Dragonflies Thinlits ... with Bermuda Bay Ink and Bermuda Sequin Trim.


Here's my video tutorial.....

  • Click HERE to watch the You Tube Video on how to make the Dragonfly Dreams Box with Stampin' Up! Product on Chic n Scratch.
  • Click HERE to download the Inspiration Sheet.

Here's the Facebook Friday #18 Live Video Recording....  In this video I share the NEW Stampin' Up! product that we were able to pre-order from the brand new catalog.

As I always state with my Facebook Friday videos ..... it is live and I'm very wordy.  I received a snarky comment on Friday that I was "annoying and that I should be more organized before filming".  I don't normally share this kind of stuff and I normally "shake it off" as Taylor Swift would say .... but, I am human and sometimes the snarky stuff gets to me. 

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Thanks & have a wonderful day!!

p.s. Tomorrow is downline day ... which means more than likely I will not have a blog post.   It just occurred to me I should be calling it  Chics  Paper Ink day (or Chics + a couple dudes day). 


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  1. Deepa M.

    What an awful comment for someone to make!! You are AWESOME, and I absolutely adore listening to all the extra things you tell us during the live events. I have “facebook friday” inserted into my calendar now so I don’t miss any, and it’s become the highlight at the end of my long week. As always, the project you made is gorgeous, and I loved the way you folded down the flaps as an extra detail with this week’s project. Hope you have a wonderful day!! Keep up the good work, we love you just as you are 🙂

  2. Jenny Sieman

    Love it…great colors…glad I got the paper, can’t believe it hasn’t sold out yet.

  3. Ida

    Yaaaay! Thanks for sharing such a beautiful project.
    It’s definitely hard to ignore the haters sometimes. Hopefully, you didn’t let it get you down for too long 🙂

  4. Julie H

    Angie I am sorry you had to go through that. I love your videos and I always learn so much from you. Please don’t change a thing! You are so great at what you do and I love your enthusiasm. It makes me just want to buy more Stampin Up! Lol
    Keep up the great work and keep those videos coming!

  5. Lana

    Just be you! That’s who we love to watch. You never try to be fake and are always very genuine. I love your videos! You take time out of your day to do them and I’m sure 99% of your customers-fans would agree! Thank you!

  6. Donna Faye

    Angie, I can’t understand someone being snarky, I love watching your videos and I love the fact that things don’t always go perfectly! If someone doesn’t like your videos they don’t have to watch!

  7. Kathy O

    I enjoy your Facebook Fridays just the way they are. I guess if they want organization they will have to watch videos that have been cleaned up.
    Thanks for showing the new product. I love it when we can see it as you do!
    I was out of town last weekend so glad I could watch the video today!

  8. Lesa

    Hi Angie,
    I like your video time. It’s life, not to be perfect.They may not like my grammer either but I’m still posting.Have a nice day. Your project is cute.

  9. Lisa Sylvia

    That box is so cute. UGH, there always has to be one. Like you said, it is live so it’s not going to be perfect. People can be so petty, it’s so sad. I agree with you about it bothering you, it would bother me too because that’s just the kind of people we are. If they always have something negative to say, maybe they just shouldn’t watch. UNREAL

    • Lisa Sylvia

      P.S., please don’t stop making videos because of ignorance, I look forward to seeing them and have made a lot of the bags and boxes that you so kindly share with us. 🙂

  10. Jenn Sieman

    I just saw your comment…Facebook Friday is the highlight of my week…I feel like I’m sitting with a friend enjoying the craft and having a chit chat…you are loved, look at how many follow you…there will always be negative people, they don’t have to watch…you are loved…keep being you.

  11. Fay Marie Gardner

    I enjoyed makig this box! It is a nice size box!

  12. Mary Stolaas

    Obviously the snarky person’s mother never taught her “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything.” If she don’t like the video, she can just turn it off. I totally love your videos, and the box is darling. Please keep sharing.

  13. Denise Bryant

    I love this cute box and was excited to get to watch the video live for a change. Sorry about someone’s negative comment… We all love your videos and projects!

  14. Mary Ann

    That is so mean of that person. Clearly she was not brought up with proper manners. #meangirlsgohome #donthurtmyangie

  15. Mary Champlin

    Dragonflies are so awesome! Really cute and fun box!!!

  16. Mary Champlin

    P.S. Don’t worry about what people say! You are such a darling person, and I love watching you because you are so down to earth, and have such a great personality! Don’t change a thing Angie! You are the best!!!!

  17. Cindy

    love all your videos & your accent & all your everyday
    experiences its always fun to hear about your day
    my husband laughs cause I have to drop whatever I’m
    doing on Friday nights cause its “Chick n Scratch” time
    Stay true to who you are!!!!

  18. Ramsey Alexander

    It’s ADORABLE!!! Thanks for sharing!! Can’t wait to CASE!!!

  19. Debra Seleni

    Love the flaps on the box. Such a clever idea. Have used the dragonfly to decorate a small gift box. Love the dragonfly bundle.

  20. Mary J Thompson

    Love this lil box! Love the dsp too! Don’t pay attention to snarky lol …Ok your videos live or recorded are great!! Sometimes you have to ignore people even though they hurt you. Some people are miserable and want to make others also! Dont change a thing YOU are good! Being you is why people love you ..including me! ❤

  21. Karin

    Loved the box on Friday and I love love love your live facebook Friday’s. Please don’t change a thing!

  22. Brown Tammie

    Love love this box. Didn’t see the comment but I too have Facebook Friday alarm set so I don’t miss it. I watch your videos over an over, they’re wonderful! I love hearing about your family and life. Don’t let someone ruin your day, believe me you have followers who love you and appreciate you for giving us these videos. It’s all love here in Ohio, thanks for everything you do and don’t change anything! Feel so lucky to have your expertise and knowledge and your kindness to share! You’re such a kind person to give all you give to us! Thanks Angie!

  23. meghan

    Love it…great colors

  24. Wanda M.

    We really should not be giving the person that made the comment our time in commenting, but as other people have said – ignore them. I know that is very hard at times and is easier said than done. They have a choice to watch or not. I look forward to Facebook Friday nights. Keep them coming.

  25. Pam Schweitzer

    Very cute little box! Please continue your Facebook live, I am not able to watch on Friday night (Grandkids and Sports),but do enjoy watching later. With them just the way they are it makes me feel like I am attending a live get together. As stated by others it’s a choice to watch if they don’t like it turn it off! Thanks for all your sharing, hope you will continue.

  26. Linda Duensing

    Love the box and the dragonfly die. Sorry about the negative comment. If the person was annoyed, she has an off button and can certainly turn it off. There are many of us that enjoy your videos and Facebook Live. Keep up the wonderful work that you share with us. Again thanks.

    Linda D.

  27. Margie W

    Angie, this is such a cute box. Don’t let negative comments bother
    you. Just keep up the wonderful job you are doing.



  29. frogquilter

    WOW, How sad some peoples lives must be that they feel the need to belittle another human doing something NICE for others. As so many have aptly said…ignore the comment, that individual was having a bad day and felt the need to attempt to ruin someone else’s day….while I do watch many other stampin up videos, yours are some of the best and I say THANK YOU for the time and effort you put into each and every one of your videos

  30. Kathy Schmitt

    I think you are great and being a former demonstrator REALLY appreciate the time you take to bring creativity to us. Keep on being YOU Angie because you are the best!

  31. MarciaS

    I love your live videos! Please don’t think twice about that person’s negative comment. I really look forward to Friday evening and have Alexa set an alarm so that I don’t forget!

  32. Marian Biegel

    I love your videos. It makes me feel like I am in a live class with you. Don’t change a thing. I always learn something new from you. Keep up the good work. I will always watch.
    Marian Biegel

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