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I'm happy to report that I'm back in my office and our vacation to Aruba was amazing!! 

I didn't say much before we left because Brooke was home alone (with Bella and Elvis) and something just told me to keep it on the down low for her safety.    

THANK YOU for your patience last week!!! and I promise I'll work extra hard this week to get caught up!!

Now to the picture I'm sharing .... We got home Friday night at midnight and I spent all day/night on Saturday working on the New Stampin' Up! Catalogs.  They are going in the mail this week!!  

This year I'm including an ink pen that I felt matched the brand New In Color - Berry Burst.  Along with the In Color Bookmark and a Wish List.

Retiring List

Thanks & have a great day! 

p.s. I'm sharing a picture of me... killing time while in the Aruba airport πŸ™‚  Growing up I was always putting on my daddy's boots and wearing them....  in a round about way, these shoes reminded me of that!! 



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  1. Lesa

    Hi Angie,
    Glad you had a great vacation. The new in colors are very pretty .Have a nice day.


    Welcome back Angie! I’m so glad you had a great time in Aruba..I LOVE your lol..very nice picture..thanks for sharing..Peggy

  3. Denise Bryant

    Excited about the new catalog!
    I hope your vacation was wonderful! Love the fun shoes!

  4. Chris Hollinger

    So happy you had a great vacation – certainly looks like it agreed with you. Anxiously waiting for the new catalog.

  5. Mary Champlin

    Hello Angie!!!! You look beautifully tan😎! I am so excited for the new catalog I am bursting at the seams! Can’t wait! So glad you got some time off!!!

  6. wilma

    Glad to hear your vacation was great and you made it home safely! Excited to see that new catalog! Have a great day,

  7. Mandy-jo

    Angie I need a catalog. How do i order one?

  8. Jenny sieman

    Tfs picture, cute. Glad you had fun.

  9. Mary Stolaas

    Glad to hear you had a great vacation. Also very glad you are back. I was going through withdrawls not seeing your videos. lol. So looking forward to the new catalog.

  10. Alessandra Loiacono

    Such a cute and fun picture! I used to do the same thing but with my mom’s shoes, now my daughter’s is doing it. :))
    Glad you had an amazing vacation, but happy you are back! I think we all missed you!!!!! Can’t wait for the catalog and the next video!! Welcome back!

  11. Angie, So glad you enjoyed your vacation. Can’t wait for the new catalog and to place my order. I always think of it as my kick off to summer (my most favorite time of the year) love your pic in the shoes! Reminds me of when my granddaughter would play in my shoes.

  12. Lisa

    So glad you had a great vacation. Welcome Back. Yeah, you should never post when you aren’t around, too many weirdos out there. Can’t wait for the new catalog. Nice picture, those wooden clogs are so cute.

  13. Michele

    This is great news on a Monday! I can hardly wait to see the new catty and fill up the wish list Im sure…lol. Glad you’re back I’ve missed Facebook Live Fridays!!

  14. Belinda P.

    So happy that you had such a great vacation. My little granddaughter loves to put on everyone’s shoes and walk around in them and your picture made me think of her. Will be anxiously awaiting the catalog and thanks for providing the pen. It looks very pretty. Have a great day and don’t work too hard. You are awesome.

  15. Margie Webster

    Angie, so glad you are back. Glad your vacation was fun.
    Looking forward to the new catty. Happy Mother’s day late.

  16. Gail M

    Welcome home! I am glad you got away and had a great time! I love the picture of the new catalogs! I still have my bookmark from last year, though it is worse for wear! πŸ™‚ I am super excited to see that new catalog! Thanks so much for preparing so many awesome goodies for us all!

  17. Jennygrimble

    Hi from the UK glad you back ,Hope you had good time ,missed you 😊😊Xx

  18. Beate Pryor

    Welcome home!!! I’m super excited about the catalog!!!

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