Farmhouse Christmas Mini Pizza Box

Farmhouse Christmas Mini Pizza Box by Stampin' Up! Demonstrator Angie Juda


This is the Farmhouse Christmas Mini Pizza Box and it's one of the Bonus Projects for Stamp Kit of the Month.

Registration has closed for my Farmhouse Christmas Stamp Kit of the Month ... ....but you can still order all the supplies on my Stampin' Up! website.

Here's the Farmhouse Christmas Mini Pizza Box video .... If you're reading this in your email box, please click over to my website to watch the video.

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 Quilting / Sewing

If you watch my video today you'll hear me ask a question about sharing my quilting videos here on my Chic n Scratch website.   I moved them away mainly because every time I shared one someone would ask if I was quitting Stampin' Up!.  My answer is, NO, I'm not, I'm a lifer!  And those that spread rumors I was, shame on them!   I LOVE my job and I love my followers (the nice ones as I state in my video).  Please excuse my snarkiness!!!  We've had a stretch of bad luck and at some point it gets to you.  I want my site to be helpful and to motivate you but I also can't continue to stay mum about all the crazy things happening.  Like the mirror shattering in my bathroom last night.  Ten minutes later Miss Bella and I would have been in there (I take a bath every night to relax me).  Thank God we weren't!!   When it fell and broke into a million pieces It sounded like a bomb ... pretty much everything was destroyed ... makeup, bottles of perfume flew across the room and went all over everything.   So, why am I sharing this? I LOVE to help others!  And by sharing this story you'll see that things could have been so much worse last night.   Had we not been home, the lamp very likely would have started a fire.  All the others things, I guess it will teach me to not leave all my makeup and perfume on the counter (it was organized on a nice pretty shelf).   If you somehow manage to zoom in on the picture and see the multitude of bandages, I had a spot removed last week and twice a day Brooke has to change my bandage.  Dang, my Picachu bandaids are ruined :( 

The picture below is after I unplugged the lamp and moved the dirty clothes (and picked up a few pieces of the mirror).  Chase and Brooke made me leave after that (my neck/shoulder is a hot mess again and there's no way I could have handled the cleanup).

It safe to say I just went down a rabbit hole ... back to the subject of quilting and sewing.  I will think on it for another few days but my heart is telling me to share all of me here on my site.  I like many of you try to please everyone and why we do that I don't know....  it's simply impossible. 

So, for those that will say "why are sharing a quilting video when you're behind on ??"  my answer is I can't work 24/7 and I need something that relaxes me and feeds my soul.    And their response will be "what's the difference"?  My answer is I LOVE papercrafting, but it is my job and as much as I love it I can't spend every minute of every day on it... or not anymore.  It was different in my forties!! 

I hope I haven't offended anyone!! And if I did I apologize!!  

Have a blessed day!! 

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Farmhouse Christmas Mini Pizza Box is brought to you by Chic n Scratch, Stampin' Up! Demonstrator Angie Juda

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  1. Mary Stolaas

    Angie, love the pizza box, and like you prefer the first one. Too much white in the greeting on the second one for me. Choices are good though.
    Glad you weren’t in the room when the mirror crashed. As for the quilting, I don’t quilt, but I go to quilt show to see the beautiful work. Yes, please share your quilting. Sometimes they lead to card making ideas. Thanks for sharing your talent.

  2. Susan from Colorado

    As a fellow quilter, I’d LOVE to see your quilting videos here! I vote YES!!
    Love the pizza box. I’d better order a few as Christmas gets closer. Great holder for gift cards Ü. Thanks again Angie for another great clip. Hope those Negative Nellies roll off your back. They are all unhappy campers and want to share discontent with others. Poo on them!

  3. Teresa Sather

    OMG, it’s a BLESSING that you and Miss Bella were not in there at the time! You are a terrific demo and your generous time has been the source of inspiration for so many people over the years. Never apologize for wanting a life : ) we all love paper crafting and most of us love other hobbies, too, and understand. HUGS

  4. Lesa

    OMG. So glad you or Bella didn’t get hurt and your kids from cleaning that up. Work is stressful and people just have to realize what you do and be considerate. We all handle things differently and we all need to take time out from work. I visit your blog in my free time for inspiration. Not to find something to criticize you about and you sharing your life makes me feel like we are friends even though we don’t see each other.
    Enjoy your day.

  5. Renee logan

    So sorry .. your a very generous sharing creative person…you taught me to sew years ago, first a rag bag, then my first quilt….I had always wanted to learn to sew, you made it easy, and gave me confidence…I made cards then, I still do…I also do many other kinds of crafts…I would hate to think I could only do one…life is short, grateful that you share your art and inspire me…so glad you or Bella were not hurt.
    You have a beautiful bath room, .thank you..

  6. Lu

    Holy cow Angie- Sure glad you weren’t in the bathroom when it happened. Been there! Felt that! Good week-bad day. I get it. Sometimes I feel like crafting, and sometimes I just want to finish watching Ozark and House on Haunted Hill on Netflix with a nice BLT and chips. I don’t quilt, but boy, I want to make a nice quilt someday, maybe for my next grandbaby. The art of quilting is so phenomenal. I have gone to quilt shows and some of that work just takes your breath away. Show away! I’d love to see more quilting. Sometimes you just have to step away and issue a personal space warning. I do it, especially when my kids don’t pick up their grandkids on time. If I was 30, it would be different. I’m over 60 and believe me, my personal space and time have become even more precious. I hear you! Blessings and wishing you a better week.

  7. iris shubert

    Hello Angie, Bless your heart. Oh my goodness, be careful walking and miss Bella too. Even after it’s all cleaned up, I’d be scared of tiny shards of glass that were missed. You know what, I don’t see how anyone that has a love for creating pretty things could possibly question when and how you do something. You are totally excellent at your job and your love for what you do is very evident. You represent Stampin Up so well. Your quilt projects are lovely, I’m so glad you show them, the younger generation needs to see the wonderful world of quilting. It has such a long history and is a lovely way to preserve memories and make new ones. I can’t begin to imagine how stressful it must be to be “you” sometimes. You didn’t get to where you are without alot of hard work. I know you must be pulled in a million different directions on any given day. Take care of Angie, do what makes you happy and gives you satisfaction. The bible says, ” do not grow weary in well doing”. Even Jesus had to get away by Himself sometimes. And you know what, not everyone liked Jesus either. So when we don’t please everyone, we’re in good company. Iris,SavedbyGrace

  8. Loretta Silva

    Hi Angie…omg so glad u weren’t tnere when that mirror fell off tne wall!! As for the quilting…I love it. I don’t quilt but do sew…and love it. Sorry u have had some not so good times with people. U r a fabulous scrapper and I look forward to ur daily project. Take care…Loretta/Calif. 😉

  9. Sandra L Morris

    When I began as a SU demonstrator years ago your site was the first one that I found. You have helped and inspired me so much and I visit everyday. There are always going to be unhappy people and it’s no reflection on you. Just because they are miserable and say hurtful things it’s not for you to even think twice about it. When you began making your rag bags I even unburied my material and began sewing again. I vote to put your projects back on this site as I forget to look where they are posted.So glad that you and dear Miss Bella where not hurt. Someone up above was watching out for both of you.

  10. Denise Bryant

    The Mini Pizza Box is beautiful! Love that winter scene! The fence with the bows is my favorite part!
    I’m thankful nobody was in the bathroom when that mirror let loose! Must have scared you with all the racket! Never heard of that happening before! Very scary!
    As far as your quilting projects, please share away! I love seeing all your creative projects!

  11. Alessandra Loiacono

    Wow Angie, so GLAD nobody was in the bathroom at that time, it could have been a horrible accident, so glad you are all safe. ♥
    I love your work, LOVE! Everything you do is with so much love and it shows, it spreads happiness and it makes me want to come back EVERYDAY to get my dosage of happy and pretty. Please, don’t ever change that. I didn’t know you moved your quilting projects/videos somewhere else otherwise I would be checking there too. Bring it back here, do as you want, it is your blog and we love you and appreciate anything you share. As for the negative people I seriously don’t understand what makes an individual come to someone’s blog and complain or give negative feedback. It’s crafting people. Crafting!! It’s fun!! It’s relaxing! And you are an inspiration to many, MANY of us! Thank you SO much for all you do, Angie!

  12. Marty

    Hey Angie,

    Loved the pizza box and I always love all that you share with us. I used to enjoy your quilting even though I am not a quilter. I say it’s your blog and you should put whatever you want on it. There are plenty of us who will love whatever you share.

  13. Oh, my, Angie! You’ve been through a lot! I’m so glad that no one was hurt, including your home! You need to do what makes you happy. As you said, it’s impossible to please everyone! I like doing other crafts, too. Quilt away! 🙂 BTW, I love your pizza box, too!

  14. Peggy Provoost

    Awe you poor little lamb. I am sooo sorry about the mirror, but so glad you & Bella
    were not in there. Sometimes life does throw a curve ball, but I always tell myself
    things could be so much worse. God Bless You

    I love the pizza box & the Halloween bag & if your passion for relaxation is quilting,
    do what makes you happy!!! I can not believe that you have people be mean to you.
    You are an awesome, sweet, inspirational person & I love you & all you do..don’t ever stop..I would be broken hearted. Peggy

  15. Valerie

    Glad you and Bella are fine.
    You know what we will never please everyone so I say do as you wish. You are in control. I love seeing a mixture of what goes on in your life. The quilting info is awesome for someone who is just getting started like me. If they don’t like the post of the day we’ll then they can just move on. They will come back again to see what’s new on the next days post 🤷🏻‍♀️.

  16. Judy

    I love the project.

    I don’t see why there should be a problem with showing off your beautiful quilt. Paper crafting isn’t the craft I do either .

    So sorry about the damage. Might want to double check the other mirrors to make sure they don’t fall also.

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