Merry Mistletoe Christmas Tree Card

Today I'm sharing my Merry Mistletoe Christmas Tree Card.

I made it using the Merry Mistletoe Stamp Set and the "Merry Christmas" is from the At Home With You Stamp Set.


I believe this might be the first time I've shown you a project using the Quilt Top Textured Impressions Embossing Folder (I have another card to show you next week).

It's a pretty simple card to make... but, it has lots of layers.

Here's the video tutorial....

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 Thanks and have a great day!

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  1. Linda

    smoked turkey!! brined makes it soo moist.

  2. Teresa Ferro

    Turkey, because gravy!

  3. Charmaine Hall

    Fried Turkey…Yummmm!

  4. Judy

    Turkey. My dad does an awesome deep fried turkey. No it isn’t greecie, at least how my dad does it.

  5. Janice Schrimpf

    Definitely turkey!

  6. Michele Stegall

    Turkey, for me. Ham at Christmas🌲

  7. Tracy Y. Sperling

    Fried Turkey In Our House!

  8. Kathy Long

    Neither, I’m a vegetarian…but when I did eat meat I perferred turkey. ;0)

  9. Turkey! Smoked or deep fried. but most definitely Turkey

  10. Chris R. from Iowa

    Turkey for sure! My husband now brines it and smokes it and it is so moist and tender.

    Cute card. I love layers. I have some small strips of papers and I need to take your cue and use them on some cards. I am making some cards for nursing homes and this will be a good way of using them but making fun and pretty cards. I have a couple other embossing folders to use as well like the holly and ivy type one. Thanks for the gentle reminder!

    • Lisa Sylvia

      That’s a great idea, to make cards for a nursing home, especially because a lot of the residents don’t have families.

  11. Kate Sicard

    Definitely Turkey (and don’t forget the pumpkin pie), Ham for Christmas. 🙂 Loved this card. Wasn’t going to buy this stamp set, but have been seeing so many cute cards, I may have to now.

  12. Jackie Teves

    Turkey with gravy. Thanks.

  13. Denise Bryant

    Love the card! Pretty embossing folder design and layering!
    Roasted Turkey for Thanksgiving!

  14. Jessica Rodirguez

    Turkey!! Love those leftover turkey sandwiches

  15. Chris Boyer

    We like turkey for Thanksgiving. I like the card. The more I see Garden Green the more I like it. I think it’s a great card and I will give it a try. Thanks Angie.

  16. Vicky Reuter

    Turkey roasted and stuffed. Very traditional

  17. Kelly Potts



    Turkey lurky! The sides and gravy just taste so much better with turkey. We have both ham and turkey for Christmas, for those that get tired of the turkey. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

  19. Jennifer Newell

    Definitely turkey! Love the card. Love all the garden green layers.

  20. Lisa Sylvia

    Pretty card, love all the layers.

    Turkey….Yummy. I only have it once a year and that is on Thanksgiving. I think it’s a lot of work to make it more than once a year, only because of all that goes with it, LOL. I love to make a boiled dinner for Christmas.

  21. Whisper. Allred

    Turkey, & 💜 the card.

  22. Pam Palke

    Turkey for Thanksgiving! Love the card, thank you for inspiring us with your creative projects.

  23. Hazel F

    Smoked Turkey. In Hawaii..hawaiian’s do kalua turkey, Chinese do Char Sui turkey, which is smoked and the traditional turkey…baked.

  24. Linda

    Got to have Turkey!

  25. shirley wiley

    Turkey for Thanksgiving. Love this card.

  26. Juliet Green

    I Very much so prefer TURKEY!! Love this card going to add it to my card list to make this year!

  27. Dillie Elliott

    We have both. Some of our family likes ham and some like turkey. Rather than listen to complaints I just do both.

  28. Jenny s

    Like the all green card, lovely.
    Turkey, and love leftovers for sandwiches, casseroles…

  29. Teresa Scott

    Love the garden green sweet card, Turkey.

  30. Kay

    Turkey ! 🙂

  31. Mary K Harman


  32. Cheryl

    I’m a turkey lover, but we have both. This year I’m invited to my oldest son and daughter-in-laws for Thanksgiving. We usually all got together at my home, and this year is different.
    Very cute card. Very easy. Thank you.

  33. Sue byers

    Turkey. We have ham during the year

  34. Ilena Christman

    We prefer turkey, ham is for Easter, Roast Beef for Christmas. Everyone has their traditions.

  35. Tracy Jacobs

    Turkey cause I love turkey sandwiches with leftovers

  36. Susan Bajdek

    I prefer ham, but we always have turkey. Tradition, I guess.

  37. Angela Jones

    Turkey for Thanksgiving always!!!

  38. alyse

    HI Angie- love the card great idea- we have turkey for thanksgiving !
    Alyse d

  39. Sherry Somers

    Ham but my family is like yours half and half

  40. Becky

    I’m traditional. Turkey for Thanksgiving for sure.

  41. I love ham :-)! Of course the rest of the family loves fried turkey so we usually have a small ham and a huge fried turkey! Love the card. Garden green is one of my favorite colors for Christmas.

  42. Mary J. Thompson

    Deep fried Turkey!!! 🦃 🍗 Can you say yummmm!!! Lol Have a great Thanksgiving Angie!!

  43. Mary Stolaas

    Definitely my go to is turkey with dressing. Today’s card is very cute, I will have to give it a try. Nice and easy. Have a great Thanksgiving.

  44. LaVon Foster

    Definitely turkey! That is what Thanksgiving means to me. Great card!

  45. Belinda Poole

    Definitely turkey. I do not like Ham at all, so my family gives in to me and we have Turkey at both Thanksgiving and Christmas. We have ham though for other occasions. Love this beautiful card and the Garden Green color. Have a great time at On Stage.

  46. Lisa Tatem

    It wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without turkey and cranberry sauce in our house. Ham is what we eat at Christmas. Hope you have a fabulous Thanksgiving, whatever you eat! 🙂

  47. Deb Y

    Turkey please. Love the gravy and sides. Lol Happy Thanksgiving😄

  48. Brown Tammie

    Definately Turkey for Thanksgiving! Ham for Christmas.

  49. Robin H


  50. Raquel

    Gobble Gobble 🦃 all the way Yummy !!! Cute card 😊

  51. Jo Ann Flatt

    Love you videos! Turkey and cornbread stuffing, Yum!!

  52. Sara N

    Turkey for sure!!

  53. Bonnie G


  54. Brenda Bradley

    We have ham and turkey because my husband doesn’t care for turkey.

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